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Hey Guys! Listen here!!~

My friend :iconprophet602: Is a really good friend of mine~ He's critiqued many of my artwork and is really talented at writing and music so please go watch him, look at some of his stories and give your support cuz he's a really great friend and awesome person~

plus he Rpies~ ewe So go watch him please~^^ It would mean a lot! He deserves watchers~
Link was skipping stones by the waterfall when you and Zelda found him again. Upon hearing your footsteps, he groaned and stood up.

"Ready to go back?"he asked quietly. You and Zelda look at one another then nodded.

"Yeah..we must hurry."You say. Link turned to face the two of you and nodded.

"Lets go.."

"Wait!"zelda interrupted, looking back between the two of you. "Where exactly are we going? You haven't told me exactly what it is you need me for." Link walked over and shrugged his shoulders.

"Guess we'll all find out when we get there."He told her as he grabbed your wrist. "_______, I need you to do exactly what I mustn't stop..okay?" You nod though you were highly confused to what Link was telling you now. Link sighed in relief.

" whatever you do, do not let go of me."he says.

"O-okay but what are you-" You were interrupted by the force of Link pulling you and running towards the ledge. You felt a knot grow in your stomach as you began to realize what exactly was happening. Link was going to jump off the ledge of skyloft! Why? Was he mad? Suicidal?!

You couldn't help but scream loudly in his ear for him to stop...but he didn't. He continued to run and leap from the wooden platform on the edge of the hovering piece of land. Your nails dug into his hair, skin, and clothes. Anything you could grip and your body pressed against his tightly.

He winced slightly at the bit of pain your panic was causing him as the two of you fell. He remained in the position as if he were sky diving while you were curled and clinging to him like a scared cat. You closed your eyes, feeling the hard breeze of the wind against  your face but opened them at the sound of a loud whistle, follow by a shrill cry. No sooner after that, you felt feathers beneath you and the feeling of falling was no longer there.

Opening your eyes, you looked up to see Link leaning just above you, wind brushing through his bangs and his eyes gazing into yours with a slight worried look to them.

"______ you okay?"he asks. You sit up quickly and look around. You were still in the air..but how?

"How are we...Are we dead..? Did you kill me you baggy pants Aladdin jerk!!"you shout.

"Aladdin?'re on my loftwing..see?"Link tells you, gesturing to the gigantic bird the two of you were currently riding on! You look down at it, running your fingers through it's crimson feathers before losing back at him.

"....I knew that.."you grumbled, causing Link to chuckle.

"Aye, Link!" A voice called. Link looked to his right to see Zelda waving to him. "Where are we going now?" she asked, flying her blue lofting closer to his.

"To the ground.."he replied, looking back at you. You nodded and looked over the side of Link's Loftwing to stare at the pale orange clouds  below. Below those clouds...was pure evil...and yet..above them was nothing but peace. The warm sun, the blue was total bliss.

Why were you birthed to the land while there was a haven above?

"Hey alright?"Link asked, pulling you from your thoughts. You look over at him and nod.

"I'm fine..just...taking in everything...It's so beautiful here.."you tell him. Link nodded and scooted closer to you.

"'s beautiful...but it ain't perfect.."He smirked, reaching over and tucking some of your hair behind your ear. You couldn't help but blush and the feeling of his knuckle brush against your cheek.

"Well..I'm sure it's better than being in the woods your whole in a dumb tree house.."you reply.

"I like the land better...It's bigger and always holds's full of beauty...that you can't get in Sky loft.."Link tells you. Again you blush. What was with him? What did he mean by that?

"Link..what do you..-" But before you could ask him, Link was wrapping his arms around you tightly and the loftwing began to dive. The air hit your face hard as he suddenly dove down. The wind seemed to push you against him where you gripped the front of his tunic and closed your eyes.

Link held you close and tight as the three of you suddenly descended beneath the clouds and towards the land. However; Link suddenly leapt off the loftwing, still clutching you, causing you to scream in terror once more. You screamed and wrapped your arms as well as your legs around his body until you once again felt him stop.

" can let go...we're on the ground again.."Link says. You look up at him and slowly place your feet on the ground sighing softly.


"Where do we go now?"Zelda asked grabbing Link's shoulder. He looked back at her and then pointed towards the volcano in which the three of you stood at the bottom of.

"Up there...Edan is waiting..but we gotta hurry.."He tells her. You nod.

"Thats right! Edan is hurt badly! We gotta get to him!"You shriek. Link nodded and grabbed Zelda's wrist, pulling her up the path you and Link had taken once before to reach the top of the volcano.  Once near the top, you and Link look at one another as you pulled out the sapphire. The sapphire that had saved you and Link from losing your lives on this very mountain.

Looking over at him, Link nodded and you held the gem high above your head in one hand as the other clasped Link's.

"Zora Sapphire! Teleport us to the top of the Volcano!"You shout. There was a flash of light and once again you, Link, now along with Zelda, were encased in a blue prism.

