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December 7, 2012
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Alternate Ending!

"Finland,why must you put me in this position?"you ask."I can't marry you,not yet.Not until Sweden is dead."Finland lets go of you and turns his back to you.

"I can't promise you that I'll wait,nor will I ask you again.Is this really your answer _____?"Finland says.You turn your back to him now and nod.

"It is Finland."you say.

"Fine,but do you love me?"he asks.

"With all my heart."

"Your heart?A heart that is so clouded by hatred and revenge that it can't even see where the love really shines.Goodbye _____."Finland says.Finland starts to walk away,heart broken just like you but you just let him go.The love of your life now gone but neither of you shed a tear.You knew that Finland was better off without you to trouble him even though he knew that he isn't going to be able to live without you.You clear your throat though and walk away,the opposite way from Finland who watched you over his shoulder as you walked into a burning town square to your death.This is the last time he will see his love,why won't he go after you though?

"Sweden!Come out!"you call as you reach the center.You withdraw your sword from it's case as a tall body emerges from the burning flames and stands before you.It was Sweden but he was not alone.In his hand was Norway,barely alive with Sweden's hand clasped tightly around his throat.Your eyes widen and anger fills you."Let him go now!"you demand.Sweden stared at you with that intense gaze of his.but instead of letting Norway go,he threw him at you and you caught him.You immediately start shaking Norway to wake him up.After a couple minutes his deep purple eyes opened slightly and he looked at you sadly.

"__-_____?"he said softly.

"Norway!What happened to you?!You'e going to be fine though!"you say.

"No,he'll die."Sweden said.You look up angrily at the Swede and he stared back.

"You shut the hell up!You don't know shit!He'll live!"you yell.Sweden shakes his head and points at Norway.

"He has several broken ribs,damage to his head,and a deep stab wound on his left side."Sweden says.You tremble and quickly  looked down at Norway in search of his stab wound and there it was.Just like Sweden said.I fresh,traumatic,bleeding stab wound in his left side.Norway was to bad.You didn't have nearly enough medical skills on your side as the Swedish.

"No.No.NO!"you yell.You embrace Norway tightly who was fighting his will to just close his eyes and sleep.You look down at him and slap his face lightly when he started to close his eyes."Norway,listen to me.DOn't you dare shut your eyes!"you say.

"_____,theres no...point...I'm of no use to you now.....It's my turn to go now...."Norway says.

"No it's not!I need you here with me!Fighting beside me!"you say.

" about...fighting _____.I-I have to go now......I...can...already hear...That idiot calling me..."Norway says.

"That's just the wind Norway!You're not going to die!Please stay here!"you plead.Norway gives you a soft smile then slowly pulls something out of his hair,letting the blonde locks fall over his face.

"I want you to have this.....It will protect you...and...just...remember...Even love...another...Me and Denmark...always...loved and"Norway says.You look at the little gift Norway had set in your hand and tears run down your face.

"The warriors clip."you choke out.You look down at Norway who had already shut his eyes.His breathing slowly stopped and the feeling of his faint pulse in your arms died out.

"Norway?Norway?!Norway!!"you cry.You hold him close to you and you cry into his beat-less chest.

"Are you done now?"Sweden asks.You quickly look up at him as he withdrew his large sword."You're new at this thing,ja?I can tell."

"What are you talking about?!"you shout.

"The way you cry for a fallen one.It tells me that you are new at leading a war.A country."he says."If you were a real leader,you wouldn't have shed one tear for his death.Just another fallen soldier."he says.

"You shut up right now!Who are you to tell me about being a leader?!This was not just a soldier!He was my best friend!The only one I had left!And now.because of you.....Because of you he's gone!I swear I will kill you!"you shout.

"Well,then.Make it happen."Sweden says.You glare at him and pick Norway's body up bridal style.You gently walk over and set him to the side and cross his arms as if he were in a casket.You whisper your final goodbyes to him then turn to Sweden.You point your sword at him and charge at him full speed.You thrust your sword at him but he dodges it and knees you hard in the stomach.You hack a little in pain but twirl around in a spin and swing your sword at him again,catching him off guard.Sweden barely has enough time to avoid your attack as he jumps out of the way but you feel the tip of your sword graze his cheek and blood spurts out.He skids across the gravel away from you and puts a hand on his cheek.He then looks at you as he wipes his blood away from his face and you stare back at him.

"How does it feel to lose blood?!"you mock.Sweden's eye twitched a little as he didn't find your little joke funny."Well I hope you like the taste of it,because you're gonna be drinking it when I'm done with you!"you yell.You and Sweden charge at each other but this time you feel his sword graze your side and cut right through your clothes,leaving a big,bloody rip at your side.

"How does it feel to lose blood?"Sweden asks.You glare at his mockery of you and hold your side.

"I'm used to it."You growl.

"Good.Then you will be familiar with the pain I'm about to inflict on you then?"Sweden asks.

"Heh,just try it you Swedish bastard!You're the one who isn't going to walk away from this fight though."you say.

"We'll see."Sweden says.


