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Beauty queen of only eighteen

She had some trouble with herself

He was always there to help her

She always belonged to someone else

Yugi sighed softly as he rubbed your back gently. Once again you were crying your eyes out to him over your harsh boyfriend, Seto Kaiba who had once again, treated you like garbage and hurt your feelings to the point of making you cry.

It wasn't uncommon that this would happen. In fact, this happened at least twice a week now and has for about two months; as long as you had been dating the harsh brunette. But it wasn't a happy lovey-dovey, relationship.  Yugi was your best friend, and hated seeing you so hurt by some guy that was suppose to do nothing but love you. But it seemed that Kaiba was only good at hurting you.

Why were you with somebody like that when you could do so much better? You were beautiful and should be with somebody who made sure you knew that. Somebody like him...

Yes, even though Yugi was your best friend, he was madly in love with you, which was why he was always there with open arms for you to run into whenever Kaiba had hurt you.

But he could never tell you his feelings directly for he had a fear of rejection. And maybe that was best... Maybe he should just be content with being your friend..but he couldn't help but long for more. Even though he knew...he may never get it.

Yugi could win every duel...but he couldn't so much as win your heart. So he would just have to be content with being your best friend and holding you like this.

You sniffled as you buried your face in Yugi's chest, getting his black shirt wet from your warm tears.

"He's such a jerk..I can't stand him sometimes."You whimpered against him. Yugi frowned.

"______...why are you with him in the first place...?"he asked softly. "I mean, Kaiba seems to only care about dueling and his company...and he's always hurting your feelings..He doesn't sound like boyfriend material."

You pull away slowly and look at the blond boy before you. Your eyes and nose were red and puffy from crying.

"Because...I...I don't know..he's okay on some days..."you tell him.

"Yeah, but most days he's like this to you...It seems like the cons outweigh the pros ______." If there even are any...

"Yeah but.....Kaiba's the only one would could ever love a pathetic girl like me...."you mumble. Yugi's eyes widened.

"That's not true.."He whispered but not loud enough for you to hear. He watched as you stood slowly with a sigh and wiped your eyes one last time.

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up though Yugi. You're the best. I should head home now." He frowned but nodded as he quickly replaced the expression with a fake smile.

"I'm glad if I safe getting home..alright..?"he says. You nod and wave goodbye to him as you exit the room. Yugi watched you from his bedroom window as you exited the shop and began your walk home. 

A deep sigh escaped his lips as he crossed his arms and rested his chin on them, gazing out the window.

"I don't understand Yugi...Why don't you tell her how you're feeling..?"A voice came to him. He recognized it to be the voice of the spirit that resided in his millennium puzzle. The boy frowned.

"Because...She'd never go for a guy like me Yami...."he replied.

"Why do you think that? ____ is your best friend isn't she?"The spirit asks. Yugi nodded.

"Of course...but there's something girls have called the 'friend zone' where they put best friends like me in it...and I'm deeply in it..." Yugi let out another deep sigh and stood. 

"The Friendzone? I've never heard of such a thing..."

" me..."Yugi walked over to his bed and collapsed against it, his magenta eyes immediately drawn to a framed photograph of himself and you. Slowly, he reached out and picked it up before bringing it close to his face. How could you not know how he felt by now...? After all this time he's spent with you...Were you really that oblivious to his feelings...or were you pretending to be so that you wouldn't have to hurt him directly?

I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door

I've had you so many times but somehow I want more

Even if that was the case..he couldn't help but yearn for you. He couldn't help but continue to think that maybe he had a slim chance with you. Maybe one day you'd turn around and speak words of love to him instead of Kaiba.... 

His eyes closed slowly as he held the picture frame to his chest. Maybe one day....and until that day comes..he'll be here for you whenever you need him. However you need him. Even if it hurts to see you with another. Even if it hurts.....for you, he didn't mind the pain.

 I don't mind spending every day

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved

And she will be loved..

It was 12:30 Am and Yugi awake to the sound of something hitting his window. He groaned as he sat up, still clutching the picture frame he had fallen asleep with. The young boy rubbed his eyes sleepily as he walked over to the window and opened it slowly. 

