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Thorn watched his brother Nicolei as the older boy swung the sword he had stolen from Link when he wasn't looking. Nicolei smirked as he swung it and pretended to jab at things.

"Woah..this is pretty cool." he laughed as he swung more. Thorn sat on the ground and watched his brother, smiling and making out words with his hands.

"Do you think they'll notice?"Thorn asked. His brother shrugged.

"Maybe. But I doubt they'll find us out here."The older sibling replied. The two were currently hiding out outside the west gate of Castle Town. Not many people come out there except for Gorons on occasion and that on girl who collects he golden bugs who lived in town.

Other than that, it was pretty quiet and the perfect place for them to hang out without anybody finding them.

"It's getting pretty late..should we head home now?" Thorn questioned, looking up at the dark night sky.

"You can if you want, I'm gonna keep practicing." Nicolei replied, swinging the sword once more. The brunette pouted and sighed.

"I'm not leaving you." he signed to him before laying back and gazing up at the slowly appearing stars. As he stared at the sky, he couldn't help but think back to you. Would you be upset if you knew they stole again even though you and Link had helped them?

Would you find them out here? He sighed and sat up quickly,holding his head. Why was he thinking about you? He couldn't get your face out of his head. He looked up at his brother and waved to get his attention. When Nicolei looked over, he began to sign to him.

"Do you think that girl will be mad at us?"He asks. Nicolei shrugged.

"Who cares." Thorn frowned and looked away.

"I wonder if we'll see her again.."

Nicolei paused and smirked at his younger brother.

"Ew Thorn! Don't tell me you've got a crush on that girl!"he laughed. The brunette blushed deeply and shook his hands quickly.

"N-No way! Of course I don't!"he replied quickly. Nicolei laughed more.

"You totally do! You've got her and her boobs on the brain!"

Thorn stood and glared at his brother, his face a blushing mess.

"I do not! Shut up!"he signed angrily. Nicolei chuckled and approached his brother, patting him on the back.

"Hey don't feel bad Thorn. I was looking too. I mean that outfit on her made me go 'Grrrr baby~' on the inside."

"You shouldn't talk about a girl like that. She's not a piece of meat."

"Whatever. I'm gonna keep practicing." Nicolei turned back away from his brother, only to come face to face with an approaching animal a few feet away. He stared at it, golden orbs gazing into fierce blue ones.

The animal was crouched and snarling at him. He froze as he stared into the beast's eyes, ready to tear him and his brother apart.


You and Link exited the castle and walked through castle town. Night had come and bustle of the town had died down. It was quiet and the oly thing that could be heard were the sounds of the footsteps of marching soldiers that passed by.

"Well..where do we start looking for those two?"You ask, looking over at Link who kept his gaze down. He glanced over at you, sweat beading on his forehead and eyes darkening.

"I think we should split up. We'll find them faster that way."he suggested. You frowned, noticing his suddenly sickly appearance.

"I don't know..are you feeling okay? You look ill."you say, reaching to gently touch his face. He pulled away quickly.

"I'm fine, just trust me on this. I wanna find this kids as soon as possible." he says, stepping away. "I'll take the west side, you take East."

"But Link! Wait!" You called after him but the boy was already disappearing down the street. You stood there pouting for a moment before deciding to take off after him. Meanwhile Link was slipping into a back alleyway where he began to give in to his pain.

He clutched his chest tightly and winced as he began to transform. Once again his body changed into the form of a beast. He snarled and slowly exited the alleyway, looking around and sniffing the air.

There was a familiar scent that lingered around. He recognized it to be the scent of Nicolei and Thorn. No doubt about it. Their scent hovered above him like a golden trail in the air which he chased unaware that you were just turning down the alleyway as he was running out of it.

You gasped as you saw a familiar figure rush out of the alley. Though you only saw the backside, you recognized it.

"The wolf..what's it doing here. Oh no, I have to stop it before it hurts somebody!"You cried as you ran after it. "Hey come back here!"

People screamed as the wolf rushed by them. Frantic and panicked people hid and ran away at just the sight of him, but he didn't care.

He paused just for a moment as his eyes scanned the area before locking onto to the scent trail that was flowing outside the west gate. He growled and followed it where he soon found those he was looking for.

Nicolei was in the process of turning around from talking to his brother when the two matched gazes.

