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Toga Fakir::Sketch New Oc:: by hetaliagirl101
Toga Fakir::Sketch New Oc::
Eh so I made this new Oc up.he's suppose to have nie short bob hair but that style is really difficult XD

So..yeah..I sketched this quickly today during second block soooo thats why it's so…rushed per say XD

Also I just slapped two names I liked together and…yeah..XD

Toga©:iconhetaliagirl101: aka me~ :3
Edan winced as he was flung against the wall off the volcano he ruled. He laid there on his side for a moment, glaring up at the silver haired man before him. Cursing his very image.

"Damn you Ghirahim.."He growled. Ghirahim smirked and licked his lips greedily  at Edan.

"So I couldn't bring down your brother Calder right away but I can end you Edan..Or should I say DÍno?"he smirked.

"Go to hell!"Edan shouted, getting to his feet and raising his arms before flinging them, causing fire to erupt from the ground in which Ghirahim stood upon and hit him. Ghirahi snarled and quickly snapped his fingers, causing him to vanish and reappear behind Edan.

"Hmph, you won't give me your power..I'll take it from you in death then."he grinned before pulling out his dark sword and  plunging it through Edan's back and chest.

The boy gasped and his eyes widened as he was pushed upwards by the blade. Shortly after, blood spilled from his mouth and onto the ground. At that moment, Ghirahim's smirk disappeared as he heard the approach of footsteps, followed by the large door of the room the two resided in being thrown open.

"Looks like we have company.."

You and Link shoved the door open and ran instead, looking for Edan. However; the sight you were greeted with shocked you and Link. There in the center of the room was Edan, skewered on Ghirahim's sword. Link gasped and withdrew his own sword, pushing you behind him.

"You're too late.."Ghirahim sneered as he pulled his sword from Edan's back quickly, letting the male fall to the floor.

"You bastard!!"Link yelled, charging at him. Ghirahim grinned as their swords clashed together. Link grunted and clenched his teeth as he looked into the dark evil eyes of Ghirahim.

"Oh, have I angered you? Did you two have plans with Edan? For shame. Had I known, I never would have killed him so quickly."Ghirahim laughs.

"Shut up..I'll kill you and send you back to hell demon!"Link shouted, pushing against Ghirahim's blade.

"Tsk tsk. While I would love to stick around and chat, I have some important matters to attend to. But don't worry, we shall have our fight, just keep yourself alive til then."Another snap of his fingers and Ghirahim had vanished, letting Link stumble forward.

"Dammit.."Link growled and turned to see you cradling Edan in your arms. The boy winced and looked up at you and Link.

"W-who..are you?"he asks.

"I'm ________."you reply. "And he's Link. We were sent by your brother.." Edan's red eyes widened slightly.

"I you're the ones..he..told me..about.." he said. Edan spoke softly and gently. You expected him to have a hot heated attitude like Nicolei said but then again…he was stated by Ghirahim and looked as if he were about to die.

"That's right.."Link responded. "We came for a stone." Edan glanced at Link and smirked.

"You mean my precious Goron's Ruby?  Tch, you're gonna have to prove yourself worthy first..I won't hand that stone over…to just..ngn…any body.."he says.

"We don't have time for this!"Link growled.

"Link…"You look up at him and frown, causing him to look away. You then look down at Edan. "What must we do?"

"You must…return to the sky…and..retrieve..the one that prays..Only then…will I..give you the stone and live. But you must hurry..I have but 24 hours left within me.."he says.

"The one that prays?"you question. Link gasped.

"That's Zelda! Quickly ______! We must go!"he says.

"But what about Edan??"

"I'll be fine..dont worry..just hurry..bring me the one that prays.."Edan says. Link pulls you up quickly and bows to Edan.

"We won't fail you. Come on _______. Let's hurry." With that, Link turns on his heel and exit the room with you trailing behind him. Zelda? Why would he need her? Just who is she anyway?

Could she be that girl Link mentioned? The beautiful one with blonde hair? You sighed and followed Link until he stopped at a statue of a bird. He looked over at you and pulled you close, causing you to blush.

"Hold onto me. We're going to the sky ______."he says. You gasp.

"What? So soon? Now?" Link nods and places his hand against the statue.

"Brace yourself." As he closed his baby blue eyes, the statue suddenly illuminated in color and a gust of wind was lifting you into the sky. You yelped and held onto Link's torso as tight as you could, as well as looking down, watching the ground grow further and further away. You couldn't help but smile as you then looked up and pass through the white clouds into the heavens.

