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January 8, 2013
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You plopped down on your bed in a huff.Today had not been your day at all.

Today you got teased by the school bully,

dropped your books in the mud(by your clumsiness)

and failed your math test.

You sighed as your horrible day faded as you turned on your laptop and login into your favorite website(besides Facebook),Deviant Art.

"Well maybe some stories with my favorite characters will make my day a little better."you say to yourself.

You type in your favorite types of Fanfictions.HetaliaXReaders.

No,you weren't so creepy fangirl who thinks about them 24/7 but a nice story every now and again was nice to read,since you didn't have that kind of awesome romance in real life.

You skimmed through the results,so many to choose from and all so great you bet.Sighing,you were just about to click on one story,but your sister had bust through your room,UNINVITED!

"Hey _____!"your sister/brother chirps.You grunt a little in annoyance and glare up at her/him.

"What do you want (s/n)/(b/n)?"you ask.(S/n)/(B/n),plopped down on your bed beside you and looked at your computer screen.

"Are you reading those dumb,weird stories again?"He/She says.

You slam your laptop shut and glare at your brother/sister.

"Hetalia is not dumb and they are not dumb either!"you snap.

"Whatever,you're so obsessed with that anime."(B/n)(S/n) says.You push him/her off of your bed.

"Get out already!"you yell.(B/n)(S/n) stuck their tongue out at you and skipped out your room.

You facepalmed yourself and slumped back against your pillow,opening your laptop once more.You stared at the screen with confusion.

It was pitch black and wasn't coming back on.

"What the hell?"you say,clicking the mouse over and over.

Suddenly you hear a loud hum noise and suddenly your screen comes on brightly before going black again,then coming back on to its normal state.

"That was weird."you say,going back to what you were doing.

Suddenly you notice a new story on the screen that wasn't there before.It was labeled:"Enter the World of Hetalia.."

You chuckled at the thought of it being another one of those stories where the reader will be sucked into another world and all of your favorite characters will be there.

Too bad that's not how your life is..Too bad it isn't some sort of story that you would be in and the computer would suck you into the world of Hetalia.

"Yeah,too bad.."you say.You click on the story see a link below that says click me for magic.You shrug your shoulders and figure,Hey why not?

So you click the link and suddenly the screen goes black.

"Hey what's going on?!"you say,clicking randomly.

Suddenly your room lights go out and you're in pitch darkness.

"Ah!!Slenderman is coming to get me!"you scream,to nobody in particular.You were so freaked out that in your attempt to get off your bed,you slipped on something,fell on the floor and banged your head against the bed of your bar...soon loosing consciousness....until you wake up in...That world..
America:Coming soon

Australia:Coming soon

Baltics:Coming soon

Canada:COming soon


Denmark:Coming soon


Estonia:Coming soon


France:Coming soon

Germany:Coming soon

Iceland:Coming soon

Ireland:Coming soon

Italy:Coming soon

Japan:Coming soon

Kirkland Brothers:Coming soon

Norway:Coming soon

Prussia:Coming soon

Romania:Coming soon

Romano:Coming soon

Russia:Coming soon


Spain:Coming soon

Sweden:Coming soon

Wales:Coming soon

Requests are always open!^_^
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