The wolf snarled and stalked towards him, bloodlust in his eyes. Nicolei stepped back and held the sword firmly in his grasp as he pushed his brother behind him.

You followed the wolf to the outside where you gasped at the sight of him approaching the two boys.

"Hey! Leave them alone beast!"You called to it, gaining it's attention.  The wolf turned slowly and growled at you which honestly terrified you but you had to lure it away from Nicolei and Thorn.

"Over here!"You called again.

"Tch..Stupid girl, she's gonna get herself killed."Nicolei growled. Thorn gasped and looked up at you as the wolf now began to stalk towards you.

I have to protect her.

He ran quickly, shoving his brother aside and rushing around and sand in front of you with his arms out, glaring at the wolf. However, the sudden movement caused the beast to suddenly lunge for the two of you now.

Nicolei gasped. "Thorn!!"

The brunette boy gasped and winced as the beast latched onto his leg, tearing into the flesh deeply. You gasped and grabbed Thorn by the arms, trying to pry him out of the beasts grip.

"Let him go!"Nicolei shouted as he ran over and swung the sword at it, cutting it and forcing it to withdraw. The wolf growled and lunged at Nicolei now, latching onto his wrist and causing him to cry out as well as drop the sword he had stolen.

"Gaahh!!! Son of a bitch!!"

Brother!! Thorn tried to rush to his brother's aid but collapsed from the pain that shot through his wounded leg. Nicolei held his wrist tightly and fell to his knees, groaning from the pain.

You held onto Thorn and looked around. Where had Link gone? You desperately needed him. Where was he? Where was anyone?? Nicolei looked up as the beast approached him. This was it, he would be mauled to death in front of his brother.

He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tightly.

Shit...I cant hold a sword with my wrist wounded like this...I'm gonna die..! he thought.

With a loud growl the wolf lunged at Nicolei, aiming for his jugular. However instead of an intense bite there was a soft whimper and the beast moved back. Nicolei looked up, as well as you and Thorn and gasped at the sight of a boy standing in front of him with needles in his hands.

He wore a tight outfit with the colors of black and blue and wore bandages around his head and arms with a long blond braid going down his back. The boy turned to Nicolei briefly, crimson eyes staring at him.

"Get up, quickly!"he ordered and the boy quickly scrambled to his feet.

"Who are you?"Nicolei asked. He was silent for a moment.

"My Sheik, I am the last of the Sheikah."he says.

"The Sheikah?"You question softly.

"Begone beast!"Sheik shouted at the wolf who growled before turning and running back into castle town.

"It's heading into town! We have to go after it and kill it!"Nicolei shouted. He started to give chase to the beast but Sheik stopped him.

" not worry..I shall go after it. You need to stay here and tend to that boy there."he said, pointing to Thorn. "The three of you need to get to the doctor and have your wounds addressed. I will kill it."

"Fuck that! I'm fine! I wanna kill that son of a bitch!"Nicolei objected.

"You must stay with him! Your brother needs you now and you need medical attention as well!"Sheik snapped.

Nicolei growled but he knew he was right. With a heavy sigh, he walked over to Thorn and helped him up, glancing at you. You stood slowly and looked at Sheik.

"Please..Let me come with you. My friend is out there and that wolf it's..."You tell Sheik who stared at you for a moment before shaking his head.

"You should stay with them..I will find your friend and bring him to you."he says.

"I'm not going to sit around and do nothing!!!"You shout.

"You must for now. That wolf is dangerous.."He approached you slowly and placed his hands on your shoulders, red orbs gazing into your own (e/c) eyes. "Trust me."

You bit your lip and pulled away, glaring at him before turning and helping Nicolei assist Thorn to the nearest doctor who resided on the east side of the town which was also a short man with really thick glasses.

He treated Nicolei and Thorn's wounds before grumbling and walking off, leaving the three of you alone.

You sigh deeply and look over at Thorn who was examining his bandaged leg.

I should say something to him..afterall..he did try to save my life...

Sighing once more, you slowly scoot over to the brunette and face him, gaining his attention as well as his brother's.

"Thank you for protecting me like that."You tell him, laying a kiss upon his cheek. Thorn blushed deeply but smiled and waved his hand.

"It was no problem."He signed. Nicolei scoffed as you turned your attention to him.