"Yugi! Down here!!"Came a loud whisper. His eyes immediately widened as he looked down and saw you standing there with a few pebbles in your hands.

"______...what are you doing here this late?"he asked. You shook your head, beautiful (h/c) locks swaying as you did.

"Doesn't matter. Hurry, get dressed and come down! I got a surprise for you!"you tell him. Yugi blinked. A surprise? For him? What could it be? He wasted no time pulling on his casual clothes and rushing downstairs, being careful not wake his sleeping Grandfather.

When he exited the shop, you greeted him at the door with a smile that took his breath away. You were so beautiful to him..His lip twitched for he wanted to tell you how he felt right then and there, but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

You grabbed his hand gently and began to drag him down the street. Yugi blushed at the contact and gazed at you from behind as you pulled him along. Why couldn't he tell you...? Why??

Tap on my window, knock on my door

I want to make you feel beautiful

You pulled Yugi along until you reached the park where you dragged him up a hill. There, he gasped at the sight of a beautiful picnic set up that had a clear view of the city's nightlife. 

"Wow ______....did this for me..?"he asks, looking over at you. You nod with a giggle before running your finger gently under his chin.

"Of course I did silly. Now lets eat before the food gets stolen by ants."You say, plopping down on the picnic blanket. Yugi's face filled with the color red as he slowly sat beside you.

He couldn't begin to explain the feelings swelling up in his chest right now. You and him were alone at midnight, having a picnic that you set up yourself just for him. 

"Here, care for a finger sandwich?"you ask, offering him one. Yugi simply nodded happily and took the food as you handed it to him. 

"Yugi....Maybe now is your chance to tell her..."Jami's voice echoed in his head quietly. Yugi blinked and blushed more, if even possible, as he glanced over at you. Even when you were eating and getting crumbs all over your face, you were gorgeous in his eyes. had to be the time...He had to tell you.

"______..can I...tell you something...?"he asks quietly, lowering the sandwich from his lips. You look over at him and nod as you take a bite of your own.

"Sure Yugi. What's up?"

He gulped as he prepared himself. He had to get it off his chest, no matter the outcome. Sure, he wasn't that tall so kissing him might be a little embarrassing for you and he wasn't rich like Kaiba so he couldn't buy you expensive gifts but he did have a big heart. A big heart that was full of nothing but love for you.

I know I tend to get so insecure

It doesn't matter anymore

"Well I....I wanted to tell you that I...I've always..." This was it...He was finally going to tell you. At least...he thought he was until your phone went off. You giggled in embarrassment.

"Sorry Yugi, hold on one second okay?"you tell him as you answer the phone call. Kaiba was on the other line. "Oh hey Seto..A date..? Tomorrow? Sure!! Teehee, see you there. Bye." Yugi felt his heart drop as you hung up the phone and giggled before looking back at him.

No...he couldn't tell you..Not now...not ever...Tears were filling up in his eyes as he looked away from you.

"Sorry about that Yugi. What was it you wanted to tell me?"you ask. Yugi stood slowly, not even taking a glance in your direction. 

"I just wanted to say...that I've always thought you were a great duelist.."he mumbled. "Sorry, but I have to go. Grandma is going to have my head if he wakes up and Im out this late...see you later..."His voice was soft...and you could  hear the heart break in it...but why would he feel that way? You frowned and stood as well.

"O-Oh...well..I'll walk with you back.."You offer but Yugi shook his head.

"No thanks...I can...make it..on my..own.."His voice was cracking more and more with every word. It made your heart ache. You reached out to touch him but the moment your fingers made contact with his shoulder, he took off running, leaving you behind and alone in the park.

Yugi's vision blurred from his tears as he ran home. He felt like such a fool. How could he tell you how he felt now knowing that you get all giddy whenever Kaiba calls you. He knew Kaiba was just gonna cancel on you last minute anyway!

When he reached his home, he flew upstairs into his room and slammed the door before throwing himself on his bed. Yami frowned as he appeared as an apparition beside him. He could only watch as Yugi began to cry into his pillow, screaming angrily into it.

