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You couldn't sleep that night but who would expect you to after the day you'd had? A day that was suppose start with you getting up with Cloud and being normal, took a toll down the wrong road and you ended up being kidnapped instead. What had you done to deserve this..?

You sat up in the cot that you were laying on. It's the closest thing to a bed in this creaky old cabin and how you missed your own so much. Unable to fall asleep, you push yourself up and walks over to the window. You managed to find one that wasn't boarded up, however you wouldn't be able to escape through it since the jump was too high up and would surely break your legs. But, at least you could freely gaze out at the moonlight in peace. Kadaj and his idiot brothers had to be asleep right..?


You heard the door to your room slowly creak open and upon looking back, you matched gazes with a pair of green ones. However, these weren't Kadaj's eyes.

"Who...?" Who was this..? A loud yawn came from the doorway as a large figure pushed their way into your room. You recognized this man to be the biggest brother of the three...and the dumbest.. Loz.

"Ugh...Kadaj wanted me to check on the prisoner..."he yawns. You scoffed.

"Hmph..What? He didn't wanna come barge into my room and see for himself?"you ask.

"Kadaj..isn't feeling so well.. So I came."Loz explains.

"Not..feeling so well..?"you repeat. What? Did he have a stomach ache? As if..

"Loz..Kadaj said not to say anything to her..remember..?"Came another voice. It of course was Yazoo, walking into your room right behind his larger brother.

"Oh yeah..I mean...well.."

"Just be quiet Loz.."

You pouted as the two approached you.

"What do you want? I'm still here?  Still your precious hostage..Now leave me in peace.."You scowl. Yazoo frowned.

"What's wrong..? The hostage cannot sleep? For shame."Yazoo teased with a tilt of his head.

"Just leave me alone already..Go back to your own room!"you shout, taking a step back. Yazoo smirked.

"Say..Loz...why does Kadaj get to have all the fun with the prisoner...?"He asks. Loz tilted his head.

"Um..because he...-"Loz tried to come up with an answer but couldn't seem to find one.

"I think..we should be able to play with her too...Don't you agree..? I honestly think Kadaj is being too nice to her...." You stepped back and pressed yourself against the wall behind you as Yazoo took a step closer. His once laid back attitude, had changed into a menacing one, nearly identical to Kadaj's.

"And to think..I actually thought you weren't as bad as him..But you're all crazy.."you growl. Yazoo shrugs and steps closer.

"Hmph..Perhaps..Now...where is Mother...? Something tells me that you aren't being entirely truthful to Kadaj when you say that you know nothing..."he growls lowly.

"I told you..I don't know..!"you shout but of course, Yazoo wasn't buying it and he was growing rather impatient with you. In one swift motion, you felt him grabs your wrists and sling you back onto the cot with him straddling your hips to force you down.

"I hate liars...."he sneered, forcing your wrists down above your head.

"I'm not lying! Get off of me!!" You thrashed and squirmed and tried to scream, hoping that somebody, anybody, would come to your aid.



"Yazoo! Loz!"  You and Yazoo both look up quickly as Loz moves to the side to reveal an angry Kadaj, standing in the doorway. He was glaring intently at Yazoo who quickly scrambled off you.


"I told you to leave her alone..I said that I would handle her. Did I not make myself clear on that?!"Kadaj shouted. Yazoo growled and turned his head away quickly. He glanced at you briefly.

"Crystal.."hr snarled before storming out past his brother.

"And Yazoo...Don't let me catch you bothering ______ again..Or I won't be so nice.."  With that said, Yazoo quickly disappeared from the room with Loz in tow and you were left alone with Kadaj.

You slowly sit up but tense and freeze as Kadaj walks over to you.

"Are you hurt..?"he asks softly. Needless to say, you were shocked at Kadaj's sudden concern over your well being. Hmph, it had to be a trick.

"Hmph, Not that you care, but I'm fine...I don't need you to help me, though I'm sure you weren't trying to anyway."you hiss. Kadaj sighed.

"You...are absolutely right...Hehehe...I only came in because you're screaming wasn't helping my headache. How can anybody sleep with such racket..?"he sneered. "Perhaps you're not as dumb as you look. But from now on..You're sleeping wit my room. I wish to keep a close eye on you."

"No way."You quickly objected his offer but of course, like he said before, he didn't sit too well with rejection. He only growled before taking you by the wrist, and dragging you to his room. To your surprise, his room was unlike yours. It was well decorated and he had a bed, whereas yours was just an old room with lifted up floorboards, an old desk, and a cot for you to sleep on.

No sooner than you were in his room, Kadaj released you and locked the door with a grunt.

"Those damn fools..I tell them to check on you and Yazoo loses it..."he mutters. You watched Kadaj as he shifted from the door to his bed, laying down against it and curling up with a pillow over his head.

