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September 16, 2013
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You remember the first time you saw him. The small blonde with rather pointy ears. Yes...BEN was his name. To this day, you still don't know why he spelled it with all caps, to give it emphasis or something as he used to say. Yes, BEN was a rather peculiar boy. Yet your heart still aches for him, the poor boy that was snatched so early in his life by tragedy...

You can remember it clearly. Meeting BEN for the first time.


"Huh? Why do I have to do it??"you ask. The principal rubbed her temples in aggravation.

"Look ______. We've been over it a million times. You are head of your class. This boy has all the same classes as you. Therefore, it is only right that you are to show him around the school, the classes and offer him a helping hand. He is new here after all.." She says.

You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes.

"Fine..But what if he's a complete jerk? Then what?"you ask, slightly annoyed. The principal smirked and stood.

"Oh...I promise you he won't be. You can come in now Ben!"she calls.

Ben? What a stupid name. He's probably some genius who's a complete snob. You thought to yourself. The door to the principal's office clicked open and in stepped a young boy. You turned to him as he came in and your eyes widen.

This boy was small. He was slightly shorter than you, maybe by and inch or two, yet he had the bluest eyes you had ever seen. They seemed to twinkle under his golden bangs that swayed with ever step he took. His ears were rather pointy but they actually made him even more incredible.

He wore a green collared shirt with hunter green shorts and long laced brown boots. He was all matching too??

The boy strolled over to where you stood and stood beside you.

"Ben, this is _______. She will be showing you around the school and making you comfortable here."The principal says. Ben nodded and turned on his heel to face you.

"Hello there. I'm Ben, spelled all caps. It's very nice to meet you _______ and I thank you for doing this for me."BEN said sweetly. Your eyes went wide.

Holy crap. I cannot believe this..This boy is gorgeous..You thought to yourself again. You blinked, releasing yourself from your trance.

"O-Oh..It's my pleasure. Nice to meet you too BEN."you say. BEN smiled at you then turned to the principal.

"Well..we'll be going now. Thank you Mrs.Swain."he says.

"You're quite welcome dear. Now off you go. Don't be late fore first block!"

"We won't!" You and Ben walk over to the door of the principal's office. You went to open it but Ben jumped in front of you.

"Here, let me get that for you."he says, pushing the door and holding it open for you. You blushed slightly and walk through.

"Thanks BEN. Wow, you sure are the gentleman type aren't you?"you giggle. Ben's pale cheeks contrast to a tint of pink as he follows you.

"O-oh..Am I really? Sorry, I just can't help it."he says. You giggle again.

"No need to be sorry. It's great that you are a gentleman. Highschool would be so much better if all boys were like you."you say. Ben beamed.

"Really? Thanks _______."

The rest of the walk was in silence besides the few questions that Ben asked and where to find certain places like the library or gym. He also asked if the school had a swimteam and when you told him that a swimming test was mandatory at your school, he seemed a bit panicked.

To settle Ben down, you had to take him to the nurse where she said he was having a panic attack, She gave Ben a few moments to breath, telling him to relax, and a small cup of water with ice in it.

Soon, Ben was settled again and the two of you were continuing the tour.

"Say Ben, you sure you're alright now?"you ask, glancing over your shoulder at the blonde. Ben nodded.

"Yes. I'm okay. I just have panic attacks frequently like that. I'm sorry.."he says. You stop walking and turn on your heel to face him.

"Don't be sorry. As long as you're okay now, that's all that matters. You just really worried me for a second!"you let out a nervous laugh and so does Ben.

"Oh no. I'm fine really. I just hope that we can at least get to some of first block."he says. Your eyes widen.

"Oh crap that's right! We gotta go! We're so late!" You take Ben's hand tightly with your own and begin pulling the small boy to class.

The two of you enter your first block quickly where you had to explain everything to your teacher. She gave an exceptional sigh and nodded before placing Ben in the empty seat next to you.

"Phew..I thought for sure she would give us detention.."you sighed, slouching in your chair. Ben smiled at you.

"Oh, I was sure she'd understand and even if she did give you detention, I would take the blame for you."he says. You look over at him.