However, as you ascended into the sky, Nicolei and Thorn watched from the base of the Volcano, Their golden eyes were wide in shock and in anger. Where were you going? Was he kidnapping you? Would they ever see you again?

"________!!!!"Nicolei screamed at the top of his lungs. As the little echo reached your ears, as well as Link's, you both glanced in that direction, seeing the white haired boy watching next to his dark haired brother with fire in his eyes.

You knew he was not gonna be happen when you came back.

However, you focused more on the sky. You smiled when you felt the warmth of the sun against your (s/c) colored cheek. It was so bright and pleasant, unlike anything beneath the clouds. You looked up at Link but quickly looked down and screamed when you felt the gust beneath the two of you drop and you were now falling back towards the clouds.

Link placed an arm around your shoulder and smirked as he placed two fingers of his free hand into his mouth. He blowhard, causing a whistle to blow from his lips. In an instant, you heard the cry of an unknown animal, followed by the feeling of you falling against something. Sitting up, you found yourself riding on the back of a beautiful and large crimson bird.

"Ah! Oh wow!"you gasped, still clinging to Link for safety. He smiled and grasped the reigns of his bird, pulling them to make it soar higher. "Link this is incredible!"

"'s beautiful up here."he says. You look up at him and blush. You didn't notice before how handsome and heroic Link looked. His blue eyes were focused, the way the wind blew through his dirty blond locks, how his strong arms held you gently yet firmly. He was truly amazing.

You look away and down at a hazed town, hovering in the sky. Could that be sky loft? The floating Haven in the sky. You felt your stomach do backflips at just the thought. Though, while you were happy, Link was dreading his return to Skyloft.

How has it been since he disappeared? He was dreading to find out. would she react to all this and everyone.. He sighed. He didn't have a choice though. He had to go back. No matter how much he hated it. Link flew the bird over the town and grabbed onto your waist before jumping off with you.

Almost immediately, he was spotted and called to.

"Link! Oh great hero! You have returned to us!"

"Somebody fetch Zelda! Our savior has returned!" Link growled at all the praises and attention. He hated that nothing had changed since he left. You looked up at him, noticing his discomfort.

"Somebody fetch Zelda! The hero has brought a land walker with him!"

Huh? A Land walker? What did that mean? Link growled and took you by the hand.

"Come on..lets hurry up and get out of  here."he says, pulling you along. You nod and follow after him. Why was Link so irritable here? Did this praise really bother him that much?

Link pulled you up tall stairs and to at the statue of an angel at the very peek of Skyloft. Slowly, he pulled you inside but stopped at the sound of praying from a familiar girl. You peek over his shoulder to see a girl with golden hair playing a harp and praying softly. Was this the girl Link mentioned earlier? Was this Zelda?

She stopped slowly and sighed.

"You scared me when you disappear like that you know…I thought something terrible had happened to you." She spoke softly and gently. Link glanced to the side.

"I just…took a break is all…but listen-"

"You just took a break? Without telling anybody where you went! We were all worried sick about you Link!"The girl shouted, turning back to face Link with angry eyes. "We were worried that our hero..-"

"Hero? Tch..dont even say such.. You only missed me because I was a hero! Not because I'm Link! You're just like the rest Zelda!  You don't give a damn about anything but status!"Link shouted. You were surprised. Link had never lost his temper so easily a way you could understand. He was no longer himself here. He was only looked at as a protection force.

"Link thats not true!!"Zelda shouted  back but Link wasn't hearing it. He shook his head and turned away , storming out to only he knows where. Zelda sighed and looked over at you.

"Whom might you be?"she asks.

"I-I'm ______. I come from the woods below."you answer.

"I see…a Landwalker..Why have you come here?"

"For you actually! We don't have time for you and Link to argue! The great guardian of the Earth Edan, needs you, the praying one! He'll die and we'll never get the stone to stop Ghirahim!"you tell her. Zelda's eyes widen and she froze.

"G-Ghirahim..he's been resurrected?"she asks. You nod.

" please. I'm begging you. Help me save the land! My brothers are down there!"You plead, bowing your head to her. Zelda looked at you then away.

"Of course I'll help you seal him away once more."She says. You sigh in relief.

"Thank you Miss…"you say. Zelda looked at you then started her stride out past.