"...does your head still hurt..?"you ask, walking over to the male. He grunted in response and you took that as a yes. It was this moment, you didn't feel fear towards Kadaj as you had earlier. It was as if he were one way by day and another by night. Or perhaps his head was in so much pain that he didn't have the strength to think of a way to make you miserable.

You felt..bold and slowly crept onto his bed and sat beside him. He still remained quiet and still, not even twitching when he felt the bed go down a bit due to your weight. You expected him to sit up and yell at you or force you down like his brother did...but Kadaj did nothing. He only laid there.

"You must really be hurting..."you tell him. Again he grunted. You twiddled your thumbs and looked around the room before moving closer to Kadaj. This time, he moved. You froze as he removed the pillow from his head and looked up at you.

You two stared into one another's eyes for what seemed like eternity before he sat up with a sigh. His hand flew up to his forward and pressed against it as he collapsed back down.

"Ngn...."he groaned.

"..When was the last time you had some proper rest..?"you ask. Tech, why did you care all of a sudden? Hell, he could have a headache and die from it for all you care.

"I can't remember..."he responds quietly.

"You could be hurting because you're should rest..."you tell him. Kadaj, though in much pain, managed to throw a cocky grin at you.

"Look at you all concerned for my well being."he smirks. You growl.

"Thats not it. I just want you to hurry and get to sleep so I can suffocate you."you snort.

"Hmph..well when you put it that way..I'll just deal with the headache..Besides..I haven't slept well in years...I'm used to it..."

"That's not very healthy..You know you're strong but you're pretty stupid and stubborn."

"Heh, guess we have that in common." You narrow your eyes at Kadaj's remark and cross your arms in a pout. "But..if you're really concerned...why don't you sing me a lullaby or something..You look as if you can sing well.."he mumbles.

You stare at him in confusion to his request. He...wanted you to sing..? Instantly, memories flooded your mind of Cloud and the others. You remember always singing to the Marlene when she couldn't sleep and how Cloud would even listen from the doorway.

"You're a really good singer ______...."

"Thanks Cloud.~"

Kadaj stared at you for some time before sitting up with a sour look on his face.

"You were thinking about him again..weren't you...?"he growled. You blink and suddenly push him back against the bed.

"Shut up and close your eyes...Step one to getting a good night's rest." You tell him. Kadaj pouted but did as he was told. He was surprisingly obedient. You smirked. "Good boy. Now, step two, relax..Empty your mind..."you tell him.

You heard Kadaj sigh deeply, as if annoyed before his began stilled and his breathing became steady.

"Step three..."you lowered your voice to a point where it was softly and gentle yet nurturing like a mother's. "Listen...."you whispered before  humming a soft tune in Kadaj's ears.  It wasn't long before he was fast asleep and quiet. you leaned over him and watched him sleep, Kadaj gave off a strange aura of calmness. He looked peaceful while he slept.

Judging by looks, one wouldn't expect him to have violent tendencies and an insane side. Though you had to admit, when he was awake you wouldn't expect him to have a gentle, quieter side either.

"Hmph..if only you were always like this..You'd actually  be kind of cute.."you say, though you were sure Kadaj couldn't hear you. Heaving a heavy sigh, you stood and made your way to the door, unlocking it easily. However, no sooner than you opened it, were you greeted by a large figure which nearly made you scream if it weren't for a hand being clamped over your mouth.

It was Loz, the big baby.

"Shh shh...It's okay.."he said softly. You push him away and scowl.

"What do you want??"you angrily whisper at him. Loz frowned.

"I can't sleep either...will you sing to me too..?"he asks. You stare at him for a moment before sighing deeply in defeat. You couldn't believe this.

"Fine....But just for tonight.." Loz lit up at your agreement and pulled you to his room quickly where he immediately jumped into bed. You sat beside him and began to sing quietly, however he stopped you.

"No.. You have to say all the steps like you did Kadaj."he pouted. You stared at him for some time before face palming.

Oh Dear..was this going to be a very long night for you...

Meanwhile, Cloud was staring up at the night sky from his spot on his motorcycle. He wondered if you were okay and what Kadaj and his gang might be doing to you. His teeth clenched together in frustration at the thought. If only weren't so useless! Then he could save you without a problem. But that was impossible..

He pulled out his phone and began to replay a message you had left on his voicemail. He didn't realize it before but...before you were taken and he could no longer see you, there was a lonely pit inside him, growing more and more with each passing second.

How long would he be able to stand before it would become unbearable and swallow him whole...?
CloudxReaderxKadaj-A Soldier or A Monster?Pt.4
Last  one for the night guys~ Hope you're enjoying this~ Suggestions are always welcome~^^ See you tomorrow~ Night~ Btw..Think Kadaj will be happy when he wakes up to find you in Loz's room instead of his? (oops, I've said too much~) ;3

Kadaj watched from atop of his motorcycle as Yazoo and Loz went after Cloud. He smirked as he thought about how Cloud would react after finding out that he was holding a friend of his hostage. But then..would Cloud even care?  He wondered that as well.

