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You take a step back from Sasori and stare at him.

"What do you mean?"you ask.Sasori smirks and grabs your waist,pulling you against him.

"I mean exactly what I said.I want your body now."he says in your ear.You blush and push him away.

"Sasori no!I-I can't!"you say,stepping back inside the room.Sasori follows and grabs you from behind.

"I'm not giving you a choice."he says.Sasori spins you around and pins you against the wall.You gasp as he attacks your neck with his nips and kisses.

""you whimper.Sasori stops and looks at you with a smirk.

"Now why would I do that when you're practically begging for it.."he says.

"I am not!Now get off!"you snap.

"Oh really?Then prove it~"Sasori reaches his hand under your shirt and grabs one of your breasts roughly.You gasp and Sasori takes his chance to slip his tongue in your mouth.You try to use your tongue to push his away but his ultimately won dominance and ended up exploring every inch of your mouth,not leaving one spot untouched,before playing and tangling with your tongue.

You moaned into the kiss,not even realizing that you were cooperating with him.In fact,you were pulling him closer to you by wrapping your arms around his neck or maybe it wasn't really you controlling your arms.It was actually him,controlling you with strings,making you pull him in.

"No..let me go..."you mumble into the kiss.Sasori stopped kissing and looked at you with a confused look.

"What are you talking about?"he asks.You look back at him just as confused.

"Your chakra strings.I know you're controlling my arms.Stop it!"you say.Sasori blinked then his smirk returned.

"You think i'm controlling you?DId you forget where my hands were?"Sasori said,giving one of your breasts a squeeze.You gasp and look down at yourself.Sasori had one hand under your shirt and one resting on your waist,pinning you.There was no way he could be controlling your arms.Your face turns red and you use all your might to push him off.

"Oh my god!I..I didn't do that!"you say.Sasori stumbled backwards for a moment but regained his balance quickly and smirked at you.

"Yes you did.I told you,you were begging for it."Sasori says,pinning you again.You blush and look up at him.Did you really want him?Truthfully,you did love him and apparently,he loved you too and he wanted you.Sighing,you made up your mind.You reached up and cupped his face in your hands before pulling him into a deep kiss.Sasori was surprised at your sudden change but he didn't complain.

This time you opened your mouth slightly and invited his tongue to play with yours.Sasori took the chance and the two tongues tangoed with each other until you pulled for air.

"I thought you said,you didn't want it."He says with a smirk.You look at him and catch your breath.

"S-shut up..brat.."you say,smirking as well.Sasori grinned at you and leaned close to your ear.

"Yes ma'am."His voice sounded so sexy that it alone turned you on.You wrap your arms around his neck again and pull him back to you.Sasori lifted you up and placed you on the bed,crawling on top of you,and you let him.You even smiled when his hands gripped the bottom of your shirt and slipped it off,tossing it somewhere behind him.

Sasori started kissing your jaw line and neck while his hand grabbed your breasts and he started massaging them with his fingers.You moan a little and arch your back slightly.Sasori smirks and moves his hands from your chest to your pants.He tugged at them and easily slipped them off,leaving you in your damp panties which didn't stay on long after that.

Now you were fully exposed to him.You blush and move to cover yourself but Sasori grabs your hands and pins them down.

"Ah,ah,ah.."he says.You look at him and pout.

"Thats not fair..You havent removed anything yet.."you say.Sasori smirks and lets go of one of your hands.

"Fair enough.."Sasori unbuttons his cloak and throws it to the floor.You use your free hand to grip his pants and pull them down and Sasori slips out of them,discarding them to the floor.Sasori looked back at you with his smirk.

"Happy now?"he asks.You smile and nod your head.

"Yes.."You reply.Sasori loomed above you and looked down at your bare body.You watched him as he ran his hand over every part of your body,as if he was marking his territory,not leaving any spots untouched before looking back at you.

"I think I've kept you waiting long enough.."he says.You didn't have time to respond before you felt a hand making it's way up your inner thigh while Sasori kissed and nibbled on your brests.You gasp when the hand that was trailing up your thigh made it's way to your wetness and one finger entered you.You gripped the sheets as another finger slipped in and started pumping in and out of you while rubbing you gently.You moan and arch your back.You started panting as he teased you.

""you moan.Sasori smirks and pulls his fingers out.You were catching your breath as he started kissing your stomach and hips.

"I wonder how you taste.."Sasori says.Your eyes go wide and you sit up a bit.

"W-what?"you ask.Sasori sits up and gently pushes you to lay back again.

"Lay back and let me do this.It'll feel good."he says.You take a deep breath a lay back down.Sasori smirks and kisses around your stomach again.This time he went lower and kissed your inner thigh.You bite your bottom lip as he makes his way upwards now and finally to your wet folds.

You gasped as his tongue entered you,making you pant and blush like crazy.

"S-Sasori..Ah.."you pant.Feeling something well up inside you,you arch your back and moan loudly.Feelig you tense up,Sasori pulled away and smirked at you and licked his lips.

"Not yet.."he says.You were panting like crazy and you pull him into a kiss,tasting your own essence on his lips.You pull Sasori down and flip him so that you were on top now.Sasori's eyes widened in shock as you sat on his hips and grabbed his erect member.

"__-______."He gasped.You smirked and stroked it slowly with your hand.He moaned louder as you quickened your pace.

"Ah.._____.."Sasori gripped your hand and looked at you,face completely red.You smile at him and run your hand up his member one more time,making him moan your name once more before you let go of him.He exhales and flips you again,regaining his dominant spot.

"Enough teasing.."he breathes,positioning himself at your entrance.Not even waiting for your okay,Sasori thrusts himself into you and you let out a scream in pain as you adjust to him intruding your body.

He looks at you and kisses away your tears."It'll subside in a moment.."He whispers to you.You nod your head and relax.Soon the pain of being torn apart and all that was left in it's place was the feeling of pleasure.You look up at him and wrap your arms around his neck.

" can move now.."you breath.Sasori nodded his head and pulled out of you only to thrust right back into you.You arch your back and moan loudly.

"Sasori!Ah..F-faster..please.."you pant.Sasori smirked and picked up the pace.Thrusting deeper and harder into you.

"Ah..______,you're so tight.."Sasori moans.You arch your back more and wrap your legs around his waist,pulling him deeper into you.After repeated thrusts,you were finally hitting your climax and Sasori was as well.

"Sasori..I'm about too..Ah.."You moan.

"M-me too.."Sasori said.With one final hard thrust into your g-spot You arch your back fully and scream Sasori's name.Sasori quickly pulled out before cumming inside of you and collapses beside you.Both of you panting and Sasori used his strings to pull the blankets over both you before using them to pull you closer to him.

You rested your head against his chest and he wrapped his arms around you.You were exhausted and could barely keep your eyes open.Since Sasori didn't need sleep,he just smiled and watched you fall asleep against him,stroking your hair gently.

"I love you..Sasori.."you say,slipping into your much wanted sleep.Sasori looked at you and smile at your sleeping figure.

"I love you too.."he whispers before kissing you on your forehead and closing his own eyes and resting his cheek on the top of your head.
It was as lemony as I could get it!!This took days for me to write!

Oh god I feel so..dirty for writing this..:iconemoenglandplz:But I hope it's good enough for you guys and if it's not please tell that I could make it better for you..
Original Naruto characters=Masashi Kishimoto
:iconsasoriunimpressedplz::iconsaysplz:You feel so dirty?How do you think I feel after-
Shush!You're just the character plus its your fault that it happened
:iconsasoriunimpressedplz::iconsaysplz:Dont get mad just because I'm sexy..
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