Besides..I won't let a land walker like you come between Link and I anyway.
The Fallen pt.12

Well I must cut it here.


You and Link walked side by side towards the volcano that was still in your sights. Along the way, Link had told you about the Fi, the mysterious woman in which he had seen frequently in his dreams and the one who helped him regain his memories. You also told him about Saria and how you were her reincarnation and Kokiri forest.

"Then I just…woke up and you were leaning over me.."You tell him.

"I see…It's been a strange day hasn't it _______?"he asked. You nod.

" be honest..I'm having a lot of fun."You say with a tiny small. Link looked at you curiously.


"Yeah. I mean sure it wasn't fun getting struck by lightning or falling into a 20 foot ditch, but being with you and this adventure..having something to do and a's very fun to me Link." You look over at him, a tiny blush across the bridge of your nose. Link smiled and nodded.

"Same..Sitting in Skyloft was no fun. I didn't realize it til afterwards how much fun I truly had adventuring and fighting monsters. It's like I was born to do it."he explains. You nod, understanding. It was true. You had never felt so alive until your life was truly at risk. It was an exciting thrill that rushed through your blood.

However, as you and Link continued to walk and chat, you were unaware at the sudden change in temperature and the once grassy plain was now solid  red clay Earth and rocks beneath your feet.

"'s really hot all of a sudden.."you say. Link nodded.

"We're getting closer to the volcano. Keep on your guard-ngn!"As Link spoke, he suddenly clutched  his head and fell to his knees. You gasp in worry and lean down beside  him. Link clenched his teeth and looked around, specifically up at the large volcano before you that was no longer hazy and prominent in sight.

While he had regained his memories of whom he was and what he had done, the places he had indeed ventured to were still but blurred memories. But as Link gazed upon the volcano, he felt his head ache as his brain began pulling an old lost memory from the back of his mind.

A volcano. Heat. Red. Tight underground spaces and lava everywhere. The aching pain of climbing this volcano to the very top. But what was at the top….?

"Link, are you alright?"you ask. Link glanced up at you and nodded as he stood.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Shall we go?"he asks.  You nod but keep your worried expression. Noticing it, Link smiled and placed a hand on the top of your head. "Don't worry about me _____. I'm okay, honest."

You stare up at the boy for some time before sighing and pushing his hand away.

"Alright. If you say so. Lets go." With a turn on your heel, you and Link make your way towards the volcano.It took nearly an hour to get to just the base of the volcano. The two of you stare up at the volcano and then back at each other.

"How are we gonna climb that?"you ask. Link looked around for a way. As he looked, the sudden pain in his head pounded, causing him to wince but he knew it was leading him in a certain path for every time he looked in that direction, he would see a shadow of himself running away, as if he were leading himself.

"That way."Link says, pointing to a path. You weren't sure how Link knew but you guessed maybe it was his memory coming back to him. Either way, you couldn't argue with him and standing around in one spot was getting you nowhere. You simply nod and follow the hero up the path.

You had to hop across rocks to get over lava and stop every so often to make sure the two of you didn't get over heated. In thirty minutes the two of you were halfway up the mountain and stopping for another break.

"How much further?"you ask.

"Shouldn't be long now. Are you okay?"Link asks. You nod and look up at him.

"Are you okay? You're the one who keeps nearly passing out. I'm worried about you Link."you tell him.

"I told you I'm fine ______."Link replies. "It's time we start..-" Link was interrupted by the rumbling of the mountain. You both gasp and look at each other frantically.

"The volcano is erupting!"you shout.

"But how? It's been inactive for years!"Link says back. You shrug and point to the top of the volcano where you see lava spurting up from the summit of the mountain. It didn't take long before it was rushing down the side of the mountain straight towards you and Link.

"Link..what do we do?!"you ask, looking over at him. Link looked at you, then at the lava, then back to you. In an instant, he was grabbing you and pulling back down the mountain. Now it was a race against time. Your heart was racing and your mind was jumbled as Link pulled you along.

He too was panicked. Sweat beaded his forehead and his eyes were focused intently on the path before him. He never looked back, only forward.  As the two of you ran, the lava was catching up. You could feel it's heat scorn your backs. It was impossible for the two of you to make it down alive now.

However, maybe you didn't have to make it down for you saw a ledge, protruding against the mountainside. It was high enough for you and Link to get away from the lava but not high enough for it to rise onto it.