" for you, you little thief! Give that sword back! It's suppose to be a gift for the queen!"You demand. He crossed his arms.

" way. It's mine."he stated.

"You little brat! Give it back or else!"you shout. He smirked.

"Or else what?"he tempted.

"I'm gonna beat the crap out of you!"

" you could..even if I wanted to give it back, I cant. I left it outside the gate after I dropped it."Nicolei gave a shrug. "And with Morning approaching who knows who could have found it by now."

"Well then we better go get it!"Thorn signed, hopping up. "Come on brother, it's for the queen!"

"Who gives a damn about the queen! What has she ever done for us?!"

"Watch your tongue!"

"Don't tell me what to do, wench!!" You growl, exchanging nasty glares with Nicolei while his brother tried to get between the two of you.

"Fine..don't help us! We'll get the sword back and return it to the queen ourselves!"you say, walking to the exit. Thorn followed, causing Nicolei to growl.

"What? Thorn you're going with her?!"He asked. The brunette looked back at him before nodding and exiting the building with you, leaving Nicolei alone.

He groaned and rolled his eyes before following quickly.

"Fuck..what for me dammit!"
Werewolf!LinkxReader-Midnight Beast Pt.7
Sheik belongs to Nintendo~

I won Thorn and Nicolei~ ^^

Next::Typerhappy: Ready for the pickup! ewe
You followed Link closely, through castle town as he led you towards the castle. The entrance was heavily guarded by guards but they easily recognized Link and let the two of you in.

The castle was even bigger inside with high ceilings and chandeliers that illuminated the rooms with beautiful lighting.

"Oh wow...this place is huge.."You gasp. Link nodded.

"Yeah, stay close to me. It's easy to get lost in here."he told you and you did as told. You stayed close to him as he led you through the castle yet you still admired the décor. The large rooms and high ceilings as well as portraits that hung on the walls.

It was often of a beautiful woman with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Who was she you wondered.

You followed Link closely as he led you to a large door where you could only imagine what was on the other side.

"Here we are..she's right in here."he says. Butterflies began to flutter in your stomach and your palms began to sweat. Here you were about to meet the Princess-No, The Queen of Hyrule. What would you say to her? Would you be allowed to speak?

What did she look like? How gorgeous was she? How would Link look at her? Would he look at her the way you've always wanted him to look a you?

You bit your lip. While it was exciting to finally be meeting the queen, you were also scared because there was also a possibility that you would also be meeting the woman who has Link's heart.

Link placed a hand on the door and looked over at you. "Ready?" he asks. You look up at him and take a breath before nodding.

"Yes." He smiled and pushed the door open slowly as the two of you entered the room which turned out to be a very large throne room.

And on said throne, sat a woman. A gorgeous woman with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. You blinked as you recognized her from the portraits around the castle. Link approached her slowly with you behind him.

She looked up and stood, smiling gentle at the hero as he approached.

"Link. It's wonderful to see you again."she greeted. Link smiled and stopped a few feet away from her, kneeling before her with a bow of his head.

"It's nice to see you as well Princess Zelda." he replies.

"Please rise. You don't need to be so formal with me."she says, watching him stand up straight before turning her attention to you. "And who's this?"

"Ah, m-my name is ______ your grace." you say, bowing before her. Link chuckled and stood beside you.

"She's a close friend of mine. We live and grew up in the same village and I decided to bring her along with me because she had never seen the outside of the village before."He explains.

"Ah."Zelda smiled at you and took you by the hand, causing you to look up at her. "Please, call me Zelda. Any friend of the hero is a friend of mine." she says. Link blushed and scratched the back of his head.

"Ah come on..Enough with the hero stuff. I'm just Link." he chuckled. Zelda smiled.

"Yes of course." She looked at the two of you. "So what brings you here?"

"Oh right." Link reached back and grabbed for the sword that he had previously been holding behind his back. wasn't there. He gasped and his eyes went wide.

"Oh no.." You look over at him.

"Whats wrong Link?"you ask. The male brunette looked over at you, a panicked look on his face.

"The sword I had to give to Zelda, it's gone!"he gasped. Your (e/c) eyes widened.

"What? W-well where did it go??"You ask. Link shrugged.

"I don't know..maybe I dropped it somewhere."

"Or maybe..."You gripped your fists tightly. "Those little thieves stole it!"you shout.