Meanwhile, Yazoo and Loz were confronting said blonde male. Cloud was fighting them off as best as he could. He couldn't help but wonder though..were these the same guys that attacked you..? He glared at them from behind his shaded glasses. Yazoo smirked.

"I think he's figured it out....about his...little friend..."he says.

"Oh, the girl that also wouldn't say where mother was."Loz chimed in.

"_______.."Cloud mumbled under his breath. So he was right. These two did have something to do with you? "Where have you taken her..?" he asked coldly.

"Hmph, tell us where you hid Mother and we'll tell you.."Yazoo explained.

"I don't know any Mother of yours.."Cloud responded.

"Well then..I guess we don't know where your friend is either.."

"Yeah! The one with the loud mouth!"Loz grinned. Cloud glared at the two and withdrew his sword, prepared to strike. However, the two brothers stopped at the sight of Kadaj raising his hand.

"Well..guess playtime is over..for now.."Yazoo groaned, turning and driving back towards him.

" got lucky this time..but your friend won't be so.."Loz grunted as he followed Yazoo. Cloud glared back at them but kept riding. He knew he'd only get killed if he went after them now. as much as he hated it, he wouldn't be able to save you quite yet.

"Just hang on a little longer ______..."he whispered as he drove off.

Meanwhile, you were stuck inside the hideout of the three idiot musketeers, Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. They had moved you from the pretty cavern to a dreary, drippy cabin in the woods. The door was locked and the windows were barricaded to make sure you didn't escape. However, they truly under estimated your strength.

You spent a lot of your time training with Cloud and Tifa, and were very strong. Probably stronger for your own good but whatever. You slammed your fists against the wooden boards that were blocking the windows. One after another, they cracked until finally they gave way and crumbled to the ground.

You smirked.

"Sayonara you dorks."you say as you begin to hoist yourself over the window sill.

" that really what you think of us..?" You stop and tense at that slow voice. Sighing, you look back to see Yazoo and Loz standing directly behind you.

"'ll never catch me!!"you say, hopping out the window, but only to land directly into the arms of Kadaj.

"I think you'll find...that you've been caught."he smirks. You scowl at him and cross your arms.

"Dammit.." Kadaj carried you back inside and tossed you to the floor, letting you hit it with a thud. You wince and sit up, looking up at the silver-haired male. "What do you want with me? Why don't you just let me go?!"

"Because you're indebted to us..You owe us your life."Kadaj responds.

"Well I wouldn't have to if you guys hadn't put my life in danger first!"you retort.

"Hmph, perhaps. But it is what it for what we want from you...I find it very simple...You exchange for us not killing will stay here and obey our every command. You will tend to our every need like a good little maid or..we will just kill you. Simple as that..."

"I honestly don't know which is worse.."you grumble.

"What a mouth you have on you...That will come to be an issue in the future. Now..for your first command...draw me a bath.." Kadaj smirked. You tense at his request.

"Draw you a bath...Boy I don't wanna see you naked!!or maybe I do but.. Draw it yourself!!"you tell him.


"Right.."Yazoo nodded to Kadaj and walked over to you. He pulled out his gun and pressed the barrel of it to your temple with his finger on the trigger. "Just so you won't be quick and painless...."He tells you. You tense up and glare at the male.

"...Fine...." Sighing in defeat, you stand and walk upstairs to the bathroom, slamming the door behind you. When you were finally alone again, you fall to your knees and pull out a pendant that had been tucked within your shirt. The pendant opened to reveal a picture of you and Cloud standing next to one another. You remember how you had to bribe him just so he would take the picture. "Cloud...why haven't you come to save me yet..?"

As you got up and ran the hot water for Kadaj's bath, you wondered this over and over again. Where was Cloud? Why was he taking so long to come for you? Was he even coming at all..? Did he care..?

"I'll always come for you ______. No matter what..."

"Huh? Cloud didn't tell you? He left last night..I don't know where he's going or when he's coming back.."

"Still no word from Cloud? Hm..I'm starting to think he may never come  back.."

"Cloud..where are you...?"

"I'll always come for you.."


"_______..!" You jump and  inhale sharply as you're pulled from your thoughts. Looking around, you notice that Kadaj was standing in the bathroom beside you. "You planning to flood the bathroom? The tub is nearly over filling.." he says, reaching over to turn the faucet off. You stare at him for a moment before looking down.

"Sorry..."you mumble.

"Hmm..What thought had you so distracted...or are you pretending to be spacey in hopes of getting a free ticket out of here..?"he asks. You don't respond, nor look at him as he undressed and sank down into the bathwater. With his arms  resting on both sides of the tub, Kadaj props himself up so that his head can tilts back against the edge of the tub comfortably.

