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"You need to pass on. You can't stay here."

"No! I'm not dead! I can't be dead!"

"You have to pass on. You are dead. Accept it."

"Just shut up! I'm not dead! There's nothing to accept. Just go away! This is all a bad dream! It's gotta be."

"….Please..just pass on already. You're making it worse on yourself by staying here."

"Please..please! Just leave me alone! Go away! I wanna wake up! Just wake up! Just wake up!


"________! Wake up! Wake up!" Your eyes snapped open and your head shot straight up at the sound of your friend calling your name. You looked over at her and smiled as you rubbed your sleepy (e/c) eyes.

"Oh, good morning Helinia."you say.

"Good morning my butt! It's time to go home _____. You were sleeping throughout the block. All blocks in fact, are you getting any sleep at night?"Helinia asked you, nudging her finger into your right cheek as she did. You nod and smack her hand away.

"I get sleep. Just not much."you tell her. Helinia puckered her lips and puffed her cheeks.

"You scared yourself watching Creepypasta again, didn't you?"she asks. You sigh and hold up your hands.

"Guilty as charged. You got me."you admit giggling at your joke. Helinia sighed deeply and laid a hand on your shoulder.

"What am I to do with you? _______, if you don't get any sleep, you'll be too tired to come to my pool party this weekend."she says. You smile at Helinia.

"Aw come on Helinia. I'm not that tired. Besides, you know I'm gonna show if you know who is there"you said with a wink. Helinia smirked at you and nodded.

"Oh yeah, Jeff Blalock or whatever his name is right? Honestly ______, I don't know why you like him so much. He's so weird and he always tries to resemble that Jeff the Killer guy on Creepypasta. How can you find that attractive in any form or fashion?"she asks, placing her tanned arms on her hips.

You blush slightly and shrug.

"I-I don't know. I think it's cute."you say barely over a mumble. Helinia sighed once more and crossed her arms.

"Well I don't see the appeal. Why not just go after his older broth Liu? He's a real cutey and less weird."she tells. You shrug then suddenly stand abruptly.

"Hey! You can't call Jeff weird and then call that weird crush of yours normal. Nicolei is it?  He's strange, always dying his hair silver. Honestly, I think he looks better as a brunette. On top of that, he's always wearing those strange bright golden contacts in his eyes. He's the weirdo."you hiss. Helinia narrowed her eyes at you then lightly punched you in the shoulder.

"Oh shut up! At least I know that he won't try to stick a knife in my chest in the near future unlike Jeff."She giggles. You roll your eyes and wave your hand at her as you gather your books.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, lets go before they lock us in the school building."You nudge Helinia along and the two of you exit the empty classroom.

You walked home together like you normally would but you couldn't shake off the strange feeling that urked at you whenever you thought of Helinia's pool party this upcoming weekend.

Whenever you thought about it, you got the sense of dread and uneasiness. Maybe you shouldn't go.. But then you'd miss out on spending time with Jeff outside of school. Who knows when that chance would come up again.

So you shake off the feeling and push it to the back of your mind.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow at the party. Don't forget, twelve o'clock p.m sharp! Don't be late and don't scare yourself shitless watching Creepypasta tonight ______. I don't want you drowning at my party."Helinia urged as you reached your house. You nodded.

"Yeah, yeah. I won't! I won't! See ya later Helinia."you say to her. Helinia smiled and waved to you as you turned to walk towards your household.

"Bye! Oh, and don't forget to wear something sexy for Jeff!"You heard her call. You only imagine the wink she was giving you behind your back. Blush spread to your cheeks and you sped up your walking pace.

"B-Bye Helinia! Jeez!"you called back to her. You opened the door to your house, stepped in quickly, and slammed it closed. Your parents had yet to get in from work, so you were home alone.

Sighing heavily, you toss your bag to the floor, set your books on the kitchen table and throw yourself onto your couch. You easily lost track of time as you laid there and drifted to sleep.

Time remaining, 18hrs.

You awoke to the sound of your mother's keys in the door lock and the opening of the door. You sit up slowly and push yourself up to greet her.