He slammed his fists and kicked his legs in his fit of anger...until he heard a cracking sound. Sitting back, he noticed that the picture frame that held the photo of you and him had been cracked beneath his own weight.

Sniffling, Yugi wiped his puffy pink eyes and picked up the frame gently. He gazed at your picture and sighed. No matter how angry he was...he couldn't aim it at you...It wasn't your fault that Kaiba snatched you up first...Hell, Kaiba had good taste and was smart...It was his own fault for not being able to sweep you off your feet before him..But he felt embarrassed...

How could he even show his face to you now after running away and leaving you alone like that?

It's not always rainbows and butterflies

It's compromise that moves us along, yeah

My heart is full and my door's always open

You come anytime you want, yeah.

The next day, Yugi avoided you as best as he could. During school, he avoided you in the halls, and even avoided you at lunch. You didn't know why he was doing this but it hurt you inside. Why was he avoiding you all of sudden? Did he not like you anymore?

You couldn't confront him about it since every time you tried to approach, he would take off. Why was Yugi acting this way..? Was he mad at you for interrupting him last night? What did he really want to tell you..?

You didn't know..but you didn't have time to dwindle on it. The day went pretty quickly and before you knew it, it was time for your date with Seto Kaiba. You wore a nice (f/c) skirt, blouse and shoes to match. Your hair was nearly brushed and curled and you wore some make up to enhance your features. Giving yourself one flirtatious wink in the mirror in the way out, you begin to walk towards the place that Kaiba instructed you to meet.

Which was the park. However, on your way there, you bumped into Kaiba himself who seemed to be walking towards your house. You smiled up at him though he wore a stern expression.

"Oh Kaiba, I was just on my way to meet up with you!"You tell him.

"Sorry ______...but the date is canceled..."He said flatly. You blink your eyes at him.

"What...? Why?"you ask. Kaiba shrugged.

"I thought about this and think that maybe I should come to you to tell you this."He stated.

"Tell me what...?" Kaiba looked at you coldly as he did with everyone.

"_______, I'm breaking up with you. Sorry."He says.

"W-what?? Why?? What did I do??"You cry, feeling your eyes begin to sting with tears.

"Nothing. I just don't feel the same anymore..Goodbye.." Kaiba turned towards the street just as a black limo pulled up. He quietly got inside and looked up at you from an open window. "You look nice....take care of yourself."Was all he said before closing the window and disappearing down the street in a speedy limo.

You just stood there, heartbroken and shocked, unaware that Yugi had seen it all. He was just as shocked. When he decided to follow you home from across the street, he never expected to see that. Nor did he want to. 

What should he do..? Should he call out to you? Or should he go home? He had spent all day avoiding you...would it really be right for him to approach you now? He bit his lip and turned away from your weeping figure.

"I'm sorry _____.."He murmured before walking home.

The clouds above turned grey and soon rain began to fall from them. It started off as just a pitter patter of drizzle...then in an instant, it began to pour. Yugi felt guilt pit in his stomach like a black hole as he sat in his room and gazed out the window.

"I'm the worst...I shouldn't have left her like it's raining and she's probably soaked out there..."he sighed.

"You should go and make things right Yugi. Go find _____."Yami spoke up.

"But she probably hates me now for avoiding her all day..I am the worst.."The young boy sighed again.

"______ is your friend Yugi. I'm certain she doesnt hate you. Now go.."Yami pressed. Yugi stood slowly.

"You're right...I'm gonna go find her." He grabbed his umbrella and rushed downstairs quickly. He threw his front door open, ready to search for you in the pouring rain, however; when he opened his door, he was surprised to see you standing there.

Your hair and clothes were soaked and your make up was running down your face. He gasped.

"______, what are you doing here???"He asked. You frowned and hugged yourself.

"Yugi..I...I know you're probably mad at me..and hate me but I...I..I didn't know where else to go.."You sobbed quietly. Yugi shook his head and quickly ushered you inside.

"No, Im not mad! I don't hate you! Come inside! You're soaked _____!" Yugi led you into the living room and sat you down on the couch where you sat as he fetched you a warm robe and towel. While you changed, he took your soaked clothes and tossed them in the dryer for you.