You could feel his gaze on you as he awaited an answer.

"I'm just tired..."you breath out with a soft sigh.

"Hmm..."Kadaj's lips pursed together tightly as if he were trying to figure out if your answer was the truth or a lie to get him to stop asking you questions. "I see...But you've spent all day here by yourself..sure you had gotten some sleep while we were away. Or were you too busy trying to break the wooden boards on the windows to notice your own exhaustion..?"he purred.

"That too...But I am tired now so I'm going to retire.." You nod slightly to Kadaj and begin to make your way to the door. However, the feeling of his hand latch onto your wrist tightly stopped you.

"Oh? But I didn't give you permission to leave yet...Now sit down."Kadaj's tone had suddenly changed from arrogant to menacing. The menacing tone in which you feared. Not bothering to object, you do as you're told and sit on the side of the tub with your back to him. As nice and chiseled as Kadaj's upper torso looked, you rather not see the rest of him. You weren't ready to see a full on naked man, even you had caught glimpses of Cloud's butt as he got dressed occasionally.

Oh, there you go again....Your mind wandering back to Cloud and it weren't the only one.

"Tell me...what is your relation with Cloud...?"Kadaj asks, snapping you out of your thoughts. Averting your eyes to the floor, you shrug.

"We're just friends..."you tell him.

"Hmph, just friends..? Why do I find that hard to believe..?"he scowled.

"Why do you..?"you retort.

"Don't you start sassing me...."Kadaj growled and leaned back against the tub once more in a huff. "I can tell he takes up most of your thoughts..In fact, you were probably thinking of him earlier, which is why the tub nearly over flowed. Am I right?"

You didn't respond for a moment as you thought of what to say next.

"Why do you care...?Why don't you just kill me and get it over with..?"

"Because I simply enjoy it.."he responded.

"You're insane..."

"Perhaps..but in this world'll find that everybody is just a little bit mad.." You look over at Kadaj with a scowl.

"How did you figure out my name..I never told you what it was..?"you ask. Kadaj's smirk widened.

"Oh..a little birdie happened to mention it."he replied. You growled and stood up straight.

"I'm retiring. Good night!"You bellow before storming out the bathroom. You expected Kadaj to grab you and pull you back once more..but he didn't. No, instead he just watched you go with that sly smirk on his face that you hated so much.

"Playing hard to get...heh..I'm game..."
"Hmm..I think I'll call you ______…"

Such a soft voice. Such a smooth tone. It was the very first thing you heard when you awoke for the first time. Your eyes slowly focused on a face in front of you. The face of a man with crimson red hair and chocolate brown eyes that complimented his skin peach face.

But who was this man? Who were you for that matter? What were you? You couldn't move, not yet. You couldn't speak, not yet. You could only stare forward for now, into the eyes of this unknown man.

He smirked at you as if he accomplished something great and lightly ran his hand through your (h/l)(h/c) hair. You could only watch as he did so.

"You're perfect.."he said softly. Ah, so he was  the owner of that smooth voice you heard prior to your awakening. Since he's here that must also mean that…this man…is the man who created you. But what exactly were you? Who were you?

"I think I'll call you _______…"

_____? Was that…your name? Were you ________? But who is that? You?

Sasori stared at his new creation with an accomplished smirk. Indeed, you were very beautiful and perfect in all the ways. Though he had no idea he had successfully breathed life into you, he was still proud of your little existence. He brought you close to him, wrapping his arms around yours and beneath your legs before lifting you up like his fragile little bride.

He then carried you over to his bed and laid you down gently. He loomed over you for some time, just gazing and completely unaware that you were gazing back.

"How I wish I could give you a sweet voice along with that pretty little face of yours...but alas...that is out of my reach..."Sasori sighed as he caressed your cheek gently. He stayed there for some time before standing up at the sound of a knock at the door. He didn't have a chance to say 'enter' before Deidara busted the door open with one of his low level bombs.

"Yo! Sasori My man! We got a Miss-"The blonde male stopped short. He went silent as his eyes were drawn to the doll that was resting on Sasori's bed. He smirked. "Well..what do we have here...? Sasori did you make her..?"he asks as he walks over to where the beautiful creation laid.

"Who else would have, brat. Now get away, I don't want you close to her."Sasori growled. Deidara pouted but ignore his partner's wishes for he stood next to the bed anyway.

"Aw come now my man. Don't be like that. Let me get a look at her!"he said with a smug grin. Sasori snarled. He knew Deidara was only intending to tease him. Guess Pain will have to look for a new member soon. Deidara-eying Sasori-suddenly lifted the doll into his arms and pranced around with her. Sasori gasped and rushed to snatch her back.

"Stop! Put her down!!"he yelled.

"Aw come on Sasori!! Tell me the name of your new girlfriend!"Deidara squealed.

