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"Hit it there Yami!!"


"No there!!"

"I'm trying!!"

"Yami hurry!"

Game Over. You Lose!!

Yami sighed and slumped his shoulders as the big red letters popped up on the gaming screen. He had been playing these arcade games with you for about an hour and still hadn't won a single game. He pouted and shook his fists at the screen.

"Oh you stupid children's game! If this were Duel monsters I would have won for sure!!"he scowled. You giggled at his rage quit and lai a hand on his shoulder.

"Yami relax. It's just a rigged arcade game. Nobody wins."you tell him. The male looked over at you and nodded.

"I suppose you are right ______. What do you wish to play now?"he asks you.

"Hmm.."you bit your lip as you thought. At this moment, Yugi whispered to Yami:

"Hey..why don't you try the claw machine? Girls like it when guys win them prizes!"he grinned.

"Oh?"Yami replied to the supposed love expert. Yugi nodded.

"Yep! Go on!"

"If you say so..."Yami groaned softly before tapping your shoulder.

"Hey ______. Why don't we try the claw machine?"he asks you, pointing to said game. You look over at it before throwing him a smirk.

"Sure, if you think you can beat that money trap. Go ahead."

"Money trap? Surely this little machine cannot be that difficult to master."he said with his smirk before walking over and inserting his money.

Several claw Machine fails later..

"Come on!! How can this claw be so tricky!!! This game should be outlawed!!"Yami shouted, banging his hand against the glass of the machine. His outburst was gaining several stares and you were trying your best to pry him away from the game.

"Yami come on! Forget about that stupid game! Lets go get something to eat!" Yami reluctantly let go of the machine and looked at you.

"Maybe you're right...Perhaps I cannot beat this game because I grow weak of hunger."he says with a smile. You nod and quickly lead the man away from the machine and towards the food court. Your stomach growled loudly as the two of you stood in line and you giggled.

"Im soooooo hungry!"you giggled. Yami nodded.

"Me too..I didn't realize how hungry playing games made me.."he agrees, rubbing his stomach.

"Well thats just the price of having fun and a good time."You exclaim. "Oh it's our turn to order!"

"Remember Yami, it's always polite for the man to pay for the lady's meal on a date."Yugi whispered in the Pharaoh's ear. Yami nodded and smiled at you as he took out his wallet.

"I'll pay _____."he tells you. You return the smile but take out your own money.

"Aww..that's so sweet Yami....but you spent all your cash on the claw machine remember?"you smirk. His eyes widened as Yami stared down into his empty wallet. He groaned and slumped his shoulders once more as he watched you pay for </i>his</i> meal as well as yours.

"Yuri this date isn't going well I fear..I'm messing up at everything...______'s never gonna go out with me again.."he mumbled.

"Uh...Hey! I got an idea of what could turn this date around! Gimme control of my body real quick!"

"Uh..a-as you wish.." Yami withdrew his spirit from Yugi's body and returned to the millennium puzzle. While you were busy ordering the food, the small boy quickly ran to the nearest phone and dialed a number. He made sure to suppress Yami's spirit who was probing at his mind to find out what he was doing.

"Alright..thanks. I owe ya one!"Yugi said before hanging up the phone. He wore a triumphant grin as if he had seized victory of a battle. "Alright Yami, take it from here."

"A-alright.."Yami quickly regained control of Yugi's body and walked over to you, though his mind wandered to Yugi in curiostiy of what the boy had done. Yugi.. who did you call?

"Don't worry about it Yami. Just a friend who can help..I'll tell you what to do when he gets here! Oh! ______'s talking to you! Respond quickly!!

"Don't you think Yami?"You ask, looking over at him. Yami blinked at you.

"Banana."He replied. Your brow quirked.


"Uh..I mean..hey look our food is ready! I'll carry the tray to the table." Yami quickly lifted the tray of food from the counter and followed you as you led him to a table. He seemed spacey all of a sudden. He glanced away while the two of you sat and ate.