He sighed deeply upon returning to the living room and by your side.

"______..I'm Sorr-" He tried to apologize but he was cut off by you clinging to him suddenly. You sobbed against his chest, ruining your make up even more. He couldn't stand to see you like this. Hurt once again by Kaiba himself..and by himself as well...

I know where you hide alone in your car

Know all of the things that make you who you are

I know that goodbye means nothing at all

Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

"_____...look at me..."he whispered, lifting your face gently so the two of you stared into one another's eyes. "Your make up is all runny...that's no good.." You squeezed your eyes shut as Yugi took out a tissue from his pocket and began to clean up your make up with it. "There...that's better...Now I can see your beautiful face again.."

Tap on my window knock on my door

I want to make you feel beautiful..

You open your eyes slowly and stare at Yugi as he complimented you. His gentle smile made your cheeks warm and your heart flutter. What was this feeling you had towards him...? Was Could you possibly be falling for Yugi..? Or maybe you've always loved him deep down...

You didn't felt confused..Kaiba still burned in the back of your mind, causing your heart to ache. Yugi frowned as you turned your head away from him quickly and stood.

"____...____ wait!"he called after you as you suddenly took off, rushing out his house and into the pouring rain. He bit his lip and took off after you, leaving his umbrella behind.

The freezing rain made his body shiver as he ran through it after you. His normally spiked hair, now pressed flatly against his head and face, falling over his eyes that were fixated on your figure far ahead. His clothes became drenched in the rain, down to his socks in his shoes, but he didn't care.

He didn't care about anything but catching up to you. He had to tell you how he felt. He had to tell you everything. Even if you reject him. Even if you push him away. You had to know.

His hand reached for yours and caught your wrists as he caught up. Feeling his hold, you stop running and turn back to him. The two of you gazed at one another as the rain poured down upon you both. Yugi looked serious, more serious than you've ever seen him.

I don't mind spending every day

Out on your corner in the pouring rain, oh.

"______ there's something I need to tell you...The truth is, I'm in love with you! I have been for a very long time! I love everything about you! From your hair, to your lips, to the way you walk..everything!! You drive me crazy and I lose my breath when Im with you because you're breath taking! You're beautiful, amazing and perfect!! There, I said it!"He shouted, so you you could hear him clearly over the pounding rain.

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

Your eyes widened as you stared at Yugi. did he...mean that? Was he truly in love with you?

"Yugi...are you..serious..?"you ask. He nodded.

"Dead serious..._____, I want to be the one you get giddy over when I call...I want to be the one to buy you presents and hold your hand and kiss you until you run out of breath..I've always wanted to be...So please...Please be mine. I know I'm not as tall as Kaiba or as rich but I...I love you so much..."  He turned his head downwards, staring at his soaked shoes as he waited a response.

You were quiet for what seemed like eternity to him. Perhaps you truly didn't share his feelings...Not that he was really expecting you to.. He sighed softly and looked back up at you, prepared to apologize for his outburst. However, he was greeted by your arms wrapping about him and your warm, soft lips, pressing gently against his.

His eyes were wide and he was paralyzed with shock. You were kissing him!! So, you truly did share his feelings!! He was so happy. He eagerly kissed back, tangling his fingers in your wet (h/c) locks. Though the rain was cold and your clothes were soaked from the freezing, falling water, the two of you shared a passionate and heated kiss which made you both feel warm inside.

And she will be loved

The two of you pulled away slowly when you needed to breathe for air and smiled at one another.

"I love you _____..."Yugi whispered.

"I love you too Yugi..."you replied before kissing him once more in the rain.

And she will be loved..
YugixReader- She Will Be Loved
Woop woop! Whats this?? Two stories in one night?? Im awesome xD

I hope you guys really enjoyed this one~ And Enjoy little Yugi's love~

Song is She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5.~

Yugi/Yami and Kaiba belong to Yugioh, I just wrote the story~^^ 
You arrived at Kaiba Corp sooner than you would have liked to, but Kaiba accepted no tardiness. You walked into the building quickly and looked around. It was absolute chaos. You saw your coworkers running around like chickens with their heads cut off and Mokuba was standing in the center of it.

