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HetaliaXreader-This is Halloween!!

Boys and girls of every age,wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see,this our town of Halloween...

"You afraid yet _____?" your friend Alfred smirked.

"No way Alfred.Nothing can scare me.I told you that." you reply.

"Are you sure about that?" your other friend Arthur said.

"Yep,positive." you say. You were with all the nations for this halloween and they were going to a haunted house this year and all of you bet that the boys would scare you for sure this year.

"We've been walking forever,are we almost there yet?"Romano growled.

"I don't want to go into a haunted house!It's scary!" Italy whined.Gemany smacked him on the back of the head,

"It's not that scary!"

"Than why are you trembling dude?"Alfred asked him.

"I-I'm not!It's just cold out here!" Germany said. You roll your eyes,

"I'm telling you guys,bringing me out here in the dark woods just to go into a haunted house is just a waste of time." you you say.

"Then can we go home now?"Italy asked.

"No!" Prussia said. "_____,is going to get scared whether she likes it or not!"

"R'ook up ahead." Japan says pointing to a huge house.

"See,check it out bra' it totally scary or what!" Alfred said.

"Mmmm nope." you say.

"Well lets just go in already.I'm freezing my tail off out here!" France said.

"Well maybe you wouldn't be so cold if you hadn't dressed up like a naked devil!" Arthur scowls. France wasn't really naked but all he had on were some horns,some red gloves and some red boxers with boots.

"I'm not a naked devil I'm a seductive devil!"France argues. All of you had dressed in more original things,Alfred was a zombie,Arthur was a wizard,Japan was cosplaying as Sai from an episode of Naruto he had seen,which was strange that he would show some skin like that but he did love Halloween,Italy was dressed like a cat and was adorable and Romano and Spain were both dressed like pirates. Prussia was a vampire which wasn't surprising since it did go with his red eyes.Germany was a were-wolf,Canada was a mummy and China was bruce lee,which was just weird. You however were cosplaying as Sailor mars from sailor moon which you had to be since Japan said he would only cosplay of you did. Your feet ached with these heels and your legs chilled with this short mini skirt you had on.

"Hey,wheres Russia?" you ask.

"He was just behind me."China says.

"Well honestly that guy there missing is enough to freak me out."you mumble.

"OH,So you scared?!" Alfred teased.

"No,I said freaked out not scared,there's a difference you know!" you reply.

"Yeah,yeah lets just go in already I'm freezing my jack-o-lanterns off out here." Alfred says opening the door.

It looked like just a normal mansion to you.Long staircases,big chandelier and all that jazz.You all walk into the foyer and look around.

"Boy Alfred,this is sure scary."you say sarcastically. He glares out you,

"This isn't it yet." Suddenly the lights go out and you hear Italy scream like a baby. You manage to find your way over to him in the dark and grab him.

"EEPP!!" he yelps.

"Italy,relax its just me."you say.

"Oh,Hi ______!" he says.

"Yeah Hi, Italy."Canada also manages to find his way over to you and the three of you stand still until the lights come back on. When the lights flicker back on you realize everyone was gone even Italy and Canada. You look around for them.

"Guys?"you call out but got no response.You hear a dish break in the other room and you go to check it out in hopes of finding your pals.You rush in and see what appears to be blood everywhere "Guys,this isn't funny!. You cover your mouth and scream into your hand at the sight of it all,then you notice some movement in the corner.You walk over slowly and see Alfred jolting in a pool of blood trying to breath.

"Alfred!"you scream rushing to him. You kneel down and get blood all over your bare legs.You see his throat squirting blood and blood pouring from his mouth,somebody had slit his throat. You pat his face and look around desperately for something to stop the bleeding with. "Alfred stay with me!" you call to him.He grabs your hands and coughs more blood. "Alfred!!" his hands fall and you realize he is dead. You cover up your mouth and tears flow from your eyes.What is going on here?You have to find the others!You get up and run frantically through a pair of doors and away from Alfred's body.

This is Halloween,This is Halloween.Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!
This is Halloween,everybody make a scene,Trick or treat til your neighbor's gonna die of fright!
It's our town every body scream!In our town of Halloween...

You run down a dark corridor and burst through a door.You run in and bump into something that was hanging from the ceiling.You look up and see France hanging upside down,his stomach sliced open and blood gushed everywhere. You scream in horror!You're officially living a nightmare!You try and slide past him but you're quickly grabbed by his hand,you turn around and his eyes met yours.

"_____..You have to run."he gasps.You break free and take off down another hall screaming your head off.You run through another set of doors and you see Arthur tied up.You immediately rush to help him but he stops you.He points down at your feet and you see a red laser.

"What?"you say.You look down and see a puddle of water around Arthur.You then notice electricity wires close to him. "Arthur!"you call.You step over the laser carefully but accidentally get tangle in some string that was hanging.The pull of the strings triggered a trap and you suddenly see a large knife fall in front of you causing you to fall on your back and onto the red laser.Without warning a large blade shoots out of the wall and you watch in horror as it cuts right through Arthur.

