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Tim came through the front door of his house dripping wet. His brown locks pressed against his tanned forehead. Jeff looked up at him from his phone with worried eyes, despite his carved smile.

"Did you find her?"he asks. Tim glared at the dark haired boy.

"Does it look like I found her?!"he snapped. Jeff sighed and held his hands up as if being arrested.

"Hey, She said she wasn't your friend anymore. I was hoping that maybe you had found her but got rejected. I least she'd be safe right?"Jeff says. Tim continued his glare but sighed.

"You're right..Damn it! This is all my fault for being so careless!"he shouted as he slammed his fist in the nearest wall.

"Look bro. Don't worry about her. You got class tomorrow right?"Jeff asks. Tim raises a brow.

"Yeah so?"

"So then _____ will be there and you'll see her then.."

"Dude..what makes you think that she'l even talk to me? ____ hates me now.."Tim sighed.

"Hm true..but it's worth a shot dude..Just go for it!"

"But I can't!" Jeff rolled his eyes and grabbed Tim's shoulders tightly.

"Look man! You love this woman don't you?!"he shouted. Tim blinked as blush began to fill his face.

"L-l-love?? I..I..yes..Yes I do.."he says.

"You wanna hold her?!"


"Squeeze her?!"

"Um..I guess I do.."

"Then you gotta gotta try a little tenderness! Or something along the lines of Chris Brown.."Jeff sings.

"'re freaking me out.Since when did you start caring about _____ anyway? I thought you wanted to kill her!"Tim questioned.

"Well I did and funny thing actually..I was going to after you fell asleep. I crept to her house again but caught her in the shower..Yeah..lets just say, that's a body I'd like to keep together and hold against me hehehe.."Jeff snickered.

"You sick bastard!!"Tim shouted as he reached for Jeff's throat. Jeff gasped as Tim's fingers clenched around Jeff's pale throat. The two boys fell to the floor, Jeff wheezing for air and Tim strangling the life out of Jeff.

"So why'd you help me?"

Hoodie glanced down at you as he draped a heavy quilt over your chilled body. He didn't answer. He just went to the fireplace and lit a match, surprised by the fact that even in an apartment, you have a fireplace.

The light of the fire illuminated the  low lit room. Hoodie's figured  blocked some of it's light, allowing him to cast a long dark shadow along your floor.

"I just..did..alright..I had to..."Hoodie says.

"Well..thank you."you say. Hoodie stood abruptly and faced you, fist raised.

"But don't think I did it for you! I still hate you! I did it because..Masky would be upset if anything happened to you, understand?! S-So don't get the wrong idea here like  I like you or anything..cuz I don't!"Hoodie suddenly snapped at you.

You stare at him for a minute before letting out a giggle.

"Alright.." Hoodie seemed taken aback by your giggle and rolled his eyes under his mask, being thankful for the accessory that covered a slight blush as well.

He sighed and walked into the kitchen only to return moments later with two mugs. He handed one to you.

"Here..drink this.It'll warm you up.."he says. You stare at the mug in surprise then take it, slowly looking up at Hoodie."What? You don't like hot chocolate or something bud?!"

You shake your head quickly.

"N-no..It's just..thank you.."you say, smiling up at him. Hoodie rolled his eyes once more and sat down on the couch beside you. He watched as you took a sip of the hot chocolate before lifting his mask, only above his mouth, and taking a sip himself. The two of you were quiet for a moment.

Hoodie leaned forward a bit and placed his mug on the coffee table before resting his elbows on his knees.

" found out Masky's identity huh?"he said quietly. You take the cup from your mouth and glance away from him.

"Y-Yeah..I did..."you answer. Hoodie sighed and turned his stare towards the wooden floor.

"But you didn't want to find out this way..."

"Yeah.." Once again, Hoodie sighed.

"Damn..I told him this would happen..I told him that you wouldn't return his feelings as Tim.."he said.

"That's not it!"You reply quickly. Hoodie stared at you as in surprised by your sudden burst. You didn't match his gaze though, you kept your eyes on your reflection in your hot chocolate.

"I know Tim likes me. I always's not like I don't like him back. I do! I love Tim with all my heart it's just..Him being Masky...surprised me a bit. I feel like an idiot for not realizing it sooner and..for him to keep a big secret like that..I just thought he'd tell me. We're best friends, why wouldn't you tell your friend something like that? That also means it was Tim who got injured that night. It was Tim who saved my life twice and it was Tim who saw me nearly naked! It was always Tim!"You say.

Hoodie was quiet for a moment before taking in a deep breath.