He looked around frantically before matching gazes with you. His seemingly worried expression quickly changed into one of relief as he rushed over to you.

"_______, there you are!! Thank goodness you're here!!"he exclaimed. You nod to him.

"Hey Mokuba....whats with all the commotion around here?"you ask the young boy. Mokuba sighed and took you by the hand. He explained things as he led you to Seto Kaiba's office.

"Seto is pretty unhappy...He found out that another one of our workers is a spy. Now he's doing background checks and thorough interviews and interrogations with everyone! He's been firing people left and right! And now he wants to talk to you." You gulped.

"oh gee....Wish me luck then.."you mumbled. Mokuba released your hand and knocked on the large door before him.

"You'll need more than luck _____. Just....answer honestly alright? Seto! _______ is here! I'm sending her in now!"he called. Mokuba took one glance at you before opening the door and ushering you inside where you stood alone with a rather angry Seto Kaiba.

"Well I don't care about that!! Nobody makes a mockery of my company!!! You're fired!!! Find another way to buy your kids presents for Christmas!! You should have thought of that before you double crossed me!!" You flinched and stared down at your feet as  the tall brunette man hung  up his phone with a heavy slam.

He growled softly and you could feel his angry blue gaze on your figure as he huffed.

"______, get over here."he growled and you obeyed quietly.  Slowly, you turn your head and look up at Kaiba who was glaring at  you with his cold eyes. "Sit down." Once again you obeyed quietly and cupped your hands in your lap, running your thumbs over one another as you stared down at them. Slowly, Kaiba sat down in his chair and intertwined his fingers together.

He rested his elbows on the wooden desk in front of him; you could feel his gaze burning into your very soul. He was quiet and that made you nervous. You swallowed and began to fiddle with the hem of your skirt. You didn't see it, but Kaiba's eyes briefly wandered to your skirt, eyeing your legs before looking back at your face.

"_______." He began to speak in his low and cold tone.  

"Y-Yes sir?"You squeak out a response, pulling your gaze away from your skirt and to his eyes.

"Let me make this very clear to you. I'll go easy on you because my brother recommended you and spoke highly of you...but I do not accept spies or traitors in my company. So I suggest if you are one of those or planning to be, you tell me right now."He growled. You blinked your (e/c) eyes at him.

"S-Spy? oh, I'm no spy! I promise!! I would never betray the company either so you don't have to worry about that from me!! No way!!"you reply, waving your hands at him. But Kaiba didn't seem convinced.

"You know, you never did tell me why exactly you wanted to work here.....I want to know right now and you better not leave any details out."he says. "Mokuba says you admirer Kaiba corp but Im not buying that at all..."

You bit your lip and turned your head downwards.

" be's to help my mother....I know you aren't one for sob stories and this does sound cliche but it's the truth. I need a good job to help pay for an operation that could save her life. That's why and thats the truth." You tell him. Kaiba leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

"You're right.....I'm not for sob stories. But you don't strike me as the type to lie about that so I'll let it slide. However, let me say this once. If you ever do decide to betray me..I'll make sure you're ruined, understand?" You frowned and looked down at your skirt once more at his threat.

"Yes sir..."you sighed. You didn't look up as Kaiba stood and walked over to that large glass window that he loved to gaze out of so much. As he gazed out, he noticed Joey and Yugi standing outside of Kaiba Corp along with their other friends. They must have been waiting for you or maybe they were trying to stop Joey from barging in since it looked like most of them were clinging to him and trying to hold him still. Kaiba smirked at this and turned to you.  

"Actually ______, since I know you're not a spy now, I'm going to start giving you actual work to do. Starting tonight. Right now."he says. You look up at him quickly.

"R-right now???"you repeat. Kaiser crossed his arms.

"Did I stutter?"

"No sir..."You sighed as Kaiba began to give you a list of things to do which you had to all complete tonight.

Needless to say, Joey was more than furious when Mokuba told him that Kaiba ordered you to stay longer and needless to say, you were more than exhausted when you had finished said work just barely within the time Kaiba had given you to complete it. You could barely keep your eyes open nor stand.