"Thieves?"Zelda questions. You and Link nod.

"Yes! On our way here these two boys stole my wallet and we chased them!"

"Ooh, I bet they stole your sword when you turned around or something. I'm sure they have it!"you growl. Link sighed and frowned over at Zelda.

"I'm sorry. I was sent here to give you the sword from Rusl that he crafted but I was careless.."

Zelda smiled and waved her hands.

"It is quite alright Link. But we should find those thieves, please allow me to assist you two."She offers but Link shook his head.

"No it's okay. Trust me, me and ______ can find those two easily."He smirked. The princess frowned for a minute before looking out the window.

"Well it's getting late..Please hurry and be careful."she says. You nod while Link frowns at the sight of night approaching quickly.

"We will! Don't you worry princess!"You gave her a quick bow before turning and walking to the door. Zelda looked at Link briefly as he turned to walk away.

"You should tell her Link..You're endangering her.."She whispered. He paused and looked back at her before looking down.

"I...I know..-"

"Link! Come on! What are you waiting for??"You called to him.

"I'm coming!"he called back, taking one final glance at Zelda before jogging after you. Zelda's eyes narrowed when the two of you left the room and she turned, walking through a secret walkway behind her throne.

It was a dark passageway that led to a small dimly lit room where there was a small box in the center. She walked over slowly and peered inside before pulling it's contents out and holding them up. IT was a tight outfit with an eye on the center of the chest.

"I never thought it would come to this...But I must be this persona if I wish to protect them.."
You and Link panted softly as you stepped back from Nicolei who was out of breath as well. The three of you glared at one another and clutched your swords.

"This is a waste of time. Why do you guys defend him?!"The white haired male barked.

"Because if anybody gets to kill him, its going to be me!"You shout. "Why don't you just run away or something?! Why are you fighting?!"

"I'm fighting for the woman I love!" He responded, growling softly and clutching his free fist. "You'd never understand...I must kill him to save her life! Regardless of my own, she means the world to me and I must protect her! You'd never understand what that's like!" He pointed his sword at the two of you. "And I will save her."

Link stared at him before slowly lowering his sword while you bit your lip, glaring.

"I understand what its like.." Link spoke up. Nicolei turned his gaze to him. "I know exactly what its fight for somebody you love.."The blond glanced at you.

"Then surely you know why I cannot allow you to get in my way..Time is of the essence! I need to get to her now dammit!"

"I wont let you-"

"______!" Link cut you off. You look over at him and scowl.


"Listen, this fight is pointless. If we a die fighting each other then none of us are going to get to Dark Link. Why don't we join up and search for him together? And when we find him then we'll decide he gets to kill him." He looked over at Nicolei who was staring at the two of you suspiciously.

"But Link-"

"_____ trust me. Besides, we'll probably find him faster with three pairs of eyes than two." Link looked between you and the other male who was putting his sword away.

"Fine. I don't care how we find him as long as we do and he dies. And Helinia better be with him."

Link looked over at Nicolei with a soft smile.

"So that's your lover's name? It's pretty." he chuckled but Nicolei simply walked past the two of you and towards the beach.

"Well what do you expect? She's the most beautiful girl in Hyrule. Even Princess Zelda looks like a mere peasant compared to her." You and Link looked at one another before following him.

"Wow you must really love her Romeo."You spat.

"She's all I've got left. But enough about me. What about you two?"He glanced back at you and Link. "Are you lovers on a quest?"

The two of you blushed and shook your heads.

"We're not lovers!"you reply quickly. Link nodded.

"Yeah! Besides, she's actually in love with Dark Link, that's why we're looking for him!"He said. Nicolei stopped quickly and turned to the two of you.


"I am not!! He killed my best friend! That's why I want him dead!!"you shout, glaring over at Link. "I do not love him!" Link rolled his eyes.

"Yeah right..______ just own up to your feelings! You love him and you're secretly hoping he's safe! You're so transparent!!"he shouts back, facing you.

"I am not! I hope he's dead!"

"Whether you love him or not changes not the fact that he must be killed."Nicolei spoke up.

"I don't love him!!!"You scream. "Maybe I did once upon a time, but that time is over and I hate him!"You walk ahead of the two men who watched your back. "Lets just hurry up and find him so we can kill him and go home."