"Brat! I'm going to kill you!!"Sasori screamed, pulling out a scroll. His brown eyes read murder. Deidara could tell he was serious but he wasn't done with his fun. Not yet.

"Fine fine, I'll give her back. After I kiss her!!"he smirked.

"Don't you dare touch her with your filthy lips!!!" Deidara puckered his lips, ignoring the consequences of what might happen to him after this. But he didn't care, teasing Sasori was too much fun! Slowly, he inched his lips closer to the doll's while Sasori glared and summoned his third Kazekage puppet, ready to kill.

However; as Deidara drew closer...he was stopped. Something had punched him right in his cheek and the pain was immense. Had Sasori hit him..? No, he was across the room and was staring in just as much shock. Then who..... Deidara looked down slowly at the doll in his arms, but found her staring up at him with her arm still extended from where it was against his cheek. She hit him! The doll was alive!

Startled, Deidara let out a tiny scream and tossed her towards Sasori who caught her with care.

"That thing is alive?! Why didn't you tell me?! You took an innocent's girl's body didn't you?!"Deidara shouted. Sasori shook his head.

"I didn't! What are you saying?? She can't be-"

"Alive..?" Sasori stopped short and slowly looked down at the doll in his arms as the female voice finished his sentence. Looking down at her,,he saw that she was now staring up at him with a tiny smile on her face and beaming (e/c) eyes.

"__-_______?"he said softly.

Ah, there was that sweet voice again. The voice of the man that had given you life. Slowly you nodded and leaned up to gently touch his cheek. Deidara watched with wide eyes and an open jaw as he stared at the two of you.

"Wait..You made yourself a girlfriend?! Thats so unfair my man!! Make me one too!!"he pleaded. Sasori sighed and set you sitting upright on the bed.

"Not a chance brat..beside..I don't even know how I did it.."he mumbled but Deidara wasn't buying it.

"Liar!! You're just being selfish!! Come on! We're partners! Hook a brother up!!"Deidara whine as he clung to Sasori,begging like a child. It was obvious that the redhead was getting aggravated.

Seeing this, something triggered inside you and before you knew it, you had leaped from the bed and tackled Deidara off him, sending him colliding against the ground. Sasori stared with a slight smirk as you stood, brushed yourself off, and ran back to him, draping your arms tightly around his torso.

"Good girl..."Sasori cooed softly as he ran a hand through your (h/l)(h/c) hair. Deidara sat up and glared.

"What the hell man?! What was that for??!"

"You attacked her master..She probably saw you as a threat and wanted to protect me.."Sasori smirked at the blonde. You nodded in agreement.

"Tch, great..well tell her I'm on your side,hm! I don't want her attacking me every five minutes! Hey! Hey! Sasori are you listening to me?!!!"He shouted, but he partner wasn't. In fact, Sasori seemed more interested in smothering you than listening to what Deidara was saying to him.

"My good girl ______....All mine...nobody else's..."he said softly. You nodded.

"Yes Master Sasori..."You repeated. Growing impatient, Deidara stood and left the room, slamming the door. When the two of you were finally alone, Sasori sat on the bed and pulled you into his lap. He wrapped his arms around you as tight as he could and buried his face in your hair.

He didn't know how, but you already had your own sweet aroma as he was quickly growing fond of it. But still he was confused to how he breathed life into you.

"How are you it just my imagination? Have I gone insane..?"he whispered. You shook your head and pulled out his grip enough to turn to him.

"No...master lives inside me too..."you say to him as you pull down the top of your dress just enough for him to see the core pulsating in the center of your chest. His eyes widened slightly. He had only given you a little piece seemed to have grown to fill the space.

"I see.."he mumbled, pulling you back against him.

"So...I've truly done it..I've breathed life into my very own puppet bride..."
SasorixPuppet!Reader-My Doll pt.1
Just clearing out man ^^

Cloud...where are you..?

When you awoke again, you found yourself staring up at what looked like...crystals..? Glowing trees...? You couldn't tell what you were staring at but they were beautiful...It was obvious you were in some sort of cavern and what was this around you...water..? Were you in water..?

Moving to sit up, you found yourself floating in water until your feet hit the bottom when you stood.

" I..?"you wondered aloud.

"Finally awake..are you..?"Came an all to familiar voice. Growling, you look up to see Kadaj and behind him, Loz, and Yazoo. They were all staring at you with intent gazes.

"You...where am I?!"you shout. Kadaj holds up a hand as he steps towards the water. The three of them stood on the bank that was just a few feet from you as well as the tiny lake you seemed to be standing in..or was it a pond?

"Easy that any way to speak to your saviors?"he asks with a cruel smirk on his face.

"Saviors? You and your homicidal yet stupid followers, nearly killed me!!"you hiss at the male. Loz growled.

"We are not followers!! We are brothers!!"he hollered.

"Don't cry Loz..."Yazoo said softly.

"I ain't crying!!!"