After a while of fighting Sweden,you wore worn out.You could barely stand,you were so weak.You were injured too,you had an abrasion on your head under your bangs,a bleeding side,that stung with every movement.A nearly fractured knee since Sweden had almost gotten you but he had hit your leg with his sword instead.It was such pain to put your body through.You were struggling to breath and your vision kept blurring.But Sweden was hurt badly too.He was also struggling to breath,his upper chest had an abrasion from where you had sliced him with your sword in an attempt to stop his attack on your leg.He was all cut up and gashed.The two of you,bruised,bleeding,sore,and out of breath,stood there looking at each other.But to your surprise it was Sweden who fell to his knees first.

"Looks like you get what you wanted."Sweden pants.You breath heavily and try to pick up your sword.Your muscles screamed in agony as you held the heavy blade and dragged it over to Sweden.You could barely stand,nor see but you manage to make your way over to Sweden and you stand above him.

" ...die."you say.Sweden stared at you coldly as you raised the blade above his head in a position to strike."Pre..pare to die."you say again.Your arm trembled as you looked down at Sweden but you couldn't bring the sword down to strike.Filand was filling your mind all of a sudden.


"Do you have a dream,Finland?"you ask.

"A dream?Sure I guess.My dream is for this war to be over and peace can return.No more people should die.And only one person has to stop fighting to end this war.Just one person,it's all it takes.If someone would just say no and realize that it's wrong then maybe,just maybe the war will end and people will follow that path."Finland says.You stare at him and blink a few times.

"Well,I'll help you make that dream come tru Finland.I promise.You and me,we'll stop this war!"you say.Finland smile back at you and holds your hand.

"Thank you _____."he says.

~~End of Flashback~~~~

"I...I can't do it."you say.Sweden looks up at you confused.

"What?"he says.Your body trembles and you drop your sword at your side.

"I can't.I can't do it.No matter how much I may hate you.I can't kill you.I...made a promise.I promised Finland I would stop.I..would say no..I can't do it!"you cry.Tears fall from your eyes and your sword falls to the ground beside you."Why?Damn it why?!Why can't I kill you?!You killed Norway,DenmarkIceland and I have lost the love of my life because of you.Damn it!Why can't I kill you?!"you yell.Sweden slowly stand up and looks at you."J-just kill me. ..already."

"I...."Sweden mumbles.

"Well what are you waiting for?!Just do it and get it over with!"you shout.Sweden looks at his sword and slowly picks it up.He slowly points it at your chest and you clench your fists tightly as the blade enters your body quickly then back out.Your eyes go wide and you gasp as you fall backwards onto the pavement.The world around you seemed to slow down and you were falling in slow motion.You hit the ground hard and you feel your back start to become soaked with your blood.

"Nooo!!!!"A familiar voice yells.You manage to tilt your head up a little to see Finland running over to you and Sweden.

""you mumble.Your vision starts to blur and white spots start to appear and disappear in your vision as you  see Finland yelling at Sweden,but you couldn't hear anything they were saying.Before you knew it,Finland had taken your sword and pierced Sweden's heart and killed him.Then he cradled you in his arms and you could slightly feel his warm tears fall onto your cold cheeks.

"_____!____!Stay with me!"Finland yelled."I love you!Please!Don't die!"

" couldn't do it.I couldn't kill him...b-because.I...made you..that...promise.."you say as you take deep breaths.

"Sh,don't talk about things like that anymore.It doesn't matter.I'm proud of you _____.Just hang on okay?"Finland says.

"Finland?"you say.

"Yes _____?"Finland cries.

" cold here?Did the flames go out?"you ask.More tears stream from Finland's brown eyes and he nods his head,knowing he can't do anything for you now.

"Y-yes."Finland says.

"Oh..has night fallen?It's getting so ....dark?"you mumble.

"Yeah,it's night time."Finland says.

"Finland...I'm sorry.I...wish I had...stopped..sooner.Then...we..could have been married..I would..have"you say with your final breath.Finland pulls you close to him and whispers his words of love to in your ear,making you die with a soft smile on your face.

______ was buried in the flower field where her and Finland met and fell in love.Norway was buried with Denmark as well.Soon after the death of his beloved and his best friend,Finland one day took his very own life.He used his very one blade and pierced his heart at the sight of _____'s grave.After being discovered,Finland was buried next to his beloved _______,where they spend eternity with each other in death.However rumors have been said that if you go to the flower field at night when the moon is full,you can faintly hear the words of love from a finnish boy to a girl be carried in the wind.And also rumors have been said that a woman in a (f/c)dress with long flowing (h/c) has been seen hand in hand with a boy in a blue uniform and brown eyes that appear gray in the moonlight and blonde hair with a white cap,hand in hand walking through the field.The boy held a bundle of flowers in his hand and the girl had two lilies in hers.Hand in hand they walk in the moonlight.Expressing their love for eternity.