"Well..did you ever think..that maybe..he wanted to tell you but certain situations prevented him from doing it?"Hoodie asks. You didn't reply immediately this time.

"Hoodie I..I'm not just upset about Tim being Masky. I'm also upset that he housed the killer that nearly killed me that night. He knew and never said anything and like the idiot I am..I fell for it like a sucker..and how can  I forgive Tim for that?"you say coldly.

Hoodie stared at you then back at the floor.

"I..guess That's understandable. But you should get some sleep. You got school tomorrow right? You shouldn't miss it."Hoodie gives your shoulder a tap and suddenly, you feel your eyes become as heavy as weights. Slowly, they drifted close and you fell asleep..


"And that my students is how Earth first started. Now if you turn your textbooks to page." You tuned the teacher out and stared down in your notebook.

You started doodling like you always did, ignoring everything else in the world before something flies in front of your face and lands on your notebook. It was a crumbled up piece of paper.

Your eyes narrowed and slowly, you glance at the person next to you from the corner of your eyes. Tim.

He didn't seem to be looking at you. He was simply doing his work as if he hadn't even acknowledged your existence. Slowly, you pick up the paper and open it up.

Inside the paper was a note written in big writing. It was simple words but extremely big to up the meaning of them.

'Please forgive me.' were the words. You cringed at the paper and glanced at Tim who was now giving you a saddened smile.

"Hmph!"You ball up the paper and toss it right back to your brunette 'friend'. Tim frowned at your rejection of his apology but he didn't let it get him down. He was determined to make it up to you someway.

After class, instead of waiting for Tim like you would normally do, you collected your things quickly and stormed out the classroom. Tim followed you.

"______ wait up! Please talk to me!"he called after you.

"Just leave me alone!"you yell back, quickening your pace. Tim sighed and began to jog after you.

"______, you can at least hear me out! I need to talk to you!"he tried again.

"I'm done talking to you Tim now stop following me!"you rejected him again.

"______ please! Just hear me out! Please!"You stop in your tracks and turn to face Tim. I glint of hatred shown in your eyes made hiim shutter a bit but stand firm."______, you should know that I...I.."

Tim didn't get to finish due to a slap in the face. His reddened cheek stung as a handprint was left on it. The force of the slap caused Tim's head to turn completely to the side.

"Ow!! What the fuck!"he yelped, holding his cheek.

"You listen here Tim! You have embarrassed me and ultimately betrayed me! I'm not forgiving you anytime soon and I'm not listening to you!"you scowl. Tim's face saddened.

"Look...if you won't listen to Tim..will you at least listen to Masky?"Tim whispered.

"No! I hate that jerk too! Tell him that!"you spat before turning on your heel and beginning your fast stride again.

"______! I'm not letting you go that easily!"Tim growled. As your turned, Tim caught your wrist in his grasp tightly and pulled you back. You couldn't help but let out a small yelp as he pulled your wrist to his own chest and forced you to look into his brown eyes.

"Tim! Let me go right now!"you demand.

"No ____! Not until you hear me out! Now look here, I'm sorry I hurt you. So sorry. I can't tell you how sorry I am. IT was not my idea to house Jeff, I don't even like that greasy headed bastard! I..I have a boss alright. He ordered me too. I can't tell you much for safety reasons but I can't defy him. As for being Masky well..I couldn't tell you that either. It's just..a lot of things are going on ______. Dangerous things and you're my only normal friend. Please..please forgive me..I can't lose you. I need you because in truth I..I.."Tim began to stammer.

"You what?"you ask, your voice slightly soft.

Tim's face began to change to the color of crimson as those words formed on his tongue.

"I..I.In truth I actually.."he took a deep breath and sighed. He looked you dead in the eye."_______, I love you. Ever since freshman year. SO please..I know you don't feel the same way about Tim but..if you can at least find it in your heart to forgive Masky then..that's a big step for me."he says.

Your eyes widen and your face color begins to match his.

"Tim.I..I..I love you too.."you say. Tim's eyes widen in joy but you still frowned."But.I..I'm just not ready to forgive you yet.."And with that, you shake out of his grip and walk away from him. Tim stood there. SHould he feel happy? Or frustrated? he thought. A smile edged his lips.

"S-she loves me..Me! Tim! Not Masky! But me!"Tim began to run after you once more but something suddenly caught his leg. He yelped as it pulled him off his feet and began to drag him through the woods. In his daze he could only think one thing, that this..cannot be good.
:D last chapter for the night guys :D Night!~ I hope you liked this chapter as much as I liked writing it :3

Next:Coming tomorrow~
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