"Enough you two...No arguing in front of our...guest.."Kadaj smirked, as he stepped down into the water and began approaching you. Tensing up by his presence, you stepped back.

"I am not a guest of yours! Don't come near me!" You try to warn him away, but in mere seconds, Kadaj was standing merely inches from you.

"Now now...calm down. We aren't going to hurt you..We did save you after all."he says.

"Save me? Exactly how?"You repeat. Kadaj sighed.

"Unfortunately, in that accident you had, you suffered fractured ribs and a bruised abdomen..But I fixed you up...You should be grateful..."He explains. You scoffed.

"Hmph..Had I not been attacked by you lot, that wouldn't have happened!!"You barked, but your outburst caused you to wince and double over as you clutched your stomach. As you stood there, hunched over in pain, you heard a snicker come from in front of you. Looking up, you saw that it was Kadaj.

"Does it hurt? It looks like it. Had you just told us where Mother was, none of this would have ever happened to you."he says.

"I told you..I don't know shit about your stupid mother!!"you yell, sending your fist flying at him. You heard Loz and Yazoo both gasp as your fist made contact with his skin, emitting a loud slap sound. The force of the blow, caused Kadaj's head to whip to the side and for him to nearly stumble back.

You held it there for a moment before pulling back.

"That....hurt..."he said slowly yet menacingly and from knew you had done something that cost you your life, but you didn't regret it. Not one bit. Standing there, panting slightly, you watched as Kadaj slowly...very slowly..turned his head back so that his glaring eyes, could match yours. In the background, you could hear Loz yelling.

"How dare you call our mother stupid!!! You meanie!!"

"That is unacceptable..."Yazoo added. You stepped back and readied yourself for a three against one fight, however; you didn't get one, for Kadaj held up his hand once more to stop his two brothers from coming closer.

"Stop..I can handle her.."he says quietly, stepping towards you. You back up again and glare at Kadaj who was continuously coming closer and closer to you. "You're pretty strong..I gotta hand it to you..."

"Stay away from me..."you growl.

"I must much as I really..want to kill you..It would be a great loss for us too..You see..we could use a strong person on our side...especially...a cute girl like yourself.."

"Save your flattery..I won't join up with the likes of you!" Kadaj chuckled at your refusal.

"How actually believe that you have a choice...That's adorable..."he coos, stepping closer to you. You step back once again but being so close to the other side of the bank, you slip and collide against it. This give Kadaj the opportunity to loom over you with his evil smirk, wide on his lips.

You try to pick yourself up, but only get forced down by his weight as his hips pin down yours. His gloved hands place themselves against the ground with your head between them. You squirm and try to push him off, but it was futile. He was heavier than he looked and he had no intention of letting you go.

"Get off of me!! Let me go!!"

"You know...I'm a very persistent man...and I always get what I want...Needless to say..I don't take rejection well."Kadaj speaks over you, acting as if you weren't resisting him at all. In an instant, you're rolled over onto your stomach and one of your hands is twisted behind your back while your head is forced down into the soil by Kadaj's other hand.

You cried out in pain as slowly stopped struggling.

"That's it...Good girl..Seems like with a little discipline, you're quite obedient aren't you." His teasing tone angered you to the point  where your blood was boiling..but what could you do..? As much as you hated to admit it, he was stronger than you. Inhumanly strong. You were weak. The more you thought about this, the angrier you became and the less aware you were of the tear that were threatening to spill from your (e/c) eyes.

"Damn you..I swear I'll..."you began.

"Hm? You'll what..? Punch me? Kill me? Go ahead if you think you can..I'll give you a free blow."He teased as he released you. Feeling yourself be freed from his grip, you slowly stand and wipe your eyes. "What's this..? Are you crying? Have I gone and made the little girl cry?"

"Shut up...! I'm not crying! I'm not scared of you! Any of you! Beside..Cloud will come for me! I know he will!! He'll kill all of you!!"you scream in Kadaj's face. He was silent for a moment as he looked back at both Yazoo, and Loz who were staring at you. He turned to look back at you as well but his smirk never wavered.

"How delightful...Do you hear that boys..? This girl knows our big brother.. Well...we'll make sure to tell him that you said hello, won't we.. I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear that we snagged us one of his friends. Now..I definitely...dont want to let you go. In fact, I think I want you even more than ever." He stepped towards you and snatched up your wrist.

He pulled you close and forced your eyes to stare into his.

"And have you...I will.

Cloud sat upon his motorcycle at the top of a steep hill as he looked around. He was suppose to meet you here half an hour ago...but you hadn't shown up yet. Worry was beginning to pit his stomach, though his expression remained cold and emotionless as a stone. Maybe you were lost somewhere in this desert like place. With that in mind, he decided to look for you and ride around a bit.

However, after a while of driving he stopped...There, in front of him, was your bike. It was turned over on it's side, scuffed up with the engine still running. He quickly got off his own and rushed over to it.