Nicolei smirked and walked beside you while Link frowned and followed.

"That's fine with me." The three of you walked back to the beach where you noticed footprints that led to a path away from the shore. You leaned down by the tracks and noticed that the bootprint in the sand matched Link's.

"He was here..."you growled. "And he's going this way." Nicolei examined the tracks as well and though he didn't show it, he was relieved.

She's with him too...Thank the goddesses..

"We should hurry then, maybe we can catch them." Link says softly. You and Nicolei nodded.

"Let's go!"

Meanwhile as the three of you chased after Dark Link and Helinia's trail, the two of them were arriving in a small town. The two looked around then back at each other.

"Well, This isn't Hyrule but I think it's a good place to rest and get some food and then we can pick up where we left off." The redheaded girl smiled. Dark Link shrugged in response.

"I suppose..but lets do it quickly, this town is odd and I want to get home as soon as possible." he replied. Helinia nodded and walked ahead with him trailing behind her.

"Okay, first lets look for a place to rest, my feet are killing me."she says, turning her attention to a building with a sign outside of it that read: The Stock Pot Inn.

Dark Link held the door open for her and the two walked inside where they were kindly greeted by a woman with red hair and a kind smile. She bowed as they approached the front desk.

"Welcome to the Stock Pot in, do you have a reservation?" She asked.

"Depends, what are the names of the listed reservations?" Helinia asked with a smirk. The woman stared at her for a moment.

"Uh..We have..A Mr.Linbotox."She said softly.

"Perfect! That's us! He's Mr.Linbotox and I'm his assistant, but don't tell his wife we're here alright?"The tanned skin girl smirked as he pointed back to Dark Link who was gazing at the woman coldly. Unsettled by his gaze, she nodded and handed Helinia the key before giving directions to the room.

"Please enjoy your stay...."

"Oh well will! I hope your walls are soundproof!" Helinia called back to the woman as the two walked up to their room.

"Don't you think you're over doing it a bit?" Dark Link asked as she unlocked the door to the suite.

"Nah...besides, we live in Hyrule. We'll never see them again anyway."she replied, looking back at him as he shut the door behind the two.

"True I guess.."he replied as he took a seat on the white sheeted bed, noticing that the room had only one. "I suppose I'll be sleeping on the floor tonight.."

Helinia looked back at him from the window she was currently gazing out of.

"You don't have to.."She mumbled, a faint blush upon her cheeks. He looked up at her with furrowed brows as she walked over to him slowly and stood before him.

"What are you..." Dark Link gazed at Helinia as she slowly pushed him back against the bed and straddled his hips. Her hair fell like a curtain over their faces as she leaned over so that her lips were just inches away from his.

She was quiet as she gazed into his eyes, letting her hands wander along his clothed body. He kept the eye contact as she untied his tunic and opened it, exposing his pale chiseled chest.

He bit his lip and slowly slid his hands up her rear slowly and grasp onto her hips while she leaned down and began leaving kisses and bite marks along his pale neck. HE dug his nails into her hips, tearing at the clothing that was between him and her tanned skin.

With a soft grunt, he pushed against her and rolled over so that he pinned her down against the mattress; a devilish smirk along his face.

"Sorry sweetheart..but I always take the lead." He whispered seductively. She smirked back and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

"That's fine by me.."
Dark LinkxReader-A Demon's Love Part 30
OOooh The Scandal!!!! Cant believe they doing tha nasteh!! XD

"Now go Blue Eyes! Attack that mutt directly!!"

"Eh?? Nyah!!!!!"

Joey shielded himself as Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon unleashed it's powerful finishing blow, destroying the remaining life points the blond had to keep him in the game. He wailed loudly as the force of the beast's attack sent him flying backwards and colliding against the ground. Even if the duel monsters were just holograms, their attacks always left the opponent sore and Joey never knew how a fictional beast could do it.

Kaiba smirked as Joey sat up slowly and glared at him.

"That's game, Wheeler." Kaiba says with a cross of his arms. "_____ stays with me..and you leave."

"Nyeh....I want a rematch right now!!"Joey demanded, forcing himself to his feet but Kaiba simply shook his head.

"Oh can barely stand...and the result would be the same. Now leave before I throw you off my property myself..." The tall brunette turned on his heel and made his way back inside the building where you and Mokuba awaited his return in his office.