Wonder what he's thinking... You thought.

Banana?!! Who the heck replies to a question with the statement banana!? Of all things to blurt out..that's the first thing that comes to mind...a long yellow fruit that some people use to...I don't even wanna think about it...ugh..So stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

"Yami...Hey Yami...YAMI!!!"

"I CRIED WHILE WATCHING TITANIC, I ADMIT IT OKA-" Yami blurted but quickly caught himself. You were staring at him as if he was a weirdo and he blushed out of embarrassment. "I'm sorry..."he mumbled, sipping his soda.

You giggled.

" know you're really-"

"Ey! Is that the little twerp I spot over there?" a loud, husky voice called. The two of you looked over as a man with blond hair, covered by an american flag printed bandana walked over. His eyes were concealed by his shades and his smirk was wide above his furry chin.

"B-Bandit Keith?"Yami spat. The man nodded and stood by the table.

"In the flesh baby..When I saw you enter the arcade with this...smoking hot babe..I just had to see it for myself...! Let me guess..the two of you are on a date!"he grinned. You glared at him.

"Yeah, and you're ruining it! Now get lost!"You snap, standing up. Bandit Keith turned to you and folded his arms.

"My my..what spunk. Hey darling, what's a hottie like you doing with this loser?"he asks. You scoff.

"Oh? The same loser who's kicked your sorry butt!" He growled.

"Hey!! I was under the mind control of Marik!! That didn't count!!"

"Tch, whatever. You still lost..Loser."You cross your arms and look over at Yami who stood up.

"Bandit Keith...It would be wise if you left the two of us alone or suffer defeat here in front of all these people."he said. Bandit Keith growled.

" two losers are perfect for each other anyway.."he spat before walking off but not before slapping Yami's drink and making it spill all over him. You gasped and glared, yelling at him as he ran while Yami simply began wiping up the mess.

You sighed as you helped him.

" don't have to take that! We should go after him and kick his butt!!"you say but he only shook his head.

"No _______. It's best not to stoop to his level for he will get what is coming to him in the future."He says, smiling gently at you. You pouted.

"But Yami-"

"Ey Homie..Lemme borrow a french fry.." You looked over and grimaced as a large man with a nasty look on his face stood at the table, glaring at Yami. Yami looked up at him and held up a french fry.

"Sure."He held it up to the man but you quickly slap it away.

"No! Yami don't do what he says!! Tell this fatass to go buy his own damn french fries!! And how the hell do you borrow a french fry?? You gonna give it back tubby?!"You bark, glaring at the man. He growled at you.

"______'s only a french fry-"

"It's Your french fry Yami!! Don't let him bully you into handing it over!!"

Yami frowned at you.

"But ______-"

"______ is right Yami.."Yugi quickly cut in. "Girls don't like men who don't stand up for themselves! You should teach him a lesson!!"the boy grinned.

"Teach him a lesson? You mean duel him..?"Yami asked. Yugi shook his head.

"No! I mean fight...Ah! I know! You should punch him in the face!"

"Punch him in the face?! Yugi he's like ten feet tall! I can't punch him in the face!"

"Punch him in the face Yami!!!"


"Do it!!!"


"Yami!! Punch him in the face!!!!!"


You looked over at Yami as he stood in front of you, raising his fists.

"It's my french fry..."he mumbled before raising his fists....and Punching the man in the face...Only what seemed like a punch to him..was merely a petty slap..

The last thing Yami remembered was you gasping before everything going black.

"When he came to again, he was laying on a bench with his head on your lap and an ice pack on his right eye. He groaned as he sat up.

"What happened....?"he mumbled.

"You 'punched' a guy in the face..."You tell him with a shrug. "Then he punched you and you got knocked got knocked out."

"So I lost..?"

"You lost...miserably.." Yami sighed and held the ice pack over his eye as he looked over at you.