"There!"You yell, pulling Link to the ledge. The two of you scurried up and stood as far as you could from the red lava, watching it flow past you. But how were you two gonna get up there now? With the lava flowing down the mountain, it was impossible for you to climb it.

Link panted and placed a hand on your shoulder.

"Are you okay?"he asks. You nod.

"" you ask back. He nods. You smile but then frown. "How are we gonna get down  now? It's takes thousands of years for lava to cool..we're trapped."

Link looked around. "No..there's gotta be someway..We just need to think.."

"Oh stop it Link!! Look around!! We're trapped!! There is no way up!"You shout at him angrily. Link's eyes widen slightly and he looks away from you. Instantly you feel bad for yelling at him but really..there was no way to get up or down this mountain. You were gonna die here. It was only a matter of time.

You sigh and sit down, cradling your knees. Link did the same, only with his back to you. If only there was a way you could help. So far, Link has been doing most of the work, you've just been tagging along for the ride. He really didn't need you that much anyway. You look down and tense up.

If only..if only there were some way!  Link looked down, growing as well. Yes..if only there were some way he could get the two of you out of this. But how?

He stood slowly and looked at the lava closely. His eyes widen slowly as he noticed several rocks peeking out from the lava. They looked as if they had been untouched by the thick burning substance and they led right up to the peek of the volcano where you and him needed to go.

"_______! _______ look! I found a way to get up there!"he says, pulling you up.

"What is it Link?"You ask as he pulls you to your feet. Link takes your hand and points to the peeking rocks.

"There. We can hop from one to the next and get up! We're not dead yet!"he cheered. You were happy that the two of you weren't certainly gonna die here but you couldn't help but frown. Link had saved you two yet again. All you did was yell at him and give up before trying.

"Come on!"Link took you by the hand and led you up each of the rocks carefully. However, as expected the rocks were barely stable. They would crumble at the touch of your steps, causing the two of you to be extra careful.

But, sometimes careful isn't enough, for you slipped and your foot grazed just the top of the scorching lava, burning it. You wailed in pain  and fell to your knees on the crumbling Earth. Hearing your cry, Link looked back at you and gasped.

"_______! Get up! It's not safe!!"he shouted. But you could not move, for you were in too much pain and the rocks were crumbling into the lava fast.

Quickly and courageously, Link leaped back over to you, picked you up and began to hop along the rocks up the mountain. He slipped  and stumbled due to the rolling stones beneath his feet, but refused to stop.

Almost there…Almost there!! He screamed in his head. One more rock until he was at the top. One more. But alas, fate was not on the heroes side and just as his fingertips brushed the surface of the ledge, rocks crumbled and he was flung back and you were pulled from his arms. Both of you hurdled down the mountain, straight towards the pool of lava that awaited at the bottom.

You screamed as the two of you fell. Link tried to reach out to grab you, but the force of the wind kept you apart.

"_______!"he yelled for you, reaching out.

"Link!!"you yelled back, reaching for him as well.

"Use the sapphire!! Quickly!!"he told you. Wait..that's it. The Zora's sapphire. It teleported you and Link before, so why not now? Quickly, you reached into your satchel and pulled out the sparkling gem. However, the force from the air rushing past you, knocked it out of your hands.

There it fell, between you and Link, just out of both your reaches. The two of you reached for it, both begging that somehow..someway, your finger would clasp it and you would be saved from a burning death.

Calder please..if you can hear me..Help us! You cried. Link grunted as he stretched his body as far as it would go, reaching for the  gem. You did the same and closed your eyes tightly.

In an instant, you and Link had grasped teach side of the gem, causing it to glow and encase the two of you in a blue prism like before. In an instant, the blinding light covered the two of you, and you were waking up at the top of the moment, both still clutching the faded gem.

"W-we're alive?"You whimpered. Link nodded and let out a sigh of relief.

"Yeah.."he breathed. The two of you sat up and looked at one another.

"Link I…I'm sorry for before…What I said..I just..-"Tears formed in your eyes as you apologized. How could you have been so mean to him?  Link smiled gently and pulled you into his arms, placing a hand on your head and you, burying your face in his chest.

"Don't cry _______. It's okay. I was scared too.."he said softly.