He inspected the gas tank and noticed that it was nearly empty, meaning that it had been here for a while. He noticed the skid marks on the ground and jogged around to see if you were lying nearby, perhaps injured and in need of attention. But he couldn't find you..

"_______. where have you gone.what happened...?'he asked himself. You had to have been attacked. Kidnapped. It was the only option left. But by whom? And why? Were you jumped by bounties? Robbed and kidnapped? Cloud had to find you and quickly before something happened. But where was he to look?

Getting back on his bike, Cloud drove away from the scene in hopes that you and your captors were still nearby. Silently praying that he wasn't too late to save you. But also worried in what state he may possibly find you in.

"Please be okay....please be alive.."

As Cloud traveled through the area, searching high and low for you, he was unaware of the three pairs of evil, green, eyes that were watching him. With smirks on their faces, they nodded to each other before two of them began to speed after him while the leader was left behind.

Kadaj smirked as he watched Yazoo and Loz chase after Cloud. He licked his lips fiendishly as he took in the information he had overheard. Your name. Finally his captive had a name and how lovely it sounded when it rolled off his own tongue.

"So....______ is it..? How much fun this little game will be once you find out I have her....dear brother..."
How did this come to be? You, riding at high speeds on your motorcycle while being pursed by three weird guys behind you. You didn't even know who these guys were nor were you doing anything to provoke the moment. You were just riding by, minding your own business when the three strangers decided to give chase. One of them had long, silver hair, with bangs that fell by his intense green eyes. Another was buffer than the first, but had short silver hair that was slicked back without bangs. He had a childish smirk on his face along with sideburns that came down his face on each side. The last, was the leader of the trio. A male with short, sleek, silver hair that fell over the right side of his face, just past and over his ears-just above his shoulders.

Each of them wore wicked smirks on their faces, and their intense green eyes-with a mixture of blue- were focused on you. Their intentions were obvious if they caught you. They were going to be merciless with whatever they wished to do to or with you. But you didn't plan on giving them that chance. You kicked your two-wheeled, vehicle into high gear, and sped away from the trio. However, the three were not going to give up easily. They too, turned their motorcycles into high gear, and raced after you, easily gaining.

It was't long before they were on each side of you. The one with the long hair on your right, the one with the shortest hair on your left...and the front of you.

You gasped as he smirked and turned his motorcycle to the side, expecting you to collide into it. Was he insane?! Suicidal?! Startled, you slammed on your brakes and forced your vehicle to stop, only inches from the male's. He grinned evilly at you as you glared at him, then at his two nearly identical followers whom surrounded you.

"What do you want?"You hiss at them. "Who the hell are you?!" The leader quickly got off his own motorcycle and walked over to yours, leaning against the front of it, confident that you wouldn't dare try to roll him over with it.

"Tell us..Do you knoww where Mother is?"he asks, his voice just as sleek as his hair but their was a bit of annoyance or impatience with it.

"Mother? Who's mother?"you ask him.

"Our mother. Do you have her or know of her whereabouts?"The other one with longer hair spoke up. He had a calm and collected voice but you could hear the evil deep within. No doubt he was the type of man to kill you on the spot without a second thought.

"I don't know your mother. Shouldn't you know? Sheesh..."you grumble. The first male, clicked his teeth in annoyance.

"Well we did..until somebody stole her..Now tell us. Where. Is. Mother."He asked again, the impatience growing in his voice.

"I told you, I don't know! You bunch of momma's boys, why don't you call the police instead of harassing innocent girls about your precious momma!"you shout.

You looked over as you heard the biggest male of the three, growl then sniffle.

"I don't like this girl. Let's get rid of her."He growls.

"Dont cry Loz..."The long haired male, told the other.

"I'm not crying, Yazoo!"Loz, shouted. You stared at the two. So now you know two names out of the three men. The biggest one, was Loz. The second tallest, with the long hair was Yazoo. Now that just left the last one.. What was him name..? You look over at the unnamed male who was smirking at you as well as eying your body.

"What the hell are you looking at shortie?"you growl. The male matches gazes with you. His greenish blue, pools captured your (e/c) ones and you felt..paralyzed. The simple gaze of his, struck fear into your heart in just an instant and before you realized were shaking. Trembling.

"Shortie? You obviously don't know who I am, so I'll let that insult go...However, I won't let you get off freely after that momma's boy insult..."he growled.

"And what are you gonna do about it, shrimp?"you asked smugly in an attempt to hide the fear in your voice. Though it didn't help. It was clear this man could sense your fear of him, though you couldn't pinpoint exactly why you were so afraid of this one and not the others. They didn't give off the same vibe...The biggest male wasn't scary at all. He just a big baby. The second one was obviously murderous but somewhat laid back in a way. However, this last one..was more than was insane. You could see it in his eyes. Torturous. He wasn't the average 'kill and be done with it' type of guy.