"Im sorry ______..You must think of me as a fool...Everything went wrong today when it was suppose to be perfect."he sighs sadly. "I understand if you never want to go on another date with me again..." You stare at him then shake your head.

"Yami...while you were out, Yugi regained control of his body and told me everything..He told me how he was telling you things to do and say in hopes that you would impress me. He even hired Bandit Keith to pick on you a bit.."

"Did he hire the other guy too?"

"No. That was just some guy looking for a french fry.."

"Oh..."Yami looked away from you and down at his feet. You scooted closer to him and grabbed his hand.

"Yami...the idea of you having Yugi tell you things to impress honestly..hysterical...but unnecessary.."you tell him.

"But I wanted the date to be perfect and for you to like me and have a good time.."he sighs.

"I did have a good time. I had a blast just hanging out with you. The most fun I've had in a very long time." Yami looks over at you quickly just as you lay a kiss on his cheek. "But please..just be yourself on our next date..okay?"

He blinked a couple times before nodding.

"Y-Yeah..will do.."

" time a guy comes around asking for a french fry..let's just give it to him.."


And so, you and Yami had an amazing date, despite Yugi giving him all the wrong advice...or maybe it wasn't all bad.. No matter, he was right about one thing. This date was totally..SuperSpecialAwesome.

Extended Ending~~~~

Téa highfived you as you met her at your home.

"Nice date _____."she smirked. You grinned as you took out the earpiece you had been hiding in your ear and tossed it.

"All thanks to you my friend. I would have never known how to be so cute and react to Yugi's crazy advice to Yami without your help and you telling me what I needed to say.

"Hey..Girls gotta look out for each other!" Téa giggled. You nod.

"Yeah..lets not tell Yami or Yugi about this either. I'm trying to practice what I preach!"
Yami YugixReader-Freaky First Date?p.t2
Im so tirrrrreeeeeeed. But hope you guys enjoy this crap I tossed together like a salad. |D 

This is for :iconakaneakano: Sorry it took so loooooong to make but I hope you like it and laugh a little when you read.
I don't not own Yugi, Yami, Téa or Bandit keith.

I just own the story :3 

Ugh I've meant several days in bed and sick. Im ready to rp!!!! If you wanna join then join here~…
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New Zelda Oc:: Twili Prince Ashton:: by hetaliagirl101
New Zelda Oc:: Twili Prince Ashton::
Eeeeehhh Im not sure if I wanna keep him a prince XD But here's another character revealed who's gonna be in my story/rp with Taka~ Ashton!!~ Who's a being from the Twilight Realm in Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess~!!^^ I love his look~ But Im still gonna add things to it~ Maybe A scarf~ X3

Ashton belongs to me~ :iconhetaliagirl101: 

Used a base by  grangerpixel
As long as they're hatred in the world, peace will never be everlasting. I cannot be.  Enemies will always lurk in the darkness, waiting to strike. As long as you live, hatred will as well. As long as the world continues to exist, so will hatred. You cannot live peacefully, didn't you know? Heroes don't get to. The happy end is just an illusion. Heroes don't get happy endings....only prolonged torture until theydie. That is the life of a hero...Don't you regret it now?~"_Evil Lord Nicolei

Peace had returned to the land of Hyrule after Nicolei's demise. Link stood tall as a hero once more and lived on as a peaceful farmer in the village of Ordon with his wife ________.  He pulled the crops and tended to the cattle while she stayed at home, cooking for him, herself, and the growing baby in her stomach.

Life was peaceful and every day brought happiness to the two lovers. However, _______ was never one that could keep still..even after marriage. She longed for the days her and Link would ride on the back of Epona throughout Hyrule field.

"_______ I'm home!"Link called to her. She would greet him with a smile and he would return the favor by kissing her cheek and rubbing his palm over her extended belly. She knew she couldn't complain...nor had the right to. After everything her and Link had been through together..the least she could do was settle down in the village with him and live out a life a peace there.