"Hi mom."You say, smiling as she came through the door. Your mother returned the smile weakly, giving into her exhausted state and set down her purse.

"Hi sweetie. How are you?"she asks. You shrug.

"Okay I guess. How was work?"you ask. Your mother sighed.

"It was tiring like always. How was school dear?"

"Boring like usual. I had a math test and failed it. No surprise." Your mother chuckled under her breath and pat your head as she walked by.

"That's my girl. Smart like your father.."she yawns. Obviously, she was too tired and delusional to  know what she was saying so you shrugged off her response.  You spied the clock, 11:30 p.m.

"Man, just took a nap and I'm still exhausted. How much sleep did I lose?"you groaned, trudging down to your bedroom. "Might as well get some more sleep though. Nothing better to do."

You rested yourself comfortably on your bed and closed your eyes.

Tomorrow will be an important day. The biggest day of your life.

Time Remaning:13 hrs…

"______ dear! Time to wake up! It's already 11:30! You don't want to be late for your friend's pool party!!" Your mother sang from the kitchen. Your eyes snapped open and you sat up straight and quickly.

"Holy crap I over slept!! I'm gonna be late and Helinia's gonna freaking kill me!!!"you shrieked as you tossed the covers off of you and jumped out of bed. You nearly tripped over yourself as you ran to your drawer and pulled out your swimsuit along with some other clothes to put on over it.

You then dashed to the bathroom, brushing your teeth quickly and washing your face. You brushed your messy bedhead of a hairstyle and  rush to the kitchen where your mother was cooking breakfast.

You spied the clock one last time.

11:45..Time remaining: 30 minutes.

"Crap..I'm gonna be late. Gotta go mom! See you later!"you say, rushing out the door.

"Oh wait _____! Don't you want breakfast?"Your mother called to you, but you ignored her and dashed down the sidewalk.

Helinia lived 2 blocks away and it would take you about 10 minutes to get there depending on the traffic. You looked down at your clock.

"Damn..12:00 already? I'm so screwed!"you scowl at yourself. You ran down the sidewalk as fast as you could. Soon enough, you could see Helini'as house and see her standing in her front yard, tapping her foot anxiously.

"12:10, You're so dead ______."Heinia growled as she looked down at her wristwatch.

You could see the fury in her eyes from across the street. You smiled and waved to get her attention.

"Hey! Helinia! I'm here!"you called to her. Helinia' looked up and raised her fists as you began to cross the street.

"You're late! I'm gonna kill you!!"Helinia called back with a smirk. You chuckled and rubbed the back of your head awkwardly.

"Yeah, yeah, well funny story actually-"

"_____ watch out!!"

The shriek of breaking tires of a zooming car echo throughout the air. The sound of a hard thud with gruesome cracks followed by a loud scream alert nearby neighbors who all run frantically to the scene.


You hear your name being called by Helinia, yet you can't see her. You just see whiteness. Like a blank wall. Behind your head you feel something wet soaking your hair. You no longer feel your arms nor your legs.

You hear screams of people near you, yet you see none of them. You cannot speak neither.

"Oh god! What have I done?! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!!"

"_______!! Oh god Helinia! No!! This can't be happening!"

"Call 911!!"

"What happened? Oh god! _______! ______!" You hear Jeff's voice come onto the scene. Then, your mothers. You heard her scream bloody murder and begin to cry.

What has happened to you?

"_____! Stay with me! _______! _______ baby, look at me! ________!"

You can't look. You can't see anything. What has happened to you? Where is the sudden warmth coming from you that engulfing your body? The voices fade out. The last thing you hear is your mother.

"______, honey I love you so much. Please don't leave mommy. Please.."

Time:12:15p.m. Time Remaining: 00:00….
I hate writing leading up chapters! They're so boring so I kinda just fast forward a bit. xD Didn't really want to draaaaag it out.

Ben© Jadusable

Helinia, Nicolei© Me~



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Seriously though...
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Cry? no! Ladies are Strong!
Well, I almost cried xD

And I understand Helinia, ¿Who wouldn't like Nicolei! x3 Poor mommy D:Wait until I hug her D:
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carrie-j Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Nicely done.
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