No, he was the 'You will wish you were dead' kind of man.

"I'm gonna show you what I'm capable of...I'm gonna beat you to within an inch of your life and you're gonna beg for mercy.."he says.

" we really have time for her...we're suppose to be searching for mother.."Yazoo interrupts. So....It's Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj.Kadaj growled and looked back at you.

"True..but I want to punish this...girl. She's delayed our time with her sharp mouth! I won't stand for it..."He sneers.

"Then..why don't you go ahead and we'll take care of her..."Yazoo suggests. Loz nodded.

"Yeah! We'll take care of this little girl!"he agreed, stepping closer to you. However, before Kadaj could get a word of input on the two other's ideas, you started up your motorcycle one more and he was shoved to the side and out of the way as you pushed past him. Since you started slow, you easily maneuvered your way around his own bike and sped away with a grin. Kadaj growled in annoyance and hopped back onto his own motorcycle.

"Get her..!"he ordered and not a minute later were the three once again, on your tail. You didn't dare glance back at them. Not until you heard a loud sound of a gun shot and felt a sting in your shoulder. Looking over, you saw that your shoulder was exposed through ripped leather and was bleeding badly. You had been shot.

"Bastard!"you hissed, driving faster.

"Yazoo, you missed!"Loz shouted.

"Oh be quiet Loz..."Yazoo retorted, aiming his weapon once more.

"Don't kill her. I want her alive! But make sure she isn't able to get away from us!!"Kadaj ordered. The two followers nodded and sped ahead after you, determined to see that their prey was captured.

Your blood dripped down your arm and to the ground as you drove by, leaving a red trail for your attackers. You'd never be able to shake them, if you didn't stop to treat your own injury, or at least find some place to hide.

"Dammit...where can I shake these idiots..?"you thought aloud.

" can't.." Coming back from your thoughts that you failed to realize you were in, you gasped at the sight of Yazoo, now in front of you, speeding your way. You didn't have enough time to yield to a stop this time and collided right into him. While he somehow remained unharmed, you; however, were tossed from your bike, over him, and to the ground where you rolled for about a minute before skidding to a stop.

Pain throbbed from every bone in your body. Your vision was blurred slightly and the breath in your lungs, had been knocked clean out of you. You laid there, on your side, coughing and trying to regain the breath you had lost as the three young males approached and surrounded you.

"What do we do with her now..Kadaj..?"Yazoo asked.

"Let's kill her for talking about mother like that!"Loz shouted.

"Don't cry Loz.."

"I'm not crying!!"

"Enough."Kadaj silenced the two and leaned down over you. His smirk spread into a wicked grin as he kicked your side with his foot, causing you to wince. "Loz, you grab her..she's coming with us."

"But Kadaj-"

"No buts! Now do as I say."Kadaj snapped at the bigger male who pouted. Sighing deeply, Loz picked up, and hurled you over his shoulder like a bag of luggage. You dangled over his burly shoulder like a rag doll. to hurt to fight against him.

As you were taken back to his bike and carried off away from your ow, with the three men, a thought pondered in your head. Why hadn't he showed up yet? You were suppose to meet him out here where was he..? As your eyes began to shut, your minded remained wide awake, questioning the one who remained in your thoughts.

'Cloud....where are you...?''
CloudxReaderxKadaj-A Soldier or A Monster?Pt.1
Somebody help meeee..I've turned into a Final Fantasy Fan. Specifically, A Cloud and Kadaj fan from the Movie, Advent Children. Like..Yas!! XD So I wrote this HaHA~ If you haven't seen should ewe.  This is gonna be epic~ 

Cloud, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, "Mother"(c) Final Fantasy Creators
Hey guys. SO um..yeaaaah I forgot to mention that..HighSchool is nearly over for me. I have just 14 days left tomorrow and I forgot to mention one thing..Right after Graduation, I'm leaving my home state to go to another for College only 2 days after Graduation~ And while thats great and exciting, that also means the very possible conclusion to Heta-chan or hetaliagirl101 on Deviant Art.

Since I'm going to live my brother, I may have to leave the site (because he doesn't like or trust it) Which could wind up being permanent because hey well...nothing lasts forever. We've had good runs on here. I've enjoyed making the friends I have over the two and a half years I've been on here but you know. All good things must come to an end. So I may be saying a permanent farewell to Deviant Art in less than two months (or one) I know Promised stories and I WILL get them all updated for you. I'll do my best to conclude the ones people ask for most but the others well...Lets leave them as To be continued..Until we meet again.

I'm saying this in advance because it's coming real soon and I've realized that even planning now, I don't have time for DA like I used to. I'm growing up and though I'd like to Take DA and All my watchers and friends with me...sadly, I cannot. But until that day comes, I'll be here for you all.

I'll stay Until the end.~~



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