But it was anything but...

Peace by day...Terror by night..

Dreams haunted them both of the former dark Lord that Link had slain. However Link wasn't sure he was gone. His evil grin continued to haunt him in his nightmares, mocking him.

"The time has come...My evil will spread through the world like Wildfire...You may have destroyed my body...but my mind still resides in this land...and I shall be reborn into a new vessel...To destroy you once and for all...With the body of your own child!!!"

"Rusl help!! _______'s going into labor!"
"Something is wrong...We have to get ______ out of the village and to the castle. Princess Zelda will know what to do.."
"We can't keep going! The baby has to come out now!!"
"I'm sorry..but the child didn't make it...."

They say a parent is never the same after the loss of a child's life...and that was an understatement for the hero.

Slowly, less and less of him was seen. he would go out and not come back until night. he grew distant and cold even towards his lover. He chased phantoms of his past till exhaustion.

However Link was incapable pf truly knowing what was going on outside of the mixed up thoughts he was having and what monsters were real. It wasn't until he saw him again many years after his despair...that he knew..His past had returned to  catch up to him.

"It's been a long time...Link..."

"This is impossible...I..killed you!"

"Silly hero, you can never get rid of me....As long as there is hatred..I live and I've returned....just for you...and _______. This time the game will be played different and I will win.."

"Especially now....that I have your own blood..."

Bleh bleh! I suck with previews but it will be interesting!! XD I hope you guys Are looking forward to the Sequel of LinkxPrincess!Reader-Escaping Royalty!!

Coming Soon! LinkxPrincess!Reader-Escaping Darkness... (Sucky title award goes to me!!!XDD)
LinkxPrincess! Reader2-Sequel Preview
I know it probably wasn't exciting enough for you guys but remember~ I didn't reveal everything~ewe *coughcough* Twili Link is one~ ewe Look forward to the most intense obstacle Link has been through yet!! You won't wanna miss a single chapter...~ I promise~

Release Date for Chapt.1: Im not sure yet!!! XD

Link belongs to Nintendo~

Nicolei belongs to me~
Alright so this is finally getting done!! XD

New LoZ Oc::Taka:: by hetaliagirl101Okay so this journal is about Taka, My new Oc that resembles Link quite a bit~ (Though his design is not official and permanent yet and I may change his hair to black x3)) But this is because, Taka is suppose to be directly related to Link down the line. Because of this, Taka is frequently compared to the great hero although he is nothing like Link at all.

Taka is very lazy and sleeps most of his day away. He doesn't particularly care about others and would not go out of his way to help them if he didn't benefit from it as well. He only has two friends so far, who constantly take turns waking him up in the morning so he can help with the village chores..but Taka usually falls asleep during them as well. 

However, despite the current time of peace, evil begins to slowly return to the land but theres one problem. Link's soul has not been reborn once again like it's suppose to. Leaving the land in peril without a hero to save them. At least they think until the elders of Taka's village entrust the mission of saving the world with him. Taka immediately rejects the task and gets furious shouting how he's not like the legendary hero and how he didn't even wish to be. But Taka is forced to become the hero's fill in after his village is attacked by the dark creatures sent by the dark lord Garron.

Taka has no choice but to be the hero, however he is much different than Link for he cannot draw the Master Sword and instead is granted a different kind of power by the goddesses despite being give the piece of the triforce: Courage:. Taka::Chosen Hero:: by hetaliagirl101As seen here~ ^^ 

Thats as far as I got with the story so far but this is also A rp idea! So You guys can rp it with me in the chat and be Taka's new friends and maybe even lover hehehe~  as well as a companion to help him on his quest~ ^^ Just note me if you're interested and we'll go from there~ Ciao~ ((I'll start writing the first chapter of this soon to make it clear as to what exactly is happening~))
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Ugh I've meant several days in bed and sick. Im ready to rp!!!! If you wanna join then join here~…
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