Kaiba glanced over at you from his computer. He couldn't help but stare at you as your head fell against your desk and your arms crossed beneath it  as you fell asleep. Normally he would instantly fire someone for falling asleep on the job like this but for some reason, he seemed oddly amused. He was quiet as he stood, being careful not to wake you before looking back out the large window. He crossed his arms and growled softly in annoyance.

It was nearly midnight and yet, Joey was still standing out there waiting for you. The others had gone home but Joey still waited and this more than annoyed Kaiba. 

"That loser...can't he take a hint...."He growled. Kaiba turned on his heel and walked out the room quietly. Mokuba looked over as his brother walked past him in the hall.

"Oh Seto. Did you send _____ home already?"He asked, jogging to keep up with his older sibling. 

"No, she's sleeping in the office."Was all Kaiba said before walking out of the building. Mokuba stopped in his tracks and gasped.

"S-Sleeping?? Oh no, I have to wake her up!"The young boy quickly spun around and rushed back to Kaiba's office where he found you fast asleep. Mokuba rushed over quickly and shook you gently. "______ wake up! Wake up!!"

You groaned softly and turned your head away from him, mumbling in your sleep as he shook you more.

"Please Mr.Kaiba...may I have a raise in my allowance...."you snored softly. Mokuba groaned and shook you harder.

"______ wake up!!!"he yelled. The sudden yell startled you awake and your head shot up quickly.

"Im awake!"you yelped. With a rub of your eyes, you look over at Mokuba who was sighing in relief. "Mokuba..what are you doing here?"

"I came to wake you up! Set hates it when his workers fall asleep! Do you want to get fired???"he exclaimed.

"Sorry..Where is Kaiba anyway?"you ask. Mokuba shrugged.

"He uh...stepped out.

"Stepped out? Stepped out where-...Oh jeez.."You look out the window as you stand quickly, throwing your desk chair back. As you moved closer to the glass, you could see two familiar figures below. Joey, and Seto Kaiba. This couldn't be good.

Joey glared at the tall brunette as he exited the building. Kaiba approached the boy and crossed his arms, now standing a few feet away.

"What are you doing on my property Wheeler? This place is for business and people with significance..not lost mutts like yourself."he scoffed. Joey glared and shook his fist.

"Who are you calling a mutt??!! Why I outta- I'm here for ______! I know she was suppose to get off hours ago!!"he shouted.

"Hmph, _____ is working for me now Wheeler, got that? Meaning, she works as long as I tell her to. Now beat it."

"You can't keep her hostage like this!!"

"I'm doing nothing of the sort...____ can leave whenever she feels like it but if she does, that means she's out of a job. Now get lost, you're wasting my time."

"Nyah!! Ya know what Kaiba, Im sick of you!! Time to give you a piece of my mind!! I challenge you to a duel! Right here, right now!!!"The blond yelled, pointing to the brunette before him. "And if I win, you give _______ shorter hours and she gets to come home right now!!" Kaiba smirked and pulled out his deck of cards that he kept hidden away in his jacket pocket.

"I never knew you were ______'s controlling boyfriend Wheeler....But fine. If it will get you off my property quicker, I suppose I have just enough time to beat you. Oh, and when I win, you'll have to leave and stay away from here. Got that punk?"he stated. Joey blushed at Kaiba's comment but kept his glare.

"I'm not her boyfriend!!"he blurted.

"Oh? So that's why you're here then? To act cool so she'll see and want to go out with you? How pathetic..."

"Nyah, Kaiba!! I'm gonna mop the floor with ya!!"

"Enough foolishness Wheeler...."

"Lets Duel!"
Seto KaibaxReader-New assistant pt.3
So it has been a while XD But yay, Im submitting something!!~^^ Enjoy~


And btw, am I the only person that thinks Kaiba kinda looks like Light Yagami???XD 
Senpai Wanted~ by hetaliagirl101
Senpai Wanted~
Welp. My Senpai went off and got himself a girlfriend!! XD I guess that means poor lil ol Kohai has to roam the streets in search of another one. Who wants to be my new Senpai???~
Chapter 3-

A year past and suddenly things went from good to bad. Mrs.Elric had passed away from a mysterious illness and Ed and Al were never the same. It was a rainy night and you were with Winry when the two of you heard screaming come from outside. Then suddenly a tall suit of armor broke through the door and in its arms was Edward.He was covered in blood and his right arm and left leg were gone, almost as if they had been ripped clean off his own body. You, Winry and Granny stood there in shock.

