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Happy Halloween everyone~ Hope you get lots of candy and scares and Be careful out there…No seriously be careful…I heard there's a pale man with a knife running around followed by freaky run down animals. 0.0
MaliacNicolei::Sudden Snuggles:: by hetaliagirl101
MaliacNicolei::Sudden Snuggles::
XD So this was a gift for :icontheuntamedartist:: ^^ Her Oc Malia and Mine Nicci~ ^^ XD


Nicolei©:iconhetaliagirl101: aka me~^^

Used a base Snuggle Base by :iconlittlelilyluna:



Nicolei:Malia! Get off! I can't breathe!! I don't like this sudden closeness!! >///<!! STAHP!

I totally ship them harder than a boner in a strip club -w-
A smoke before death:Nicolei: by hetaliagirl101
A smoke before death:Nicolei:
So Here's Nicci XD! I realized that i odnt make as many pics of him as I used to soooo..Lets start that again XD

This is based off a rp I did with :iconnaokomayumi: and :icontheuntamedartist: :3 Nicolei is facing death, has given up but comforts himself with a smoke to keep his solid figure.~

Used a base ~^^ Smoking Boy Base by :iconemiisaur: :3

Nicolei©:iconhetaliagirl101: aka me~ 

Made with deviantART muro
Toga Fakir::Sketch New Oc:: by hetaliagirl101
Toga Fakir::Sketch New Oc::
Eh so I made this new Oc up.he's suppose to have nie short bob hair but that style is really difficult XD

So..yeah..I sketched this quickly today during second block soooo thats why it's so…rushed per say XD

Also I just slapped two names I liked together and…yeah..XD

Toga©:iconhetaliagirl101: aka me~ :3
Okay whelp I got tagged again!!! XD This one to do top ten creepyPastas! Normally, I would do top 10 favs BUT Since I don't think I have 10 favorites..Imma do WHICH ONES SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!! Ordering from least scary to HOLY SHIT!!! GET ON THE TRAIN TO NOPE VILLE!



10. My number ten would have to be Sonic. Exe. Now I'll admit he was very cool and creepy but to me..was not 'Scary' XD. He was more creepy and well that was strange.. but not completely like holy fuck!!! I can't sleep!! 0.0/ Though he did make my sister fall out of her chair when I showed it to her XD

Number 9!!!

9. Okay So this one must be…BEN DROWNED. BEN, I LOBE YOu, YOU ARE MY FAV But when it comes down to whether you're scary or not..I have to say..nah~ One. I can't be scared of Anything LOZ Because Come on! IT'S TOO AWESOME OF A GAME AND when I saw that there was a creepypasta I just..well lets say I now know that my parents won't hesitate to lock me away if I get very giddy at a computer meme. ._.

8. Okay so 8 is probably…..The pokemon one with Red or Gold being dead. I can't remember at the moment but I'm sure you all know which I'm talking about. Now, don't get me wrong it was very creepy buuuuuut… Sonic..Not as much scary XD. Though I was hesitant about pokemon games from then on soo… ._…

7. Okay my 7 is most likely gonna beeeeeeee….Lavender Town syndrome. Now I know what you're thinking. HETA-CHAN YOU BABY! WHY IS A SONG SCARIER THEN GOLD DYING???!! And to that I say.. SIT YO ASS DOWN AND LET ME EXPLAIN!! Explanation….it just is.I dunno why but the song gives me chills but yet its a highly addicting song.

6. Okay so 6 is….dont hate me..Jeff the Killer.  Heheheh okay so come on…Jeff the killer? Scary? Eh he's creepy I will give him that..I mean dat face? Yikes!!! I would NOT want to wake up and see him staring at me!  But then we get down to his story and well….lets face it. It's more gruesome than it is scary~ But thats another reason why I like him

5. Okay now we get to 5! And this one Oh man..He really gave me chills when I first viewed him and this guy is the big guy known as laughing Jack by Snuffbomb. Now, Laughing Jack? He's a true creative guy. Like..damn. Good job. Very original, no breaking off from another existing Cp. Good. However, although (IN MY OPINION) His story was just gruesome. It made me sad in a way too but nonetheless and good horror story~-w-.

4.! Okay so here at four we have Squidward's Suicide. Now this one was just flat out chilling because..well come on! It's Squirward killing himself!! From Spongebob!! That kid show. It's nothing we intended to see though I'm sure we were always waiting for when Squidward would do that because he's just so miserable XD

3. Hypno's lullaby. Very Creepy. XD Plus..I just flat out don't like that Pokemon!! He's creepy!! XD

2. This slot goes to the Russian sleep experiment! My god. Talk about weird and creepy..Not much to say..

1. And last but not least…THE RAKE!!. OMG. THAT GUY SCARES THE SHIT OUTTA ME!! JUST THE THOUGHT MAKES ME FREAKED OUT! I don't like it. I don't like him just..*table flips then hides under it* XD

Of course there are many more that I just say Nope nope to but you know. DOnt have time to list them all but hey! Why don't you tell me what you think and Hey? WHat CreepyPastas scare/creep you out the most? I'd love to see! Anyway, see ya guys..I got a place to be so Ciao~

I was Tagged By :iconlunarspawnserenata:

And I tag everyone who wants to do it~

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Hello~ Welcome to my page~^^ I'm Hetaliagirl101 but please call me Heta-chan~, Heta, Heli-chan, or Heli~ XD

I have a lot of friends on here but these guys are my besties~








I love them and They're great people to watch :3

About me:I'm weird,crazy and anime obsessive sometimes. I'm in love with characters that don't exist (Lolz jk) and I will go crazy on somebody if they say anime is a cartoon, FOOLS IT IS NOT THERE'S A DAMN DIFFERENCE!! But i'm really a nice person to have as a friend.I'm kind,caring,and i will stick up for my friends,so what do you say? Wanna be my fwiend? :3I get rather lonely though sometimes so I love to talk to people a lot. I hope you all would like to get to know me as much as I would like to get to know you all :)

I love Creepypasta!! xD!! (Don't hate on me if you don't! I do!!)


Have Tumblr? So do I~ and Old account

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You mean the world to someone.

Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.

When you make the biggest mistake ever,
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Always remember the compliments you've received.

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