"Aw. You're sweet Ben but I would never allow that. Especially not on your first day." Ben opened his mouth to reply back but before he could, another person entered the conversation.

"Ey' _____! Cutting it kinda close, don't ya think?" You look up to see your tall brunette friend leaning against your desk. His blue eyes were fixated on you and a smirk was etched onto his face.

"Oh..yeah. Guess it was huh?"you say with a sarcastic chuckle. Your friend laughed and shoved his hands in his white hoodie pocket while he flipped his head to move some of his earthy brown hair from his face.

He blinked and turned to Ben who was sitting there awkwardly.

"Hey..who's your little friend _____?"he asks.

"Oh! This is Ben!"you say, gesturing towards him. You turn to Ben." BEN, this Jeff, one of my best friends."you say. Ben and Jeff smiled at one another.

"Well nice to meet ya squirt! Like _____ said, I'm Jeff! Jeff Blalock and if anyone is ever giving ya any trouble, I'll ruff em up for ya!"Jeff exclaimed, flexing his arms in emphasis.

"Oh come on Jeff..Stop lying. Everyone knows you would pussy out in a fight."Came another male voice. Jeff grimaced and looked over his shoulder as another tall boy approached. He wore a black jacket and black slacks, similar to Jeff's,and black converse sneakers.

This boy had auburn hair that fell just by his brown eyes and tanned face.

"Hey Jack!"you said. Jack flashed you a pearly white smile.

"'Sup _____. Who's your friend?"Jack asks, pointing to Ben.

"This is BEN! BEN, This is Jack another one of my good friends."you say. Ben nodded his head.

"Nice to meet you Jack.."he says. Jack nodded.

"Same here now don't listen to Jeff. He can't defend himself against his own fangirls! If anyone is messing with you, you just let ol' Jack here take care of em." Jack says, pointing to himself with his thumb and throwing a wink at Ben.

Jeff turned to Jack with a glare.

"Hey! I can defend myself just fine! Have you also forgotten who saved your tan ass from that other Jack in the fourth grade? That was me!"Jeff shouted.

"Only because we were young and the guy was like a giant to me! You only won that fight because you accidentally swung your leg and kicked him in the groin!"Jack snapped back.

"Well it's more than what you did!"Jeff growled.

"And Jeff, do you not remember who it was who saved your ass from my neighbor's dog next door?"you ask with a smirk. Jeff's face lit up in the color pink as he shifted his blue glare to you.

"Jeez ____! You don't have to keep bringing that up! I told you, I forgot I had cheezeits in my back pocket!! That's the only reason that happened!"he says. You roll your eyes.

"Yeah yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night Jeffy."you giggled. Jeff rolled his eyes.

"Oh, Go to sleep ______."He grumbles before returning to his seat. You snickered.

"Not before you do Jeffy boy." Jack chuckled and turned to you.

"Well, talk to you after class _____."

"You too Jack." you say. Jack smiled at you, then at Ben, before turning and taking his seat beside Jeff. You found Ben staring at you as you turned to him.

You scratch the back of your head awkwardly.

"Friends eh? What would we do without them?"you say. Ben smiled and nodded.

"Yeah.."he mumbles. You sensed something wrong with Ben but before you could ask, a pencil collided with the back of your head. Angrily, you turn around in your seat to catch Jeff smirking at you. You glared and picked up a pen, aiming it as his large head.

Let class begin...
Couldn't sleep until this was published!!! Well goodnight now. Y'all come back ya hear?? XD


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Jeff? Jeff the killer?
*facepalm* guys guys new kid he doesn't need to know how crazy we are .....yet
ayanna-vvision Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Key word : yet
Exactly :D
Let's see how Jeff would fare against mah Siberian Husky. 
Jeff wouldn't stand a chance against my wiener dog
hetaliagirl101 Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lol or my little beagle too!!XD(it's always those little ones you gotta watch for)
Yeah! It's when you least expect it too.
isis129 Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol xD
annebear1 Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
At first i wasnt that sure about it, but know i love it!!
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