But they aren't the only ones that haunt the field.Some people have heard laughter of two men and the girl throughout the field in the daytime.Figures of a man with spiky blonde hair and blues eyes sitting on the hill with another man who had neat blonde hair and deep purple eyes,have been seen gazing off into the distance as if they were watching for someone.And...IF you look hard may see....the soldier that stands at the edge of the woods watching the flower field with such an intense gaze that it would send shivers down your spine.He will stand there in his blue uniform and gaze out into the field with deep blue eyes.He has been named the Blue eyed gazer.Few people have been lucky enough to see him but when you do,you'll never forget his you believe in life,love,happiness,and sorrow after life?

~~~~~(keep scrolling down)~~~~

"Hey!______!!_____!!Wake up!"a voice says.Your eyes pop open and suddenly you are with the Nordics again.

"What?"you say.

"You fell asleep."Norway says.

"Wait..Huh?!What the hell is going on?!"you say.

"We were telling spooky stories and you fell asleep on mine man."Denmark says.

"Again,Huh?!What the hell is going on?I was-but-you were and Norway and Finland andSweden and!"you spatter.

"_____,slow down and breath.Now what is the matter?"Denmark asks.

"Okay so there was a war and Me you and Norway were fighting against Sweden and Finland was there."you say.You look at Sweden and nearly jump out of your skin."And you killed all of them!"you yell.

"What?"Sweden asks.

"_____ you're not making any sense.Start from the beginning."Norway says.

"Okay so like I said there was a war,you me and Denmark were fighting in it.And I was 15 when Sweden came and burned my country and I met Finland in a flower garden and we had some sort of love thing going on but you two loved me too!And then Iceland blew up and you two got stabbed and both died in my arms by Sweden and I was killed too by Sweden but Finland killed him 'cause I was gonna to avenge you three but I couldn't do it and Norway you were a drunk and I died in Finland's arms and oh god I'm getting a headache."you say.

"W-we were in love?"Finland asks,blushing.

"I was  drunk?!"Norway says.

"I blew up?!"Iceland says.

"I was killed by Sweden?!"Denmark says.

"And I was a murderer?"Sweden asks.

"Nut we all died and haunted the flower field and. and!We are dead!What happened?It was real!i know it was!"you say.

"You know _____,your dream kinda sounds like Denmark's story."Finland says.

"But it wasn't a dream!It was real!I know it was!I felt everything!I was in a war for two years!I felt all the pain and everything."you say.

"Well,when you fell asleep,you banged your head on Sweden's shoulder which may have sent you into a slight coma for about an hour or so."Iceland says.

"But I was there for two years!I had flashbacks and everything!"you say.

"Just a strong dream is all.Most likely a lucid one."Denmark says.Norway looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Wow,I didn't even think you knew the word lucid."he says.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?!"Denmark growls.You simply sit back and stare at the ground.

"I know it was real.I just know it."you say.Finland scoots next to you and taps you on the shoulder.

"So..umm our love thing.Did it last?"he asks.Your face heats up red and you turn away.

"Y-yeah actually.It did but you asked me to marry you and I was determined to kill Sweden that I accidentally said no but we were deeply in love I guess."you say.

"Oh..hehe well I always did like you zoo...maybe I don't know."Finland confesses,blushing.You look back at him and he sets his hand on yours.

"Really?"you ask.

"Yeah,ever since we met.It's like I always knew you and had faint memories of you.And I fell in love with you."Finland says.Finand reaches into his pocket and you gasp at what he pulls out.Two white lilies,the same ones from your so called dream.

"It's the lilies."you say.

"Yeah.The symbol of our love."Finland says.

"How do you know that?"you ask.

"What if your dream wasn't really a dream,but a memory?"Finland says.

A Memory?Of a past life?Is such a thing possible?Who knows and who can say..Maybe it was just a dream or maybe you never went to sleep..
Alternate ending!!Hahah!I don't own the pic.Is was found on google!^^

link for pic-->[link]
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Ekat-K Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
"What if your dream wasn't really a dream,but a memory?"
Anyway, <3'd the story :love: 
Sakura-4000 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This whole story... just... Miuna Crying Icon 
ItzHotaruTomoe Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
"W-we were in love?"Finland asks,blushing.

"I was  drunk?!"Norway says.

"I blew up?!"Iceland says.

"I was killed by Sweden?!"Denmark says.

"And I was a murderer?"Sweden asks.

Just made my day
Aquasilver173 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Student
"What if your dream wasn't really a dream,but a memory?"Finland says.

Before I read the rest i thought this ---->

We all looked into the distance, toward the sky, deep in thought. We returned to facing eachother and spoke all at the same time.


Great story by the way!! Keep it up! That ending though.
Hashtagpeople Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
This was so beautiful!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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I cried my eyes out and I don't do that alot,you did an AMAZING job!!!
Sailormoon6708 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
When I was saying who all was in my dream, it made me think of 'The Wizard of Oz' so much

"W-we were in love?"Finland asks,blushing.

"I was  drunk?!"Norway says.

"I blew up?!"Iceland says.

"I was killed by Sweden?!"Denmark says.

"And I was a murderer?"Sweden asks.
The way they said it.... is that supposed to be a reference?
MidIite Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"W-we were in love?"Finland asks,blushing.

"I was  drunk?!"Norway says.

"I blew up?!"Iceland says.

"I was killed by Sweden?!"Denmark says.

"And I was a murderer?"Sweden asks.

That was the funniest part xDD
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