You muffled your cries in Link's chest, surprised that he too was trembling. Yes, though Link may be an amazing hero, he's still human. You mustn't forget that. The two of you stayed there in each other's trembling arms. You knew you didn't have ugh time to waist but for now..all you could do was stay there..and tremble together.
The Fallen pt.11
GOD IT'S BEEN FOREVER BUT I COULD NOT THINK OF HOW TO PROGRESS!!!  LIKE OMG WORSE CASE OF WRITER'S BLOCK EVER!!! Even this chapter is a bit iffy but eh, got the wheels turning again at least yay!! Now..Time to bring in Edan!!

The next morning Fakir found himself stirring awake from his perch against the windowsill. He had vowed to watch over you that night in case Mytho tried to strike again while you were most vulnerable. However, to his surprise; you were gone. He gassed and straightened himself quickly as he looked around the room.

"________? Where are you?!"he called. Receiving no answer, he growled and stormed down the stairs. She's gone again. Dammit.  Is this Mytho's doing or is it……No. _______ wouldn't simply go to Mytho of her own free will. He pulled the door open, upon reaching it and stepped outside. The chilling morning air chilled his shoulders and the morning dew from the roof's edge above him dripped down, splashing against the tip of his sun kissed nose. He wiped the liquid away quickly and began his descent into the woods. ______…where have you gone off to now?

Meanwhile, as Fakir searched for you, you were making no efforts to find him. In fact, you were in a slight altercation yourself with none other than Krahea. Though you had your back to her, you could feel her cold stare on you. Your gaze was focused on the town below. The two of you, like actually crows themselves, had perched yourself upon the highest roof in the said town to avoid being spotted.

"So…you and Mytho…marrying huh?"She says, a coldness coating her words.

"If that is his wish I suppose…"you say back, never casting a glance his way. Krahea narrowed her eyes and bit the corner of her mouth slightly. A faint wind blew through your hair as the silence fell but only briefly.

"I see….Mytho is my prince _______. Lets get that clear…I will not sit back and let you come between me and my Prince of the crows."She growled. You scoffed and glanced over your shoulder at her.

"Really? Do you intend on killing me and giving my heart to your crow father if I don't?"You ask, standing and facing her. "But how will Mytho feel about that? It's strange..the more you force your love onto him..the easier he comes to me…"You sneer with a smirk.

Krahea took a step back and clenched her fists. "He doesn't…love you. The prince is to love only me! Father said..-"

"Krahea…what are you doing?" The raven princess froze at the sound of her 'lover's' cold voice behind her. She didn't dare move, or even turn to look at him.

"M-Mytho I was…"

"Were you trying to intimidate ________? Tsk tsp Krahea…that is not very polite." Mytho says, walking to her side and turning her to face him. "But I couldn't over hear you telling _________ that I was destined to marry you and love only you." Krahea glanced to the side.

"Father said…'re suppose to..-!"Without finishing her sentence, Krahea pulled from Mytho's grasp and disappeared in her swarm of black birds. Mytho's cold magenta eyes, remained focused on on her til the last feather she dropped. Once she had vanished completely, he turned and threw you a smirk though you stood there with a cold expression on your own face.

"I do apologize for her ________. I guess she's not completely thrilled about our engagement."He chuckled darkly as he walked over and stood beside you, glancing down at the town below. You glanced to the side, down at the town as well.

"Don't get the wrong idea Mytho…I'm only going through with this because of our deal. I find you a heart and marry you in exchange you don't come after Fakir."You scowl. Mytho cut his eyes at you and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose slightly.

"Yes that's right…______. Must you be such a downer?"he asks, reaching out and taking ahold of your hands gently, pulling your towards him. "After's not polite to talk about a previous love in front of your future husband. It…hurts me." You clench your teeth at the title Mytho has given himself. Future husband? Now that's the joke..

"Now then…."Mytho pulled you close and snapped his fingers. In an instant the two of you were in a dark ballroom with a single light illuminating the two of you. Mytho grinned maliciously as crows flocked, some turning into crow dancers surrounding you and the rest turning into the black silk gown and coal black toe shoes that adorned your feet. Mytho was also wearing his dark Prince of the Crow outfit. "Shall we true crow princess?"he asked, taking hold of your hand gently.

You held back a growl and looked up at him, letting him lead the dance himself. Letting him lead your body with his own while your mind drifted back to Fakir. What was he doing? Was he searching for you? If so, will he ever find you? Would a good thing too?

What if Fakir did come? What would Mytho do? Would he..hurt him? What would happen to your knight when he's found you dancing with the prince of darkness?