He returned with a smug look on his face and his hands in his pockets but in return, Kaiba simply earned a scowl from you.

"Well that takes care of that little pest.."He smirked as he entered the room, quickly looking at you and returning to his usual stoic expression. "Whats with that look?"

"You could have gone a little easier on him. Calling on the Blue Eyes White Dragon was totally uncalled for."you tell him as you cross your own arms. Mokuba looked at you with wide eyes then at his older sibling who was quiet for a moment.

"Well he shouldn't have trespassed."Kaiba responded after a moment.

"Well you still didn't have to treat him like that! He was just being a good friend and was concerned!" Kaiba growled softly as your voice raised in tone at him. Just who did you think you were speaking to? Mind you, he was still your boss and was not going to allow you to talk to him this way.

Though he had to admit, while you yelling at him more than annoyed him, it also amused him.  Let be real, he was way taller than you, practically a tower. In fact, you seemed like a chihuahua barking, no, yipping, at a much larger and far more ferocious beast. Perhaps a dragon; Kaiba liked the thought of that and his smirk once again returned.

"What?  Has the mutt got himself a little Chihuahua by his side now? But wait, I'm the one giving that little chihuahua a job, therefore it would seem that I'm her master now."he says.

How dare he! You glare at him and raise your hand. You weren't anybody's pet! Mokuba gasped as you swung your hand at Kaiba's cheek. The young boy covered his eyes as he awaited the sound of a slap, however the sound never came and when he peeked out at the scene, he saw his brother holding your wrist tightly only inches away from his face.

You exchanged glares with Kaiba as he tightened his grip on your wrist.

"You idiot. Do you really think it'd be smart of you to hit the one person giving you a job? What about your mother? Without my money you wont be able to save her."He spoke coldly. You growled and snatched your wrist away.

"I'd find a away. But I wont tolerate you bullying me or my friends!"you snap.

"I should fire you right now.."he growled. Mokuba frowned and stepped up.

"_____ didn't mean it! She's just exhausted from work! She just needs sleep and then she'll be better! Don't fire her Seto!"He cried. Kaiba glanced at his brother before shifting his gaze back to you. His blue eyes narrowed before he turned on his heel and made his way to the door.

"Whatever." He walked to the door then stopped and looked back at you. "Are you coming or are you just going to stand there all night?"You growled softly before walking towards him and following him outside where a black limo awaited as well as a man with sunglasses over his eyes despite it clearly being nighttime.

The man nodded to the two of you and opened the door as you both approached. You got in first with Kaiba getting in after you and the letting the man close the door before hopping into the driver's seat.

You couldn't help but gaze in awe at the interior of the car. The seat were covered in a soft red velvet and there was much space between you and your cranky boss who sat with both his arms and legs crossed; blue eyes gazing coldly out the dark window, not like there was anything to really look at though.

He glanced over at you from time to time when you weren't looking. Sometimes he'd catch himself staring or maybe even hopelessly gazing before having to tear his gaze away.

What was it about you that made him want to stare so much and made him want to tolerate you? He talked about firing you but he wasn't quite sure if he could. Yet he couldn't grasp why and it frustrated him. You were just some stupid girl with a poor sob story and dumb friends. Heck he barely knew you and you were only working for him for a day yet there was something.

Something that made him want to keep you around even if it was just to gaze out. He couldn't figure out what it was but he knew it was something. Sure you had appealing features and didn't repulse him in any way, which was a plus but you weren't That much to look at. You definitely weren't all that and a bag of chips but you were something.

You looked over at Kaiba to find that he seemed lost in thought over something. Probably money or about a new duel disk system or whatever, rich people stuff. Though you had to admit, he looked pretty handsome when he was lost in thought. It wasn't until your gazes met did you realize that you were staring.

"What are you looking at?"he said coldly and you scoffed, turning your gaze away.

"Not you."you quickly retorted.

"Real mature."

"About as mature as a grown man playing children's card games."

"One more word and I'm kicking you out of my car while its still moving."

"Hmph, this is my stop anyway." Kaiba looked at you as the car slowly pulled up to a house and stopped. You didn't even let the man with the shades open the door before you threw it open and hopped out.

"You better to be late for work tomorrow or-"

"Or else I'm fired, I get it already."You looked back at Kaiba who was oddly smirking at you.