"Please help...he'll bleed to death."The armor whimpered.


Granny and Winry took Edward to treat his sever wounds while you stayed back to comfort Al.

"Al, you did it..didn't you? The human transmutation."you mumble. Alphonse looked at you and nodded sadly. You frown at this, but you can see Al was pretty down so you didn't scold him, even though you wanted to a little."He'll be alright Al, don't worry." You pat his armor gently.

After about an hour or so Edward was bandaged up and resting. You and Winry took turns changing the cloth on his forehead regularly.

"You were trying to bring back your mother, weren't you?"Granny scolded. Al didn't answer. He simply kept his head down and glanced over at you as you left to fetch another cloth for Edward.  When you returned, you were shocked to see your father,  Roy Mustang standing there talking to granny and Alphonse.

You drop the cloth and stare at him with wide (e/c) eyes. He stopped speaking the moment he saw you. "W-what are you doing here?"you ask him.

"_____...You're alive?"Roy gasps. You take a step back as he walks over and hugs you.Everyone looks at you with a weird face.

"_____,you know this man???"Granny asks you. Roy lets you go and turns back around.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am lieutenant Cornell Roy Mustang, a state alchemist, and this is my daughter." He announces. Al looked at you.

"Your dad is a state alchemist?!"He blurts.You look down at the ground and slowly nod.

"Yeah..the flame alchemist to be exact."You mumble.

Roy turns back to face you. "Do you know how much grief you put everyone through? I had all my lieutenants looking for you, and afterwards we just had to presume you dead and call off the search! I was worried about you."He says.

"Tch, like you never even had time for me I was just a waste of space and in the way!"you scoff, turning your back to him with folded arms."You didn't even know I existed for the longest just lost all contact with mom. You didn't even call and I had to grow up without you once and I can go the rest of it without you too!"

"I don't think we need to have this discussion here but you have to come back to central with me now." He growls.

Winry and Al gasp before tuning to stare at you. Al moved towards you.

"You're not leaving, right? Please don't go ____..Pleases.."he begs.

"Relax kid, its not like you'll never see her again. You and your brother just come to central and we'll have to talk about your alchemic skills sometime._____,come on."Roy says, looking over at you. You glance at Al and Winry and  walk over to them. You hug the both of them gently.

"Tell Ed,goodbye for me too,when he wakes up."you whisper before releasing them and turning to walk back to your so called father..However, as you start to walk away, you feel Al grab your hand but you couldn't bear to look at him. You just pull away and leave the house with the Lieutenant.

Three and a half years passed since then and you hadn't seen nor spoken to the boys since. Though you wondered about them just about every day..

You rushed down the hall trying not to drop your papers as you brushed past everyone else and rush into your dad's office. He glanced up at you.

"Here's all the paperwork from the fuhrer, dad."you said, panting as you set them on his desk.

"Thank you,______"Roy says smiling at you.
"What's with the big smile?"you question.

"Hmph it's nothing, but I have a surprise for you. It should be here soon and I think you're going to like it."He tells you. You tilt your head in confusion and roll your eyes.

"Yeah, okay well let me know when it gets here."you say with a yawn before leaving the room.

"Oh, you'll know when it's here!"He called to you. You close the door behind you and walk down the hall down to the restroom and look in the mirror at your reflection. Slowly, you take your (h/l) (h/c) hair out of it's bun and brush it down with your fingers. You then fix your blue military jacket and smooth out your blue skirt before brushing off any scuff marks on your flats. You look over your appearance in the mirror and nod in approval before walking out and going back to Roy's office where you could hear him yelling over his phone.

"Hughes! For the last time, stop calling me to talk about your wife and get serious!"he shouts before slamming the phone down. You enter the room and sit down on the windowsill.

"Let me guess..Major Hughes, calling to talk about his pregnant wife again?"you ask. Roy sighed and rubbed his head as he nodded. He then looked over at you and smirked.