Only moment later would you wake up on the peak of the moment as you desired.

"Lets go!"Link pulled Zelda along and threw the doors open that led to where Edan resided.And there he laid. In the same spot he had been when you and Link left.

"Edan! Edan! We brought her!"Link called as he and the girl ran over. Wincing, Edan looked up at Zelda and smiled.

"Oh...the godess.."He sighed. Zelda frowned as she kneeled down y Edan and clasped her hands together.

"I shall pray for you and do all I can to heal you."She tells him. Edan nodded and closes his red eyes once more as Zelda began to pray. Her soft soothing voice echoed through the room filling your ears. You looked over at Link who was watching intently. Meanwhile, you stood closer to the door with your arms behind your back.

Being so caught up In Zelda's prayer, you failed to realize a pair of hands reaching around and grabbing you. One pair grabbed you by the waist while the other clasped themselves around your mouth.

You screamed into them and thrashed, gaining Link's attention. He gasped and drew his sword as he ran out to help you just as you were dragged out the room.

You screamed and thrashed until two familiar voices reached your ears.

"Hey! Stop thrashing ______!"

"It's us!!" You recognized theses voices and instantly ceased your movements. Spinning around, your eyes locked on Nicolei and Thorn who were standing before you with unreadable expressions.

" guys are alright!"you cry, hugging them tightly.

"_______! Are you..okay?"Link rushed out with his sword drawn at his side. He was prepared to cut down any monster that had laid it's grubby hands on you but instead of finding you being held down by a goblin...he found you embracing two boys that he as well recognized.

Nicolei and Thorn returned your embrace before looking back at Link. Nicolei scowled and placed a hand to his side where his sword was.

"You...It's been a while..Sai."
The Fallen-Pt 13
Wow it's been a while hasn't it? XD Yeah I know this chapter sucked but..heyy...:3 Enjoy~

Next::typerhappy: (Nicci gonna kick some booty))
NicoleixHelinia- Farewell My Darling by hetaliagirl101
NicoleixHelinia- Farewell My Darling
It's been a while since I paired these two~ ^^ Unfortunately It had to be something sad XD

Nicolei, Helinia, Artwork all belong to me~ :iconhetaliagirl101:

^^ Tips and critique always welcome~

Almost forgot~ Used a base by  belleANDcrow for reference~
I feel Lonely..and I don't know why.

I long to talk to somebody, but I don't know what to say.

I feel like my presence annoys people at most times and theres no purpose for me.

I know I have depression, but I keep shrugging it off. But I even when I laugh I can't help but feel it in the depths of my mind.

I wanna cry yet for no known reason. I feel like I'm sotting in a dark corner, watching everyone else.

I try to be like them but yet...I can't seem to fit in.

I wonder if people see the sadness and loneliness in my eyes that I cannot say to them.

I try to, but like a noose around my neck, my will to please everyone chokes me.

I hang from the noose. I rope that I made too thick to be cut by my own hands.

I want to please everyone, so I keep quiet and do as I'm told.

Like an obedient dog, I let myself get pushed around.

I've tricked myself into thinking that simply being pushed around because you're obedient is better than being shoved to the dirt and kicked because you're defiant.

Yes, like a noose around my neck, my kind composure has turned into a thick rope in which I dangle from.

I want help. I've looked for help! I've cried out to everybody I know..

But Im forgotten.

Even the doctors have forgotten about me. They said they would help. Get me somebody I can talk to.

But I'm still here..


I know most people reading will chalk me up to being some emotional teenager who craves attention..

Maybe I am...

I do want attention.

I want your attention!

I want you to see the mark around my neck that has come from me trying to please everyone!

I want your attention. I want you to notice it.

Notice me.


Before I strangle myself completely from this noose.


Help me.
Dark Link followed the Zora girl until he reached a hall. Zora's Hall. A hall that was beautiful and filled with water and water falls around it. The reflection of the crystal blue water danced on the walls, causing the place to gleam. He couldn't help but gawk at the sight. He had never seen something so beautiful.

"This way..."A soft gentle voice reached his ears. He looked over quickly, only to the find mysterious Zora girl beckoning him over with her finger. He blinked as he took in her voice. So soft, sweet and gentle yet beautiful. Like an obedient dog, he obeyed and followed her as she led him through the hall, up an inclined plane and into a room.

In the room sat a throne chair surrounded by water and sand.

"I have brought you the boy miss..."The Zora girl said softly, dropping to one knee and placing her left arm across her chest. Dark Link looked over at her with a raised brow.

'She had brought the boy?' What did that mean? Were they watching him? Expecting him?

"Good girl.."Came another voice. One slightly colder and obvious of an older woman. Dark Link looked over at the Throne chair once more. A woman was now standing next to it. He stared at her as she gazed at him with sly golden eyes. Well one, since the left eyes was hidden beneath a brown eye patch. Her crimson red hair was pulled back into two curly ponytails. Her skin was tanned deeply and her face had a scar beneath her right eye as well as a mole.