"You're starting to get the hang of this." You rolled your eyes yet couldn't help but smirk back as you closed the door.

"Goodnight sir."You mumbled as you watched the car speed away into the night, unaware that Kaiba was still gazing at your shrinking figure from the rearview mirror.

You sighed softly and walked into the house and to your room where you collapsed on your bed in a heap. You snuggled into the pillows, pulled up the blankets slowly drifted off into your much needed sleep...Only to be awaken just a few hours later by your school alarm which you had forgotten you had.

Your eyes snapped open and you cursed yourself.

Seto KaibaxReader-New assistant pt.4
Its been a while XD BUt I finally have my own WOrking Laptop and I can start typing again! Yay!^^

"Thank you Disguised Mistress!"

"Once again the day is saved!"

"Thanks to the Disguised Mistress!"

"She's so hot!"

"Such a beauty! I wonder what she looks like under the mask!"

"Disguised Mistress, please sign my butt!"

You sighed softly and waved to the below crowd from you perch on the defeated villain.  The townspeople of the city adored you since you were amongst the known heroes that kept them safe and you happened to get a little more attention because let's just face it, people love a girl in a tight leotard and a mask.

Though you seemed to be a goddess in their eyes, you really didn't think too much about this hero business. It was really just something to do in your free time. You would say that you're a hero for fun but you think you've heard some guy say that before about himself on the street.. You sighed softly and tuned out the crowd as you ran a hand through your (h/l) (h/c) locks.

I wonder what I'm gonna have for dinner...there's a sale going on at the supermarket today.. Maybe I'll get a pork roast.. you thought casually as you distanced yourself from the cheering public. Once you were far enough and alone, you took off your mask, changed your clothes,and made your way to the supermarket.

When you weren't wearing your hero outfit, you blended right into the crowd. It was amazing how nobody recognized you. Upon entering the market, you grabbed a basket and made your way to the meat section, eyes immediately drawn to the last pork roast.

A smirk crossed your features and you instantly lunged for it. Your hand reached out and clasped around the delectable red packaged meat securely. However, you weren't the only one to grab it. Beside your own, a stronger and bigger hand held the meat as well. Your eyes traced the hand, up its arm and to the face of the person it belonged to.

Slowly you met gazes with a pair of two blank eyes and a neutral expression.  There, standing beside you, was a man-a bald one at that- staring back at you and a blond male stood behind him. You recognized the blond from the hero association and he was no human being. He was a cyborg with a class S hero rank; Genos. Though, you didn't recognize the bald guy.

Not like you cared though. You were hungry and grabbed this roast first, it was yours for the taking. You tightened your grip on it slightly and pulled on it, never taking your eyes off the other man.

"Excuse me, but this is my roast."you stated. His grip didn't loosen.

"Excuse me, but my sensei obviously grabbed the meat first."Genos spoke up as he stepped forward, his arms beginning to glow a bright orange color.

"No, it's mine! Back off!"you snapped at him, glaring at the blond boy. He glared back and raised his glowing open pal, as if to release a missile in your direction but the bald male held up a hand to stop him.


"It's mine."he finally spoke. You growled and pulled on the meat that he refused to let go of.

"It is not! Now let go baldy!"you shout at him. Genos growled and seemed to fire up again, stepping in front of the other man.

"Nobody talks that way to my sensei.."he growled.

"Ooh, I'm so scared! You're gonna stick up for your bald lover now, astro boy?"you smirked at your witty retorts that only seemed to piss Genos off more and gain the attention of nearby bystanders. However, before Genos could say anything, his 'Sensei' pushed past him and glared.

"OI! WE ARE NOT LOVERS!!!"he bellowed.

You casually glanced to the side.

"Humph, coulda' fooled me. There's no need to be ashamed about it. It's completely legal in all fifty states in America now." You say. The two fumed.

"You're asking for trouble.."Genos growled, standing merely inches from you now. You leaned up towards him, pressing your chest against his, (e/c) orbs gazing into his back eyes.

"I'm not afraid of a machine and a wanna-be Avatar the Last Airbender."you growl. The air between the three of you was so tense that one could cut it with a knife. Whoever heard of two heroes fighting before? And over meat? It was petty sure but hey, you were hungry and really wanted that roast!