You didn't know and honestly didn't want to find out. However, your thoughts of the knight were interrupted when you felt Mytho's grip on your hand tighten, causing you to wince. You looked up at him hesitantly only to find him gazing back and his dancing halted.

"_____, we cannot waste any more time…we need to find a heart to feed to that foolish raven.."Mytho says softly as he slinked a hand around your waist, pulling yours against his tightly. You glanced to the side.

"I'll get it..just wait…."you tell him softly. However, Mytho didn't seem to be buying into it. He tilted your head gently so that the two of you were staring into each other's eyes once more.

"I think I'll accompany you from now on ______. Yes, I can't trust you to be on your own, especially with that foolish knight running around…"he says softly, smirking deviously.

"I can do it on my own."You growl, pulling out of his arms and turning your back to him. Mytho let out a laugh. A hearty, evil laugh, causing you to look back at him to see if he had gone mad. He clutched his stomach and hunched slightly as the chuckles escaped his breast.

"You? Be on your own? Have you forgotten that you have yet to even snag a heart? You couldn't even get Fakir's heart without getting sentimental."he laughed. You glared.

"You haven't caught a heart either. Don't walk around here acting like you're mr high and mighty!"You snap at him. Mytho's laughter ceased quickly and he glared back, standing straight once more.

"I will get a heart by the end of tonight…"he growled. "Don't think I won't. Just keep the foolish knight and that wretched excuse for a dancer away. Understand?"

"Whatever you say my king of crows."you snarl, rolling your eyes. Mytho smirked again and clutched your chin tightly, forcing you to look up at him.

"How you tease me ______."he breathed, leaning his face close to yours. His pale fingers twirling in your (h/l) (h/c) hair. "Your heart can go from warm to cold in an instant.. It flickers like a flame but can roar like a wildfire. Such a heart…would fill the raven's hunger for sure..Or maybe..It'd be more fun to shatter it and make you like a doll. Yet…though all these fantasies flow through my mind, what I crave most is for you to keep it so I can watch it flicker and dance more. It makes me wish that I too could have a flame for a heart." Mytho placed a hand on your cheek and pressed his against yours.

You bite your lip and pull back from him. "I'll keep them out of the way..just get the heart…and don't screw up Mytho."you say before suddenly disappearing in your own swarm of dark feathers. Mytho smirked as he watched you disappear before his eyes.

"Oh sweet _______. Yes how you tease me. I desire your love, your much it hurts…"He growled as he clutched his fists tightly. "And once I kill Fakir and take his heart tonight, it shall be mine for the taking…"

You sighed as you reappeared on the bridge in town, staring down at your own reflection. Your clothes were still black as Mytho had made them to be.  You looked like a dark raven, no. The crow princess Mytho desired. The crow princess you had to be to protect Fakir.  but yet this girl, dressed in black..was not somebody you knew. Like a swan dyed in black, trapped by the darkness. That is what you truly were. A swan trapped in crow's feathers.

A lone tear rolled down your cheek and dripped down into the stream below. One by one more and ore tears fell until your cheeks were soaked in salty tears and you were crying into your palms. You didn't want to be Mytho's crows princess. You didn't want Mytho to be such a dark man. You wished it could go back to the way things were when he was a dummy. No feelings and no evil intentions.

What was taking tutu so damn long to heal his heart? Had she given up? Was Mytho going to stay the way he was forever? Were you really gonna be forced to marry this dark evil man you no longer knew. As you sobbed, you were unaware of the knight that was wandering in such of his princess who had become lost in the darkness.

Fakir frowned as he looked for you. Oh _____, where have you gone off to? Can I really not find you? Fakir's thought swirled in his mind as he searched. Worry, dread, and anxiousness flooded his heart, compressing inside his chest. He wanted to find you desperately. Why did you keep disappearing? Was it the raven's blood? Could he truly not do anything for you?

He shook his head. No. He was a knight. Your knight. He will protect you from anything. But alas, he couldn't protect what he could not find and he was slowly losing hope. However, just as hope was leaving his proud spirit, the sound of sobbing gained his attention.

Fakir looked over and gasped slightly at the familiar sight of a girl dressed in a black silk dress and toe shoes to match, sitting with her back against the bridge rail. Her face was buried in her hands and she was weeping like a sorrowful swan.

"______!"Fakir called as he ran over as quickly as he could. The sound of his voice made you jump and tense as you looked up at him. Your knight. and wipe your eyes.