"Yeah, and why isn't your hair up? You know the policy: no loose hair that can be tied back."He scolds. You groan at this but put your (h/c) hair back into its bun. "I have to go down to the station and I need you to come along."

"Um..sure I guess, if there's nothing left for me to do here."you tell him,tightening your bun.You follow him  closely as the two of you headed down to the train station. Upon arriving, your eyes were immediately drawn to a large suit of armor who was walking beside a shorter boy with long blond hair that was pulled back into a braid. His eyes were golden and focused.

"You, you're Cornell Mustang?"The boy asked. You inspect the boy up and down, taking in his golden hair, eyes, and that voice. It was all too familiar, almost like..

"Edward...Elric..?"you mumble. He stops talking and stares at you.

"Yes, that's right and you are?"He asks with a quirked brow. Your eyes widen and you let out a girly squeal as you suddenly latch onto him.

"Edward!!It's you! I'm so glad to see you after all these years!"you exclaim. Edward groaned and flailed before prying off of him. You then turn to the suit of armor now and tears almost fill your eyes. "Alphonse!" The suit of armor gasped and caught you as leaped up onto him.

"Hey, hey woah now! Just who in the world are you?"Edward asks.You let go of Al and look at Ed with a frown.

"You don't remember me? Wow that really hurts Ed."You pout, wiping a tear from your eye.

"_____."Al speaks up. You turn and look up at him and suddenly he embraces you into a really tight hug that  nearly crushed you. "I thought I'd never see you again!" Ed blinked and placed a hand on his hip.

"Oh yeah, _____. I thought you looked familiar."he muttered. Al lets you go and you pat Edward's head.

"Looks like you're still a pipsqueak too."you laugh.Edward growled at you.

"Who are you calling a half pint you can barely see even under a magnifying glass?!"he snaps. You take your hand away.

"Woah Ed, that's not even what I said. Anyway, what are the two of you here for?"you ask.

"Brother's here to take the state alchemist test."Al speaks up.You look at Ed with a worried look on your face.

"The state alchemist test? So you wanna become a dog of the military? Why would you want to do that?"you ask.Edward pulls back his sleeve and shows you his automail.

"So that I can maybe find away to return me and Al's bodies back to normal."He says. You reach in your pocket and pull out a silver pocket-watch. "What? You are a state alchemist as well _____?"

"Sadly, yes...and it's no easy thing to be in either. Two people of higher rank above me have already been driven to suicide due to the pressure. Are you sure that's really what you want to do?"you ask.

"If it's so bad, then why are you in it?"Ed grumbles.

"I have to. It was an obligation. Once I started helping dad with it, I automatically became a state alchemist once they saw what I was capable of. I am now known as the healing alchemist."you say.

"So you can heal basically any wound?"Al asks.

You nod your head, "Yep that's right, but I am also known as the sound alchemist when in battle. I use my alchemy in sound waves causing my victim to go deaf and if used strong enough, to crush the skull of my attacker." you grin. Ed takes a step back from you.

"How...deadly."he gulped, hiding behind Al.

"So anyway, I guess you want to go to dad's office right ?He did leave a while ago and I don't think you noticed him leave."you say.

"Well, I guess so but we really should catch up sometime."Ed tells you with a grin. You nod your head.

"Yeah but you have to get studying for that test! It's the main thing that needs to be in your head right now!"You say poking him in the forehead.  Ed growled softly and rubbed his head while Alphonse chuckled behind him. You smiled gently and the two of them before leading them towards Roy Mustang's office.
AlphonseXReader part 3
part 1


Part 3:You are here :D EDIT: Fixing the Grammar and idiocy one step at a time XD

So guys, I was going through my stories that I did a loooooong time ago and man, I don't understand why you guys liked them!! Like they're awful!! So many grammar mistakes!! It burns the eyes!!!!XDDD

So, I think I'll rewrite a few of them to make them a little better~ And the one that I'm starting with is the AlphonsexReader story that was started Back in 2012! Omg, so long ago!! XDD Hope you guys look forward to it and the others as well~^^ 
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