People around watched, anxiously waiting for things to start flying. However, as Genos went to speak again, a loud scream interrupted him and the three of you turned to see a gigantic monster crashing through the market and attacking innocent people. You growled and looked back at the two men.

"We'll settle this later." You spat before releasing the meat and running off down an aisle and into the restroom.

"Where is she going??"Genos wondered aloud. Saitama shrugged.

"Who cares, look, I got the meat! Woohoo!"he cheered, hugging the roast.

"Perhaps she's hiding, she's going to get herself killed in there. Sensei, please take care of the monster! I'll get everyone out of here!"Genos instructed.

"Huh?"Saitama stopped cheering and looked at his disciple with a subtle pout. Before he could object, the young cyborg had taken off in the direction of the bathroom, leaving his master alone with a rampaging beast.

Genos entered the bathroom quickly, scanning the area for any signs that you were still in there. His eyes landed quickly on movement in a stall that he instantly went to and threw open.

"Miss it isn't safe to hide here!"he shouted, but who was hiding? His eyes widened at the sight of a beautiful masked woman who rushed past him quickly but not before blowing him a kiss. He didn't even have time to analyze her and figure out who she was. He could only look back as she ran out the bathroom, leaving him with just a faint memory of briefly making eye contact with gorgeous (e/c) orbs.

Saitama walked towards the monster, grumbling under his breath as he kept his grip on the meat he had 'won'.

"Man, why do you guys always show up on days when the market has good sales?"he asked to no one in particular. Just as he reached it and raised his hand to give his signature one punch kill, he was shocked to see a masked female suddenly shoot out from behind him and lunge at the monster.

He stared blankly as she kicked the beast, repeatedly showing that her legs were a force to be reckoned with. It wasn't long before she was standing on a pile of remains  with a hand on her hip.

Genos ran over and stood behind Saitama. The two stared up at you as the by standees began to cheer.

"She's saved us again!"

"What a goddess!"

"An angel!" Saitama looked over at Genos with a questionable look.

"Eh? Genos, do you know who she is?"he asked. The blond shook his head.

"No, but from the look of it, she's pretty popular and must be a hero like us."he told his master, not taking his eyes off the girl. She looked at the two and smirked.

"Don't you worry, as long as I'm here, you will always be protected because I stand for the love and justice of this world!"she announced.

"And beauty! Don't forget that!"a bystander added.

Saitama cocked his head. Sure this new hero masked chick  was cool and mysterious but he couldn't help but get the odd feeling that he had seen her before. As he watched her laugh and pose there just was something about her.

He scratched his head with the hand he held the roast in.

"Something's meaty familiar about her..."
SaitamaxReader-Disguised Mistress pt.1
So One Punch Man might actually be like my new fav anime of all time. I love Saitama

:3 so I made this~

i dont own one punch man Also typed this on my iPad so I hope there aren't to many mistakes

Hey guys~! Yes I'm still very much alive lol though I haven't said a word in a long time it seems and that's because once again I've moved and am without a computer and will very rarely be on DA so I am So Sorry for that!! However if you're really interested in what I'm doing or just wanna be cool and check in on me, you can follow me on Instagram cuz I post there a lot~ my username is hellgirl11 I believe so follow me there~ and heta-chan on Facebook and all that~^^ so yeah lol I'm still here and doing well and I hope you all are too! Remember to stay awesome and beautiful and love yourself~ until we meet again~



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Hello~ Welcome to my page~^^ I'm Hetaliagirl101 but please call me Heta-chan~, Heta, Heli-chan, or Heli~ XD Helinia (doll) by RainOfDragon(this cutie was drawn by :iconrainofdragon:

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I love them and They're great people to watch :3

About me:I'm weird,crazy and anime obsessive sometimes. I'm in love with characters that don't exist (Lolz jk) and I will go crazy on somebody if they say anime is a cartoon, FOOLS IT IS NOT THERE'S A DAMN DIFFERENCE!! But i'm really a nice person to have as a friend.I'm kind,caring,and i will stick up for my friends,so what do you say? Wanna be my fwiend? :3I get rather lonely though sometimes so I love to talk to people a lot. I hope you all would like to get to know me as much as I would like to get to know you all :)

I love Creepypasta!! xD!! (Don't hate on me if you don't! I do!!)


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