She had pointy ears like him with blue diamond earrings that dangled from each one. Upon her forehead was a diamond more of the color red. He eyed her clothes. He recognized the sleeveless shirt and the baggy pants she wore mixed with the colors of brown and red. She also wore pointed shoes that curled upward slightly at the toe.

No doubt about this woman. She was a gerudo; a race of woman birthed with tan skin and deep red hair who reside to the west desert area. The area in which he came from. The area in which he wiped out.

So how? How was it possible that here, in front of him now, stood one of them. Did she manage to escape and flee his plague of destruction? Or was this some alternate universe he was somehow trapped in? In all honesty, either one of these options made sense to him.

"Who...are you?"Dark Link finally spoke up. The Gerudo woman smirked at him.

"Who am I? Why, I am the chief of the gerudo and ruler of this Zora tribe by the help of my pirates. I am Elenri."She introduced herself. "And that is Syprus."

Dark Link looked over at the Zora girl who at last had a name to go by. Syprus.

"I see..."He looked back at Elenri. "What exactly do you want from me? Why was I brought here?"he asked. Elenri's smirk grew.

"Because..I sense great power in you...and I figured...I could use your you could use mine."she stated.

"Help with what exactly?"Dark Link questioned. However, before Elenri answered, Dark Link felt a sudden pain to the back of his head which caused him to drop to his knees.

He winced as he vision blurred from the sudden impact. Had somebody just hit him? He looked up at Syprus who was staring down at him. The last thing he heard before losing consciousness...was an order given to her by Elenri.

"Tie him up."

"_______...________!! _________ can you hear me?!" You awoke to the harsh sounds of Link screaming your name and upon opening your eyes, he was practically on top of you, staring down with worried eyes. His hair was dripping wet and his clothes were soaked. Had he been in water or something?

Upon sitting up, you realized that you too were drenched and soaked to the bone.

"What happened?"you ask. Link shrugged.

"I just remember us slipping into the river then...waking up here...but you weren't breathing so had to give you CPR."the blond explained. You sighed and scramble up onto your feet.

"I see...well no matter...if we ended up here..that means Dark Link did as well right?"you ask. Link frowned.

"Well yeah most likely but-"

"Then thats all I care about."you cut him off. Link pouted slightly but stood as well.

"______ listen..I know you're hurting about Helio but....I'm starting to think that it may be a bad idea seeking Dark Link out."he says.

"Link, don't try to deter me from this...I was always set on killing the demon of the west..remember...?"you mumble.

"But that was before you fell in love with him!!!"the boy suddenly shouted, gripping your shoulders tightly. "Or have you forgotten that? Everything we've been through since you were taken that night..."

"It was all just...Stockholm syndrome...."you tell him, averting your gaze downwards at the white sand beneath your feet. Link was silent for a moment before sighing and releasing you.

"I see....well..I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to change your mind as we search for him..."he says.

"I won't.."

You and Link slowly began your way through the forest that seemed to make up the rest of the island you had washed up on. You wondered where you were and how you even came to be, but more wondered if Dark Link was inhabiting the island as well and how you would kill him.

You couldn't wait to see his face so you could pound it into the dirt. And you thought about this...there was a tiny thought in the back of your mind..

Did you really want to kill Dark Link? Could you really even do it?

Would you really be able to strike that final blow...and kill the very man you loved and hated with all your heart?
Dark LinkxReader- A Demon's Love part 25
Yeah so I know this is short too but Im actually kinda hitting a block XD Suggestions greatly appreciated~^^


Cyprus, Elenri both belong to me~:iconhetaliagirl101:
Hey Guys! Listen here!!~

My friend :iconprophet602: Is a really good friend of mine~ He's critiqued many of my artwork and is really talented at writing and music so please go watch him, look at some of his stories and give your support cuz he's a really great friend and awesome person~

plus he Rpies~ ewe So go watch him please~^^ It would mean a lot! He deserves watchers~


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Hello~ Welcome to my page~^^ I'm Hetaliagirl101 but please call me Heta-chan~, Heta, Heli-chan, or Heli~ XD

I have a lot of friends on here but these guys are my besties~







I love them and They're great people to watch :3

About me:I'm weird,crazy and anime obsessive sometimes. I'm in love with characters that don't exist (Lolz jk) and I will go crazy on somebody if they say anime is a cartoon, FOOLS IT IS NOT THERE'S A DAMN DIFFERENCE!! But i'm really a nice person to have as a friend.I'm kind,caring,and i will stick up for my friends,so what do you say? Wanna be my fwiend? :3I get rather lonely though sometimes so I love to talk to people a lot. I hope you all would like to get to know me as much as I would like to get to know you all :)

I love Creepypasta!! xD!! (Don't hate on me if you don't! I do!!)


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