"ARTHUR!!!!"you scream.His body falls in two and to the ground and blood starts to flow every where.You slam your fist on the ground on scream. "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!!" You grab Arthur's upper half and cradle him in your arms. "I killed him!It's my fault!Why?WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!!" Your hands were completely red from blood and you were stained with it. Then suddenly you hear a cry for help.


"Italy!!"you say jumping up.You run out of the room and through a glowing red corridor to him.

I am the one hiding under your bed,teeth grind sharp and Eyes glowing red!

I am the one hiding under your stairs,fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair!


You break down the doors and see Italy laying down on a stretcher behind a fence.He was strapped down and panicking.

"Italy!"you call to him.He sits his head up and looks at you,

"_____!Please help me!Get me outta here!"He screams with tears flowing from his face.

"I will Italy,I promise I'm coming!!"You look around to find an entrance to get to him and see a small opening by the ground.You run over and try to slip through,cutting your back in the process. "Ngn!!"you yelp as you feel some blood trickle down your leg.You manage to slip through though and you rush to Italy.You reach him and he's struggling frantically."It's okay Italy I'm here,I got you!" you say unstrapping him.When he's unstrapped he hugs you tightly and cries into your chest.You hold him tightly,You weren't alone anymore. You pull him back and look Italy in the eyes,"Italy who did this to you?"You ask desperately.

"R-Russia did!"he answers.You hug him tightly again and rub his hair.

"Where are the others?"you ask.

"I don't know.My brother,more poor brother.I'm scared for him."Italy sobs.

"Shhh,it's okay Italy,we'll find him."you say trying to calm him down.You pick Italy up and take him quickly through another set of doors and down another dark hall.

In this town,we call home,everybody hail to the pumpkin song.

You open the doors slowly and peek in,you immediately see Romano and Spain tied up back to back with cloths in their mouths wrapped around their heads.You see Russia in there too and Italy holds your hand tightly.

"I'll ask you two one more time.Where is she?!"Russia says holding a pipe in his hands.He pulls Romano's cloth out his mouth and Romano glares at him. "Where's the girl Romano?" he asks again.

"I don't know!I told you now where my brother?" Romano snaps. Russia glares at him and swings the pipe into Romano's face. Romano yelled in pain and his cheek bled.

"Romano!"Spain yelled.

"Now you Spain.Where is she?"Russia questioned.

"Look,I have no idea where bella is?Now let us go already!" Spain scowled.Russia swung his pipe again and slammed it across Spain's Face.The pain throbbed his face with every beat of his heart.

"Well I suppose you'll talk eventually."Russia said leaving the room.Italy pushes past you and rushes over to Romano.

"Romano!"he cries.

"Italy,you're alright."Romano says. You run in and over to Spain.

"Bella?What are you doing here you gotta get out now!" Spain says. Romano's eyes widen,"What are you doing here?You gotta get the hell outta here!"

"Not without you!"you yell as you untie them.You hear the door fly open and you see Russia standing there with a bloody pipe and a big grin on his face.

"I knew you would come for them 'ja." he says. "Guess we don't need these three anymore."

"What are you talking about?"you say.

"THis." Russia snaps his fingers and you see two men with chainsaws and masks over their faces come into the room. "Leave only the girl alive."Russia says to them.

"Shit!"Romano says. He grabs his brothers hands tightly and gives him a big hug. "Listen to me Italy,stay with _____.You'll be safe.I love your brother."

"What are you going to do?"Italy cries. Romano shakes his head,

"Please close your eyes." he says. Italy closes his eyes and you grab him.You push him against the corner and stand in front of him.They won't kill you,and they won't kill him if you're in the way.Spain and Romano look at you.

"You have to make it out of here alive."Spain says. "What are you doing?!"you ask.Spain smiles at you and then charges himself into one guy with the chainsaw and knocks him down.You watch as the chainsaw cuts Spain's organs right out of him and he dies instantly. Romano takes a deep breath and does the same thing,

"You bastards!!"He screams.You close your eyes as you hear the same thing happen to him and hear his blood splash out of his body.You grab Italy tightly and pull him into the next hall and the two of you frantically run to find any other survivors.

In this town,don't we love it now everybody's waiting for the next surprise!Aren't you scared well that's just fine!Say it once say it twice take a chance and roll the dice.
Ride with the moon in the dead of night!
Everybody scream!Everybody scream!In our town of Halloween!

To be continued in part two
for halloween special happy halloween!^^ even though its not here yet!XD
part 2: [link] the horror continues here >:)
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kyshari1999 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
im mad im singingthe song as i read over and over again
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I swear if this doesn't end up as a prank or they all actually die I'm going to cry :iconcryplz:
hetaliagirl101 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
haha XD read on and find out ;D
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