"F-Fakir…"You tried to stammer out words to tell him what had happened but yet you could not bring yourself to do it. You  hated the small fact that he was seeing you like this. Dyed in black.

"______, where have you been? I've been searching for you all day…"Fakir said as he leaned forward to help you up. He examined your clothes and grimaced.  "What are you wearing? Did Mytho do this? Talk to me." Fakir pressed a hand on your cheek, pulling back quickly when he felt your trembling form in his grasp. But why? Why were you so afraid? "____ please…tell me..what do you fear?"

You look up at Fakir then step back as you point to a dark figure behind him that stood on the rail of the stone bridge. It's figure was dark but glossy white hair gleamed in the moonlight and magenta eyes glowing in the darkness.

FakirxReader-A knight and his maiden!Pt 16
Sorry took longer than I wanted to finish XD! Here's the finished part!! Enjoy!


Okay whelp I got tagged again!!! XD This one to do top ten creepyPastas! Normally, I would do top 10 favs BUT Since I don't think I have 10 favorites..Imma do WHICH ONES SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!! Ordering from least scary to HOLY SHIT!!! GET ON THE TRAIN TO NOPE VILLE!



10. My number ten would have to be Sonic. Exe. Now I'll admit he was very cool and creepy but to me..was not 'Scary' XD. He was more creepy and well that was strange.. but not completely like holy fuck!!! I can't sleep!! 0.0/ Though he did make my sister fall out of her chair when I showed it to her XD

Number 9!!!

9. Okay So this one must be…BEN DROWNED. BEN, I LOBE YOu, YOU ARE MY FAV But when it comes down to whether you're scary or not..I have to say..nah~ One. I can't be scared of Anything LOZ Because Come on! IT'S TOO AWESOME OF A GAME AND when I saw that there was a creepypasta I just..well lets say I now know that my parents won't hesitate to lock me away if I get very giddy at a computer meme. ._.

8. Okay so 8 is probably…..The pokemon one with Red or Gold being dead. I can't remember at the moment but I'm sure you all know which I'm talking about. Now, don't get me wrong it was very creepy buuuuuut… Sonic..Not as much scary XD. Though I was hesitant about pokemon games from then on soo… ._…

7. Okay my 7 is most likely gonna beeeeeeee….Lavender Town syndrome. Now I know what you're thinking. HETA-CHAN YOU BABY! WHY IS A SONG SCARIER THEN GOLD DYING???!! And to that I say.. SIT YO ASS DOWN AND LET ME EXPLAIN!! Explanation….it just is.I dunno why but the song gives me chills but yet its a highly addicting song.

6. Okay so 6 is….dont hate me..Jeff the Killer.  Heheheh okay so come on…Jeff the killer? Scary? Eh he's creepy I will give him that..I mean dat face? Yikes!!! I would NOT want to wake up and see him staring at me!  But then we get down to his story and well….lets face it. It's more gruesome than it is scary~ But thats another reason why I like him

5. Okay now we get to 5! And this one Oh man..He really gave me chills when I first viewed him and this guy is the big guy known as laughing Jack by Snuffbomb. Now, Laughing Jack? He's a true creative guy. Like..damn. Good job. Very original, no breaking off from another existing Cp. Good. However, although (IN MY OPINION) His story was just gruesome. It made me sad in a way too but nonetheless and good horror story~-w-.

4.! Okay so here at four we have Squidward's Suicide. Now this one was just flat out chilling because..well come on! It's Squirward killing himself!! From Spongebob!! That kid show. It's nothing we intended to see though I'm sure we were always waiting for when Squidward would do that because he's just so miserable XD

3. Hypno's lullaby. Very Creepy. XD Plus..I just flat out don't like that Pokemon!! He's creepy!! XD

2. This slot goes to the Russian sleep experiment! My god. Talk about weird and creepy..Not much to say..

1. And last but not least…THE RAKE!!. OMG. THAT GUY SCARES THE SHIT OUTTA ME!! JUST THE THOUGHT MAKES ME FREAKED OUT! I don't like it. I don't like him just..*table flips then hides under it* XD

Of course there are many more that I just say Nope nope to but you know. DOnt have time to list them all but hey! Why don't you tell me what you think and Hey? WHat CreepyPastas scare/creep you out the most? I'd love to see! Anyway, see ya guys..I got a place to be so Ciao~

I was Tagged By :iconlunarspawnserenata:

And I tag everyone who wants to do it~

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