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The hooded man ran through the pitch black woods while assisting you. You didn't know how he was able to see in this darkness but you didn't really pry about it.

The two of you were nearing the edge of the woods now. You could see the small break of light where the moon shone. As you got closer, the hooded man suddenly lifted you into his arms and dashed towards the exit.

You only clung on for dear life as the hooded man ran as fast as he could push himself and exit the woods. Once there, he set you down and turned back to face the dark forest.

A few minutes of silence were followed by the shuffling of feet coming towards the two of you. The hooded man quickly stepped in front of you protectively and withdrew a small pocketknife from his own pocket. The footsteps got louder and closer causing the two of you to become more uneasy.

Then, as soon as the footsteps reached the edge of the woods where you and the hooded man stood, they stopped and now a man with a pale white mask was staring at the two of you. You recognized this to be the same man from earlier who helped you.

You and the hooded man let out a sigh in slight relief.

"You scared us.."you breathe. The masked man stared at you silently for a moment before suddenly tackling you. You yelped helplessly and squirmed when he grabbed and lifted you over his shoulder.

"H-Hey! Let me go! Put me down!"you shrieked but the two men ignored your pleas. You saw them both nod each other and just like that, you were wisped away again.

You kicked and thrashed in the masked man's arms as he carried you.

"Put me down dammit!"you yell, slamming your fists against the Masked Man's back, though he seemed unaffected by your attacks. "Just who the hell are you guys anyway? Let me go! I'm a cop dammit! I'll arrest both of you if you do not tell me what's going on right now!"

No sooner than hearing your threat, The Masked man carrying you, stopped in his steps and put you down. You glared at him as you fixed your messy clothes.

"Thank you..Now..Just what the hell is going on?!"you ask them. The two stared at you yet remained silent. "Well? Answer me!" The two men glanced at one another then took a step back from you. The hooded man, pointed slowly to a tall dark figure that loomed behind you that you had yet to see. Slowly, you turned around and gawked at the nearly seven foot tall faceless being that loomed behind you. It had long arms that nearly touched the ground, a round pale head that was left without any facial features. It was horrifying to you yet didn't seem as scary as it could be due to the fact that the creature wore a neat business suit over it's slender body.

You gulped and took a few steps back, bumping into the Masked and hooded men behind you. Each of their hands grabbed your arms to keep you from running away, which you really wanted to do.

"W-w-what is that?"you whisper to them. They said nothing and the tall creature stepped closer. You gulped and closed your eyes tightly. You were too afraid to even look at such a creature with no face. Yet, as you stood there, still and tense like a statue, something tickled your nose. You sneezed lightly and peeked an open eye. Then the other opened as your eyes focused on a small flower with the color of the sun on it's petals. You looked up at the faceless creature who held its blank face slightly tilted to the side and back at the flower. Slowly, you take it, sniffing it gently, and old memories flood your brain.

Years Eight year old girl wanders into the woods. She gets lost and falls, scraping her knee in the process. She's scared, lost, and cold, while huddled by a tree. She's crying but stops when a faceless being emerges from the shadows of the trees and startles her.

They stare at one another and the girl cries more, fearing her young life has reached it's end. But as she cries, the being thrusts a flower the color of the sun in her face. The girl takes it and smiles, knowing now that the being will cause no harm to her. And the two leave the woods together. She would never forget the message that being left with her that day. That is was always..watching

You gasp quietly and look up at the faceless man.

"I-I know you...don't I?"you ask quietly. It nodded yet said nothing, thought it's not like it could even if it wanted to. You look over your shoulder at the Masked and Hooded man, stepping away from them so you could face them properly.

"Though..I don't remember seeing you guys that day.."you say. The two men looked at one another, the faceless man-who seemed to nod at them-, then back to you.

"I-I'm Masky.."The masked man spoke up quietly, his voice slightly muffled from his mask covering his face. HE turned slightly to the hooded man behind him. "And this is Hoodie. He doesn't speak very much if hardly any." You nod.

"I see..Masky..Hoodie...and..-"You turn halfway to look at the being behind you. "I think I'll call you Slender, short for SlenderMan. Thank you guys for saving me and possibly my life back there."you say. The three nodded to you.

"You're welcome.."Masky whispered.

"Though now..I have nowhere to go. Laughing Jack will most likely wait for me to come home and attack me again..What do I do?"you ask.

"You come with us."Masky says, looking at SlenderMan as if speaking for him.

"With you guys? Where is that?"you ask. Just then, you felt a hand rest on your shoulder. Looking back, you found it to be SlenderMan's hand. He pulled you lightly and nudged you in a certain direction as if to lead you somewhere. Without hesitation, you did. You trusted these three.

You were led to a large dark manor that looked abandoned. You had little time to admire it for SlenderMan was ushering you quickly inside. However, once you were inside the large place, everything was completely different. It was nice and decorated up to date like a newly furnished mansion. It had t.v(s), a kitchen, living room, bathroom, everything. Even gaming systems which you guess was for Masky and Hoodie. Yet there were multiple controllers.

"Do other people live here?"you ask. Masky nodded.

"Yes. Jane and Ben. There is this one other boy that comes around every now and again but he never stays long enough for me to learn who he is. He's like a stray who avoids SlenderMan at all possible moments as well as Jane."he informs you. You smiled at the fact that Masky talking a bit more. However, Hoodie didn't say a word. He just stood there, arms crossed behind his back that was slightly slouched. His mask stitched with that red frown showed his shy personality well.

He didn't speak one word to you. He just hid behind Masky and whispered things he wanted to be said or inform you of. He resembled as small boy hiding behind his elder brother.

"Jane? Ben?"you question. Masky and Hoodie nodded.

"Yes but just because she's a girl, don't think she's gentle or anything. She's very hard to deal with.."he says.

"Bitch.."Hoodie murmured under his mask.

"Oh.."You mumbled. "Well...I'll try my best to get along with her. But um..Who's Ben?"

"I'm BEN. Spelled with all caps if you please!"A voice said behind you. You jumped and spun around to come face to face with a small boy with golden locked hair. His eyes were drippy with blood and blood red.

I could have sworn I uploaded this already but..meh here ya go xD

Another I have written like a year ago but was too lazy to submit. I FAIL at Life so hard. xD

Next:typerhappy: Yeahh….I should really finish this shouldnt I? :P
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must finnish
I loved it when I threatened them in my mind I was like:
Yeah, Bitch! Don't mess with me 'cause Imma cop... But not really I work at the Cheesecake Factory. Lol
BEN. Yessssssssssssssss
Fanfictions112 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: BEN... ya can't just appear behind people. *facepalms* idiot…


Me: yeah you are, gLiTcH.


Me: Nope…

BEN: *quietly steaming*

Me: Something wrong glitch?


Me: Ok, Glitch.

BEN: Grrr…
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Me: BEN BEN glade to see you 
BEN: You shouldn't have said that
Me: sorry I missed you can we play a prank on this guy on YouTube he said that I did know how to play Pokemon and I told him I had a friend that could beat any game he laughed and said no one can beat any game except for him.
BEN: Aww no he did not give me his YouTube account name I'll show him
Me: (inserts YouTube account name) please make sure he just pee's in his pants and tell him squirrelbox sent you and you can beat any game
BEN: alright but if he has a girl with him can I do the R. thing
Me: Sure I'm sure she need it just don't kill her in the end it's better to make her traumatized 
BEN:great I'm going

anyways good job I like this chapter hope I can see more
amyraprincess Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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I have no idea what's happening any more, looks like ima have to go back and reread everything
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BEN I am a dummy! 
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